Lava Electronics Hd8008 Antenna Reviews

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Price Affordability
Value for money
Product or Service Quality
I ordered OMNIPRO HD-8008 antenna on 10/10/16 received about 10/16/16 it was dead on arrival.I've called every ph # I can find for antenna deals I've left voicemail no one calls back I'VE SENT text messages and emails with no response from ANTENNADEALS. I know that it's nothing I have done. I have installed C-Band 10 foot satellite dishes Dish Network and Direct TV dishes. And over the air antenna's before. Never had any problems before now....
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I got this antenna and it only pickups one local channel cbs we cant even watch the dallas game one reason we got this just wish it would pick up local channels dallas and ft worth no good for us we live in stephenville area they a they advertise it to be 150 miles ratio false advertise wish I did not get this just though it would work for us and the cbs channel don't come in all the time bad quality and we got to go to sports bar to watch...
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I didn't like
  • False advertising
I purchased the Lave HD-8008 antenna.It didn't work. I called customer service 18 times in 3 days and asked for support to contact me concerning issues. I also sent 4 email in 3 days requesting one ever replied. I kept calling over and over & I got in touch with the sales manager Jimmy twice, but he offered little support. Jimmy suggested I contact technical support at 909-643-5166..No one answers that number it goes directly to a...
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I liked
  • Quick delivery
  • Fast delivery
I didn't like
  • Horrible customer service and technical support
  • No response to e-mail
  • Ignored emails and phone calls to return item
Had the LAVE HD8008 antenna installed for about 7 months. Then it stopped sending signal to TV. Nothing changed but I have checked everything. Talked to tech service, said it was likely a bad antenna board but want me to place the antenna higher, check output of the power supply and run new coax cable to the house before they will do anything about this defective antenna. Really! I made it higher, checked the voltage and now debating whether to...
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