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Hi, Today was a turning point for me and the Release Technique program. I 've been involved with a teleconference class now for three weeks. It costs $990 for the 30 day program. It will end on February 15th. The object of this course is to direct the mind to release all unwanted feelings to attain peace, courageness, and acceptance. The goal by doing this is to achieve freedom from wanting approval, wanting control, and wanting safety with our... Read more

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Note: I wrote this on a Cult Awareness board elsewhere. If you do not feel like reading the whole thing (it is very long), then my nutshell review of the technique is to approach it with caution. It is a low-level brainwashing technique. It is effective at reducing stress and emotional management, but does NOT deliver on it's promises to make you wealthy or happier. I did the technique for 10 years so I know how it works and what is possible... Read more

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