Magdalena D Sgc

No, they have no option to cancel your subsciption, I Know why. You are not able to contact them.

They took my money without permission It is not possible to contact them.
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Reason of review:
Problems with payment

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

Khyra Wpv
map-marker Atlanta, Georgia

Lawcrossing has fraudulent practices

I signed up for LawCrossing trial services and even after I called and cancelled I was charged. When I noticed the charge and called back in the representative told me they had no record of me calling and asked for a cancellation number. At no time when I called before the trial period ended did the representative give me a cancellation number. This was just a sham to charge me the fee for services I never used and cancelled according to there rules. Do not use these perpetuates a FRAUD and this company should be reported to the BBB. A complete RIP OFF!!
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  • Its fraudulent practice
Reason of review:
I was charged for a service that was promoted as a free trial period

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

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When I began my job search years ago, i had a similar experience. I was charged for several months after I had cancelled my subscription.

It took 3 attempts to cancel the service. While I am using Lawcrossing again in my current search for an attorney position, I expect to have the same experience.

brian f Tfq
map-marker Los Angeles, California hides how to cancel your account

I signed up for and tried to cancel my account online. There is no way to cancel your account online and it takes an extremely long time to find how to even contact this company. It appears as though they do this intentionally. Don't sign up for automatic renewal as you'll never be able to cancel your account! In addition, you can't even find where to manage your account details such as credit card information. One would assume this would be where you would be able to change or cancel the account. Avoid Law crossing.
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Same exact problem.


Total ripoff. The billed me after I cancelled and none of their job postings were worth the time.


I am having the same problem. I cannot find how to cancel my account ANYWHERE on their website.

I had to call customer service and wait on hold for over 20 minutes.

There is also no way to view my payment information through their website; therefore, there is no way to change payment source if you need to do so. Also, although I did get a job, it was not through LawCrossing - waste of time and money if you ask me.


Amen it a rip


I decided to take advantage of the 3-day trial. I signed up, but did not receive any sort of email confirmation.

I found that LawCrossing had hundreds upon hundreds of redundant listings. For example, if AT&T had at some point posted a job listing, LawCrossing would show that listing dozens of times, each time with a different town or city in my metro area (i.e., a single job posting that probably originated from Indeed at some point may count as 50 unique job listings with LawCrossing). I went through hundreds of LawCrossing listings and did not find anything that looked remotely fresh. Accordingly, I tried to cancel one day after signing up.

The website states: "If at any time during your membership with us you are not satisfied for any reason whatsoever please contact our customer service department" ("Guarantee Page"). So I clicked on the "Contact Us" page. On that page, the only options were to send a comment through a form or to use the "contact [at]" email address. So I sent a email requesting cancellation.

I never received a response so a few days later I sent a second email requesting confirmation. No response. Nothing showed up on my credit card statement so I thought nothing more of it. Then a few months later, monthly charges of $30 or $40 started appearing on my statement.

I disputed the charges and LawCrossing responded by claiming that, although they had obviously received my written cancellation notice, I had not called the telephone number that in my opinion they work so hard to conceal.

In my opinion, they are obviously quite practiced in this response. My bank ate one of the charges and disputed the others, but in my opinion this indulgent approach by my bank is exactly what allows rackets to perpetuate.


Call 1-62*-***-**** to cancel. I found the number in a marketing email they sent me awhile back.

Agree there should be a way to cancel online. Also should be easier to find the phone number on the website.

Really good job listings. Surprised by the shady practices since BCG is a big and reputable company.


I did not realize I was signing up for a subscription. They charged my checking account $99 for another three months on April 10, 2012.

I called and said I wanted to cancel and did not authorize this charge. They said they would fix it. They did not reverse the charge. when I called back today to have the charge reversed they said that because I called on the "billing date" I could only cancel for the next cycle and would have access for the next three months.

I told them I did not want it and to reverse the charge and they said they "cannot do that for just one customer." They are right about that.

They need to do it for all customers! Has anyone been successful in getting a charge reversed?


my account is "due" for renewal next week and I'm trying to cancel it. Did you have any success??

How? Thanks.


The law firm of Siprut PC is conducting an investigation into Lawcrossing. If you have dealt with this company, we would be interested in speaking with you.

For more information, please contact Gregg M. Barbakoff at 312-588-****.


Same thing happened to me

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Adian L
map-marker Washington, District Of Columbia

Lawcrossing, fraudulent, billed despite cancellation of service received an F from the Better Business Bureau for fraudulent business practices. You are only capable of canceling via phone; however, even if you do cancel, they will continue to charge you, reportedly until you have the bank change your account information. They have blatantly continued to scam customers for years, and pay individuals to populate websites with bogus positive reviews in order to generate business. Do some research and think long and hard before you give them yours. For the record, the jobs listed are old with advertisements that do not match the requirements of the position but seem more appealing to applicants.
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I am dealing with this too. I cancelled after three days.

I just realized they continued billing me for six months!

It's extremely shady that they do not give an option online to remove my credit card information or cancel my membership (again). This business should be shut down.