map-marker Mays Landing, New Jersey

Bad food and service

We called at 8 pm to see how late they were open and if we could have dinner. The reply was yes, we are open until 9:30 pm. When we arrived, the hostess wouldn't look at us, and continued to do paperwork and said she'd be right with us. The main dining room was empty, yet she seated us in the middle of the room near the kitchen. The wait staff was not happy to see us, and our waitress was also not happy. My brother and I ordered prime rib, mine regular, his king-cut. When it arrived, I tasted it and asked him how his was-mine was mushy. He showed me how his was- he took his fork and flaked the meat like you would do with a piece of fish. We sent it back and I ordered filet mignon rare to medium rare, as I have done sincce the mid-70s. The waitress said "Pick one- rare or medium rare." I told her I have always ordered like I did at first. My brother ordered a steak, not filet. At 9 pm, were were asked if we were done with the salad bar because they were closing it, we were. When my filet came, it was raw, and my btother's steak was undercooked. We asked to have the steaks done a bit more. When they came back, the waitress said to check them because they were shutting the grill off. Mine was still too rare, my brother's was tough. I took mine back to the window and asked to have it taken off of the check. The chef started yelling at me from the kitchen, stating "You have a problem every time you come in, leave and dont' come back." The waitress looked at the steak I returned and I heard her say "Oh my God!" I went up to the window and told the chef the prime rib was rotten, and he replied "No it wasn't, she (the waitress) and I both ate it." Perhaps 6 or 7 hours earlier? My brother told them to just take his steak off the check, too. We were charged $12.95 each for having a salad from the salad bar- I don't eat the cheese or the breads, and neither does my brother. I have to say, I have been going to there since the mid-70s, and have always loved the place. My husband and I celebrated our engagement there. I have gone there for many birthday dinners and even on Valentine's Day. I will listen to the chef and never come back.
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User's recommendation: Try somewhere else.