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Hi, Today was a turning point for me and the Release Technique program. I 've been involved with a teleconference class now for three weeks. It costs $990 for the 30 day program. It will end on February 15th. The object of this course is to direct the mind to release all unwanted feelings to attain peace, courageness, and acceptance. The goal by doing this is to achieve freedom from wanting approval, wanting control, and wanting safety with our thoughts. To the best of my ability I do this on a daily basis. I listened to the call this morning and felt the frustration with the class of releasers. Most are not able to get past the doubts of their Beingness. Larry interjected numerous times when one of the teachers was trying to help. He belittled the students. He yells at them. He made them feel like they were so *** they didn't get this material! One lady was completely in tears because of his harshness. The other night I called in with some gains from taking the course. I shared that feel more confident, more in control of my negative feelings, and I really feel this course was helping me. The next sentence that came out of Larrys mouth was I needed to sign up for the $5000 advanced course to get the most out of it. I shared too that I'm a nicer person and my children are getting the benefits of this. He said they can't be helped by me. I am doing them a disservice by trying to teach them the method. He then said that they each needed to pay $97 to get started with this other program. The ultimate goal of this program is for Larry Crane to make a profit. Today I've released myself from this program thanks mostly to the person who started this post. Thank you for your honesty. Thank you for your integrity. I'm grateful to you! Lester was right when he said the only solution to lifes problems is to love them. By loving what we have before us we can experience love. The more love we see the more grateful we become. See all of life's experienes as good. Even something that appears to be completely horrific can have some goodness come from it. Peace to all!
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The Release Technique - Avoid

Note: I wrote this on a Cult Awareness board elsewhere. If you do not feel like reading the whole thing (it is very long), then my nutshell review of the technique is to approach it with caution. It is a low-level brainwashing technique. It is effective at reducing stress and emotional management, but does NOT deliver on it's promises to make you wealthy or happier. I did the technique for 10 years so I know how it works and what is possible with it. Steer clear of any system that promises vast wealth by doing nothing as this system claims to do. =============================== I'm going to attempt to be as honest and impartial as I can regarding the Release Technique, although that will prove to be a challenge, as my life has been affected in different ways by the method, both positive and negative. I'll share how it's affected me and why I decided to leave the methodology behind. I believe it is important for people to know what it is before getting involved in it, why there haven't been nearly as many complaints about it compared with glowing testimonials, and how it ultimately fails to deliver on what it promises. First, a brief history of me and where I was coming from. This is a very long post, but I hope you'll be patient and stick it out for the read. I've always been into self-improvement, because I believe if you improve yourself, you improve the world. I learned about the release technique towards the beginning of the year 2000 through an email which led me to one of the earlier discussion groups on the subject on Usenet. I went to the website (not nearly as sophisticated as it is now) and read the information they presented. Whomever was the owner of this site was promising that you could have it all "easily" and "effortlessly" - it was the lazy man's way to riches. At the time, I was very interested in wealth and abundance. Since I was into self-improvement and wanting to gain more financial security, the website's message naturally attracted me. After searching the site, I found a man by the name of Larry Crane.There was just one solitary picture of him and his phone number was beneath it. In that day, I was curious, but not nearly as cautious or skeptical as I have become. I gave the number a call to ask how the technique worked, thinking I would reach some generic customer service rep. I wanted to ask some questions in order to gauge what it was all about. To my surprise, Larry himself answered. I don't remember the exact conversation, but he convinced me to buy the course and try it out. I ordered the Abundance Course and it came about 10 days later. As a small side note - I called him into about day 5 of waiting for it to arrive and was met with a very aggressive "IT TAKES 5 TO 10 BUSINESS DAYS to arrive." I didn't know it at the time, but his aggressive (and sometimes outright rude) behavior would confound me as I became immersed in the Release Technique products and jargon. The whole point of the method is to become "imperturbable", yet Mr. Crane has demonstrated many times that he is not. I'll get back to that later. Back to the short history. I received it and listened to the tapes. By the time I was done with tape 4, I was confused. Essentially, all of the tapes were Larry speaking about feeling a "clutching" in your stomach or your chest (which I didn't feel) and letting it go... and more... and more... and more. He repeated the same thing over and over with little variation over 10 tapes. And that was the technique in a nutshell. You feel a feeling and imagine a tube or door over your chest or stomach. You open up the door or tube and "allow the feelings to leave." That's pretty much it. Or, you can get your feeling under one of the "three wants" - the want (lacking feeling) of approval, control or security, and let those feelings go. That was the gist of the technique. And this was the fast way to riches. I didn't understand it at all. Since I was puzzled (I thought there had to be more to it), I called Larry. When I asked my questions or raised objections, he would immediately interrupt and tell me I was into "wanting to figure it out", which was just another feeling I had to release. It made sense to me at the time, since I WAS feeling stressed out about not being able to release. I can see with great clarity now that this is where the mind-numbing effects of releasing come into play. It's a low-level technique for brainwashing and spacing people out. It has a deleterious effect on your ability to REASON. In the release technique circle, reasoning (and even thinking) are the minions of the #1 enemy - the mind - which I now see is a bad thing to teach. It was a bit hard for me to type that out - admitting that it is a mind control device. I had to go back and re-edit and rewrite that a few times. But there it is in all it's glory. I confess it after 10 years. The release technique is largely a brainwashing regimen that takes your money and leaves you on a cloud, and not necessarily cloud 9. I mentioned I would attempt to be impartial - or at the very least, fair - in this post and I'd like to honor that. The release technique DID have some major benefits to me and others, and to this day, it still has given me some measure of "freedom", if you want to call it that. Here are some of the benefits I've gained from using it: 1) More efficiency 2) Better able to handle my emotions 3) Can see things more objectively 4) Not as reactive as before 5) Calmer 6) Can relax, usually at will 7) In the past I've had some very blissful experiences after releasing, all of them unforgettable. There was one moment where I felt like everything was simply perfect. I can't really describe that feeling because it was so beyond the intellect (not to sound presumptuous, please don't take it that way). It was just this magnanimous feeling of deep peace and "being okay". It was like everything was where it needed to be. When I hit that state, I knew that that was what I was looking for. It was those experiences that kept me going. I'll get to what got me OUT of releasing later. 8) I had a windfall of $6,000 after making a releasing goal that I would have $5,000 by releasing only. It is easy to chalk this up to coincidence now, yet it is still a bit interesting. 9) Was generally happier for short stretches of time. So I have to admit that it did benefit me in the emotional arena in some ways. In other ways, it seemed to kill parts of me that were resounding with wit and charm. If I visited myself 10 years ago, I would be greeted with a much funnier person who didn't take life so seriously. Now, I'm recovering to get back to that caring, charming person. After releasing for so long, I feel like a woolen cloth has been pulled over my awareness and that the better parts of me have been grayed out. Any releaser would immediately tell me it's just a feeling and to "let it leave". I'm only recently seeing how much of a trick I've played on myself. The liabilities of the release technique (in my experience, and in much higher magnitude than it's benefits) are as follows: 1) It doesn't deliver on the financial front as it advertises. I haven't become a millionaire or increased my net worth by even $10 ever since I started it in 2000. In fact, any money I allegedly earned "by releasing only" (as they say you should do in the course) was spent on more books, tapes, and seminars. I essentially broke even. 2) I've become callous, uncaring, stoic and prideful. I feel almost "stale" or vacant at times. 3) I wasted 10 years of my life believing in grandiose dreams that I'd hoped would materialize "simply by releasing only" as they teach in the courses. They actually teach you to use the "Butt System" (another set of CDs I bought from Larry), whereby you sit on your butt, release your "I can'ts" and just "allow it to happen", whether it's becoming a millionaire, getting a new car, etc. Essentially, you THINK your goals into existence without any action whatsoever on your part. It's a sophisticated form of WISHING. And these wishes never came to fruition. 4) I've become too clinical with emotions. Whenever someone had a problem, I would tell them to "just let it go." I now see that this isn't always appropriate or even desirable. 5) I would look down on people and disassociate from their dramas. While I still think most dramas are ridiculous, I no longer tell people to "Just let it go." Sometimes these things need to be processed in order to be released. I've realized that the prior 5 liabilities are much more far-reaching and have deeper implications on a psychological and financial scale than the first 9 benefits I've listed. One major thing that really nagged at me over the years was Larry himself. He's essentially the protege of Lester Levenson, the man who "invented" the RT, and someone who supposedly found total inner peace. The whole point of the release technique is to become loving and peaceful like Lester claimed to have done, or "imperturbable" as the course teaches. I can't count the number of times I've heard Larry yell, be rude or domineering to people who are raising questions in learning the technique. I was once a target of his wrath when I asked a simple question about what Lester Levenson proposed regarding reality and the mind. I pointed out on a conference call something Lester had said. He said "Every thought materializes in the physical world." To anyone with a brain, that's a huge claim to make. I saw plenty of proof to the contrary, so I asked Larry "If that's true, then why can't I materialize pink panthers dancing on my ceiling?" I wasn't attempting to be cheeky or dry. It was an honest question. Larry's response? He immediately flew into a rage on the phone. I don't know how many people were on the call that night, but there had to be hundreds. Not only that, but it was being recorded for sale later, which was highly embarassing for me at the time. "Why are you asking me dumb questions that have nothing to do with anything?" he roared. "It's a *** question. I'm not going to waste the time on it! Who's next?" So much for questioning wild, unverified claims. Even though I was pretty deep into releasing at the time, it's something I wasn't able to "let go" of after all these years, but not due to being hurt, but because I have a very, very low tolerance for hypocrisy. Larry, the student of the imperturbable Lester Levenson calls himself a "Master Teacher". If he's a master teacher, it means he's mastered releasing. If he has and is so imperturbable, why would he need to scream at people to get what he wants? That wasn't the only incident. There were countless others (not all targeted to me) on other recordings they have on their website. He's teaching everyone how to be "hootless" yet gets his hair in a knot when someone asks him a question steeped in common sense. I was puzzled at the time, but since I was supposed to be able to let go of whatever was bothering me, I dismissed it. I now see his rapacious yelling as a subtle form of instilling compliance in releasers so there IS no disagreement. If he can't get you to do what he suggests, he'll just intimidate. Total hypocrisy. The scary thing is not one fellow releaser ever mentioned this one puzzling habit of his - yelling to get what he wants, yet telling everyone else to "release". I'm not trying to make Larry look bad. I'm just telling you what I've witnessed first hand. To his credit, he did answer some questions that seemed ridiculous, but for the most part, he gets cranky and cantankerous if someone persists in asking a question that doesn't help someone "release". In other words, no analysis or thinking allowed, only "releasing". It all built up over time, but becoming more financially secure was the #1 reason I left the releasing crowd and the hypocrisy was #2. The promise of the course is that you can become rich if you just release your feelings that you can't be rich. Well, I felt I did and I gave it a fair shot of 10 years. I hope people are letting that sink in. TEN YEARS. And the only person who benefited financially was Larry. I'm not rich after using the technique and that's all the proof I need. If there is any one thing releasing has shown me it's how to be much more skeptical when any system comes along and claims that you can be rich simply by sitting in a chair and letting go of feelings. What nonsense. Why did I fall for such tripe for so long? I'll tell you - the testimonials I was getting from other people. There were dozens of people on the conference calls and in seminars detailing how they'd gotten $30,000, $100,000 and more "by releasing only". Those testimonials made me salivate and hunger to achieve the same, honestly. What I refused to see was that these people who were earning those amounts of money were ALREADY IN POSITION TO RECEIVE IT. In other words, they had real estate deals going, were doctors, lawyers, successful business people. Naturally, big money comes to them! How many homeless people do you think could materialize $600,000 overnight by releasing only? If we are unlimited as the course claims, why can't I materialize a suitcase full of $100 bills right before my eyes? If the technique worked consistently and effectively, why aren't most of the releasers millionaires? Nothing metaphysical about it. It's just a crock. I don't mean to sound harsh. And perhaps there are some releasers reading this right now who still believe it can benefit you financially in the long term. If so, understand that I'm not judging you, nor condemning you. I'm not coming from my "ego" nor am I trying to limit you in any way. Heck, the technique is very effective on some emotional issues if you embrace it and do it correctly. I'm only condemning the hypocrisy and lack of results. I know if you are a releaser you'd say I'm holding in mind lack of results or I'm "wanting". Well, that may be, but don't you think giving the technique 10 years of practice would yield some more tangible or lasting results than the ones I've experienced? Also, releasers - I'd just invite you to think - have you truly gotten what you wanted from releasing? Are you a millionaire? Can you materialize things at will just by a "mere effortless thought" as Lester puts it? How much money is in the bank? Look at the proof - "take it for checking" as the course states. This is what I did and is why I've left releasing behind forever. I've finally realized for myself that it isn't what it is cracked up to be in the least. If it were, I'd be a billionaire by now and floating around with the greatest of spiritual masters. I've spent countless hours releasing. Tallied up, I'd guess it sums to several months of pure non-stop "releasing". I've purchased nearly all of Larry's products, gone to 4 weekend seminars and 2 week long retreats. I even helped find two locations for some of the seminars. When I asked Larry if I could go to one of the events for free in exchange, I was denied. Wow. So much for abundance. The thing that puzzled me for a while was why weren't more people noticing the inconsistency and non-efficacy of the technique and posting about it? I looked it up on Google many times, but found little to nothing but glowing testimonials (until I found this forum). So how could it have such a low-profile? I have a theory - there aren't many complaints showing up because it's a LOW LEVEL cult. I hate to use the word "cult", because there really isn't a "release technique crowd." There aren't any members, expectations or beliefs that you need to adhere to. The only expectation is that you release when you are at the seminars or on conference calls. There is no allegiance and everything is voluntary. That's what makes it so hard to classify it as a cult. As I've said, "cult" would be too strong a word. It's not so much a cult as the technique is deceptively presented as a magic bullet to end all problems without taking any action. If Scientology were the most nefarious cult with a 10 on the 1-10 scale, then releasing would be probably about a 2. But that 2 can be a 10 to the most trusting (or gullible, if you will). That is what makes it deadly in the long term. It locks you in with promises of a blissful existence, but doesn't create enough immediate and consistent pain for you to want to leave it. When you are releasing, you are convinced you are creating your reality and mastership is just a matter of "letting go", that the abundance is right around the corner, even with plenty of evidence to the contrary staring you straight in the face. I'm glad I have finally woken up. I feel more like myself now. I am unashamed and feel liberated now that I have dropped it. Ironic, don't you think? I've let go of releasing itself and I feel freer than ever before. I've attempted to be fair, balanced and honest in sharing my experience. I may not have come off that way. Please note that the technique is not ALL rotten and that Lester's original message of loving others and yourself is a good one. It is apparently working for some people. And some of the events I experienced were unforgettable as I listed above. I have also gained a great measure of emotional control that genuinely helps me in many areas of life. But all in all, it does NOT deliver on what it promises in the financial or happiness realm, and if it does, it does so in a highly inconsistent manner. I will NEVER spend one cent more on any of Larry's materials and will caution (but not stop altogether) anyone who is thinking of buying any of his products. I hope this has helped someone to see things a bit more clearly. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to write me or update this thread with a response. I will respond uncritically.
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Yes, I'm still around.



Hello. I'm not sure if you still get these comments but I hope so.

I would like to know how you were able to stop doing the technique. I had the same experience as you did for 5 years and felt as you did. I felt better but like a part of me got lost. I started therapy to help me get back to me.

If you are still around could we connect?

I do not have an account so I guess I can check back on here to see if you replied. Thank you


Thanks for this - very helpful.


Can I buy all the programs you don't want any more?(unless you tossed them.)

I'm on Facebook: Connie Danner.



I bought the Abundance Course. I had some questions and called Larry.

He had said that everything in our lives arises from our thoughts. I asked him how the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks could have happened. He told me that all the people in the WTC had a simultaneous thought of death. Man - that is *** that someone could be that callous.

Yes, he tried to intimidate me too. You shall know the tree by its fruit.


I have done the release Technic and then listened so some of Lester's material....

Lester focuses on permanent Pure awareness or "beingness" completely as a goal, in fact: Lester mentioned if you don't go beyond the worldly things to Pure awarenessbeingness , you'll eventually be back to the misery you once had....

Of course some people get worldly gains with the release Technic and that's awesome and it can definitely happen but Lester's never promised that one will become rich and stuff like that with releasing....

Lester's original teachings basically have the same message of sages such as Nisargadatta and Ramana Maharshi: he points to Pure awarenessbeingness as the ultimate goal.

Again: some people do get worldly gains with releasing and that's awesome but it's not what Lester was pointing to.

About Larry: yea his personality seems a bit off at times...

but he teaches the method (I'm talking about the basic abundance course recorded program) better than Hale in my opinion..... But you have to focus on beingness as the ultimate goal not on "well, how do I make more money...." I would encourage people to check out Rick Solomon's site and also the site if you want to know more about the original releasing method.


I bought the release Technic a year ago....

I never really understood the rigtube thing: I just take whatever feeling i have into the three wants and release on it.

I listened to 6 calls by Larry, I did notice that he gets very angry at people fast and he often doesn't want to listen when people are trying to tell him their problem (unlike Hale who does listen and has much more empathy....).

But I'm not trying to promote Hale here, more on that later.....

I used both the sedona method and the release Technic

I had some benefits with the Technic such as less anxiety, more confidence and etc....

but did I become rich? Nope.... I later listened to some calls on by RICK SOLOMON he has his own website BTW Rick met Lester and became a teacher at the Sedona institute before Lester died and HaleLarry took over the organization.

Rick mentioned on one of the calls on that releasing can help attain goals but Lester never promised people that they can become rich by releasing. Lester's teachings were about going free enlightenment. Sure sometimes you can release and get financial gains but Lester never promised that. -I think Larry and Hale are business men and they both market the system as a way to achieve all your goals because this is the way to sell more products and workshops.....

Still, the system is good I just don't expect to become rich from it and I wouldn't work one on one with someone like Larry. But I do encourage people to try the system. Just get the basic course and don't be tempted into paying huge amounts of money on workshops and boot camps unless you don't have money problems.

If you have enough money maybe it's a good idea but I don't know. I never attended a workshopsboot camp or an expensive teleclass because I'm still not doing so well financially


Ok, first I wasn't going to leave any comments, but then I came back.....

It's pretty simple you guys.

"GRATITUDE - IS RICHES, judgement and criticism - is POVERTY"

The more you complain about "The Release Technique", about Larry, about ANYTHING -

the more you stop the flow of LOVE and therefore the flow of MONEY in your lives.

Who cares what Larry comes across like? We are all different and that's what makes it divers and wonderful. Stop judging, stop criticising and START BEING GRATEFUL FOR EVERYTHING.

I am personally so grateful that I've found The Release Technique because IT DOES take care of any negativity at that particular moment. I am grateful for Lester, for Larry and for all youtube videos that he's made because that's how I found him. One more thing. The way I see it is this - each teacher leads you to another in our SEARCH.

Just take what you can from this teaching, be grateful and MOVE ON (if you don't want to stay). But please don't waste your time complaining about it. That's about the worst thing you can do..... GRATITUDE IS RICHES!!!!!!!

YEI !!!!


ive been releasing for awhile, and *** is still exactly the *** same. I dont know.

Im taking more action now, and the goals thing is useful.

but none of this *** has been EASY at all. Or effortless. I believe that is a lie told to sell us these courses.

Luckily i never paid for any of em hahah. TORRENTS ***.



Having just heard Larry Crane working with some people on an interview, I was looking for some Release Technique material. I found this post and comments to be very helpful as they give me an idea of what to watch out for and also what might be helpful to me.

Although I also definitely noticed Larry going Jekyll and Hyde on one of the people who I guess wasn't responding like he wanted them to, he did manage to pull himself together and help them.

Despite the fact I probably wouldn't want to work personally with someone who has a personality like Larry's, I still would like to try the technique. I'm feeling like, when you really need help it might be worth trying something that does seem to have flaws but also has helped people. My mindset right now is to try to be like a 'miner', and to just look for the gem stones (help), and throw away the dirt, rather than not go in the mine at all because of the dirt.

I noticed that many of the commenters have used the Release Technique. I was wondering if there was anyone who has these materials who would share them with another human being in need, me.

I would never normally ask anything like this, but my situation feels so desperate.

Unfortunately like many people my life has been so hard, alcoholic abusive home and in the last while I have lost my mom, my two closest friends, and even my dearly, dearly loved dog, it's just too much pain and death to deal with. Plus I had this horrendous situation that happened that has left me with severe PTSD and I can hardly talk to anyone or even leave the room I am renting. Some days are so hard I don't even feel like I can get through them. And I am on disability welfare which isn't even enough to buy enough food for the month never mind trying to buy self help courses.

I have tried free things I have found on the internet like EFT, hypnosis, subliminals etc., but they haven't helped.

If there is anyone who would be kind enough to share their Release Technique materials with me, I would appreciate it so much. In exchange, if you wanted to, I have some courses I recieved as a gift, on abundance and manifesting etc. by a different author that I could swap with you, there are 6 of them that initially cost between $77 and $247. I have also been trying to find the Morty Lefkoe course on removing limiting beliefs, if anyone has this and would be kind enough to share it, I would also really appreciate it.

My email address is doveheart3@***.ca I would be so grateful to anyone who could help me.

I know there are free download sites but I really want to keep my computer safe and don't want to risk them. A couple of other resources I have found recently that could maybe help someone. This thing called The Emotion Code. I heard the guy who developed this on an interview and when I looked for info I found one of his sites that is giving away the free ebook, the mp3 audiobook and charts, at first I thought it was a scam site, but after checking a bit I tried it and it is for real and totally free.

Just type emotion code into google and go down about 4 listings to Emotion Code special offer. If you can't find it when you're reading this I could copy mine and send you a copy. I'm not sure if it is helping me yet I've only been using it for a few days, I do feel very tired after I do it, but that's about all so far. One more thing that I found recently and has been helping me, although I find it hard to believe it is helping me because I didn't really believe in it, this guy named Rudy Hunter has these free recordings on his site and they are distance energy healings, just type in his name and .com for his site.

You do have to search a bit to find the free recordings which he says also work on animals. The longer recordings work better for me where he tells you to think of a problem or situation and then does a healing 3 or 4 times on one recording. It's honestly the weirdest thing to me, this method, I guess because I can't understand what's going on, but I have really noticed a difference when I listen to them.

I'm in no way associated with any of these products, just thought I'd share about them in case they could help someone. Wishing Everyone Much Love and Blessings

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