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Love this product Las Vegas this year change my life when I meet this lady from LCORE Paris On the strip My skin feel and look flowless I definitely going to keep use this product Little expensive but worth every penny

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Clearly a fake post. It should be removed.

Shefali Kfr

L'core - Le Pure Reve - D'OR24K - DOR24K - Lionesse - SXM - Sint Maarten - St. Maarten - SCAM - RIPOFF

Lcore Paris - L'core - Le Pure Reve - D'OR24K - DOR24K - Lionesse - SXM - Sint Maarten -...
Lcore Paris - L'core - Le Pure Reve - D'OR24K - DOR24K - Lionesse - SXM - Sint... - Image 2
Lcore Paris - L'core - Le Pure Reve - D'OR24K - DOR24K - Lionesse - SXM - Sint... - Image 3
Lcore Paris - L'core - Le Pure Reve - D'OR24K - DOR24K - Lionesse - SXM - Sint... - Image 4
Lcore Paris - L'core - Le Pure Reve - D'OR24K - DOR24K - Lionesse - SXM - Sint... - Image 5
Lcore Paris - L'core - Le Pure Reve - D'OR24K - DOR24K - Lionesse - SXM - Sint... - Image 6

As the Christmas season is fast approaching, I was doing some shopping for family and friends in Phillipsburg (Front Street). Now, I hadn’t been there in a while (maybe 4-5 months) and I noticed several new stores have opened that all seem to be selling the same thing… Well not exactly the same thing, they are all selling face creams but made from different things like “diamonds, precious gems, 14K Gold” etc.

The individuals selling these products all come off as very nice as well as presentable with very strong accents, and very complimentary to passerby’s that they are trying to coax in to their store. A gentleman offered me a free sample of cream but I politely refused as I did not have time to be dealing with that sort of thing as I was on a shopping mission. However, my shopping trip was looking bleak and I was still empty handed for a gift for my sister-in-law. So walking back to my car, I decided to check out some of the creams that I was previously offered a sample of.

I thought maybe it could make a good gift… Bad idea!!! I was stuck in the store for about 15-20 minutes and during that time spoke with two “employees”, one male and one female. They both had very thick accents but one said they were from the USA and the other was from France. Didn’t make sense to me but I was more interested in learning about what they were selling.

I have personally never heard about the skin care company they were representing but they told me all about their product and how good they are. They insisted that I try some kind of eye cream and face mask to see why it so special and what miracles it does. They at first seemed very polite but very aggressive at the same time. After my “trial” I was informed of the prices which ranged from USD $500-$600 and even $2000 for the “special” creams.

I declined on purchasing anything as its really expensive. To be honest, I wouldn’t have even tried a sample if they had prices in their stores on the products they sell. I felt bad for wasting their time as I didn’t know that these creams were going to be THAT expensive! Then the games started… A female “manager” came to me and ask me where I’m from.

I told her that I was born in Canada but that I live here in St. Maarten. She proceeded to tell me that she loves Canadians, they are their #1 customers in the store and that she will help me get her personal discount of 50% off the said prices. Despite the discount the price was still more that I was willing to spend on a Christmas gift and even though my patience were running thin at this point, I nicely refused.

Then the manager asked me to wait 2 minutes while she called her “boss” for an ever BETTER discount! While I was waiting, I phoned a good friend of mine that is a make-up artist as she knows all about skin care. I wanted to ask her if she heard about this company and what she had to say about it but she hadn’t heard of any of the brand names I was telling her either. The manager finally came back and told me that her boss agreed to give me 75% OFF as well as a few small gifts because its Christmas time and apparently he is generous man.

If I wasn’t before, I am now starting to become more and more suspicious of all of this activity. They don’t even know me yet are willing to do so much for me... How can a product that starts out costing $500 that is apparently such a “high quality” product be sold to me for only $125 and “free” gifts be added to the deal too??? I’ve had enough at this point and I told them that it is really important for me to do a little bit of research and read some reviews before I spend so much money on something I have never heard of.

While I was there I noticed how pushy they were with their sales tactics but I just assumed it was because they got paid commission but as I stuck to my statements on how it was too expensive and IF I do buy it, some reading is needed on my part, they became more aggressive, rude and insulting to me! They actually told me that I don’t care about my face as they gave me the biggest discount in the world that no one ever got and I still didn’t buy it. I walked right out of the store at that point as I just got a bad feeling of a SCAM waiting to happen. Later on that evening I met with friends and told them the whole story of what happened to me while shopping in Phillipsburg during the day.

As we were all in agreement that the whole situation was strange, one of my friends went to Phillipsburg the next day to check it out for herself just to see what would happen. Sure enough she reported back with the EXACT same story but they even offered her 80% OFF!!! During their effort in trying to sell my friend face cream, conversation came up as to where everyone was from… this time the employees said they were from Montreal Canada and South America... I took it upon myself and decided to do some looking in to about the brands that were trying to be sold to me in Phillipsburg not because I was interested in buying anything anymore but because their whole business set up and way of operating was just 100% shady.

“Lionesse Precious Gems, L'Core Paris 14K Gold skin care, Forever Flawless Diamond skin care and Adore Natural skin care” After reading all of the reviews (links are below) I feel so lucky to have NOT bought anything from them! All of the stores in Phillipsburg are probably owned by the same people, they all suddenly opened at the same time of the year 50 meters away from each other and ironically all of those sales people have the same exact accent.

From reading reviews online they all lied to me as they from ISRAEL and working illegally. Reviews: D'OR24K Cosmetics – D'or 24K:****7101.html Lionesse Precious Gems: L'Core Paris 14K Gold skin care: Forever Flawless Diamond skin care: Adore Natural skin care:

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You are a smart person. Unfortunately most aren't, which is why these companies exist.

I also did my diligence. There are two primary companies, D'Or24k from Miami and Mazel Group from California. Mazel runs a bunch of brands that are made to sound luxurious. This is how the scam works.

In the store they use high end products to do the demonstration. What you buy is cheap *** made by a contract manufacturer in Florida. It's actually harmful to your skin. The workers are all young people from Israel who are promised easy money and a great time living and working illegally around the world.

There are actually recruiting companies that only fill these roles, one is based in California. The staff lives in company provided housing which makes them pretty close to slaves. They are far from Israel, working illegally for commission, living in company provided housing that they have to pay rent for and if they don't sell they are out on the street and probably have whatever they earned taken to pay for the plane ticket and expenses. They are trained to be hyper aggressive but I doubt you can train people to be obnoxious.

I think that just comes naturally for them. There are of course no refunds because if they accepted refunds everyone would return the product when they realize that what they bought isn't anything like what was demonstrated in the store. They generally target tourists who won't complain or file a report because they are on vacation and are often embarrassed to admit that they were ripped off. These scammers operate around the world but ironically, not in Israel.

It's absolutely disgusting and I wish governments would crack down on this but it's so under the radar that they likely don't become aware of it or are paid off. I'm glad you didn't fall for it but please share this to hopefully drive them out of business.


Same exact thing happened to me there the guy said he owed the place not true I looked it up when I had a chance and he is not the owner said his name was dominico but the owner name is actually miso. Boy I feel stupid

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