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My fiance purchased my engagement ring around Decemver 20, 2016 and it was given to me on the 21st. I wore it for 6 days and took it to the kay jewlers where it was purchased to be sent t Le Vian to be sized smaller. I picked it up last week January 26th and within a few days I noticed that the black around the small chocolate diamonds had started to "bleed" onto the strawberry gold and some of it was missing. I took it to the store today and...
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LadyScot It looks like your rose gold needs to be repolished. Rose gold is actually not gold at all. Gold is yellow. The rose color is from copper polishing. Sometimes, depending on th...


Katkuba You know what "chocolate diamonds" are? They're the cheap brown diamonds primarily used in industrial applications renamed.

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My fiancé proposed on July 3rd with a beautiful Le Vian ring. Unfortunately it was too large and we had to get it resized. After two weeks of waiting I had finally had it fit perfectly. Within another two weeks, an accent diamond fell out. The jeweler decided taking a brand new ring out of the case to be re set and resized would be the best option. After a week, my new ring came back. This was Thursday, August 4th. It is now the 7th, and...
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