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I go to go in david's store across the street from his new location that was closed down the location was very very dity and pee and *** every where the anamals were crying and dieing in cadges all over the store he yells at the anaimals and don't feed them all the time this guy is a horible persin and fake as they come don't trust him I should know because I was going to work for him till I found out his true colors he is only out to make money... Read more

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I absolutely love Lb Exotics and David! David is the most sweetest person i've ever come in contact with out of all the petshops ive ever been too. Hes completely loyal and keeps you updated on all the things youve asked for. if you have questions just give him a call or comment via fb and hes there to help you every step of the way. He has an extremely big heart and though his store may be small to some he finds a way to help all animals in... Read more

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LB Exotics is a life saver. They have everything you need there and the customer service is great. I have never had a bad experience there, the environment is very welcoming. The owner is very generous and has even give me free feeder mice in times of need. Please don't bash this store because you are homophobic or otherwise. David has been very gracious and it is rude to spout lies about the store, quit trying to run him off. What you are doing... Read more

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Shady Business at LB Exotics, Formerly Known As LB Reptiles
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Well, my Husband and I thought that the owner of this store, David, was a great friend but we were quite wrong. David comes off as a sweet, and caring person, but look out! You will find a different, uglier side of him in due time. He will become great friends with you, make you feel as if he is doing so much for you and your pets, giving you such deals and then stab you in the back as soon as he gets the chance. My Husband and I have rescued... Read more

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