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Laurence Plummer Life Insurance Investment Service Review from Lyons, Georgia

When I began business association with Plummer,he had in unlicensed "financial advisor" working in his office named Steve or Stephen Sims. He charged me and other to set up portfolios and is now incarcerated for other crooked acts at a small bank in Somerville,TN I think that caused that bank to close and Plummer had to reimburse the customers Sims handled. That was just the beginning. When I could no longer afford the 350,000 WHOLE life insurance policy that was suppose to be an investment,Plummer suggested 250,000 FLEX life insurance bu the did not explain that flex and term are the same. What is worse is my premium will go from 135.00 per month to 1000.00+ per month when I turn 71 years of age!! I will have nothing for 10 years of 135.00 per month. I asked him to notify me frequently which he failed to do. I understand the have lots of shannigans at his church also such as purchasing a car for a male "associate". I certainly would not recommend this untrustworthy, selfish person to anyone!!
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Problems with payment
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Bad Compliant

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Great Financial Planning

I have to agree with the Better Business Bureau and their rating of Laurence Plummer and Plummer Financial services. My wife and I were introduced to Laurence Plummer for financial planning 20 years ago in 1995, 3 months before we got married. Following his advice, here we are in 2015 with a healthy life insurance coverage that leaves our children more than worry free. We've also learned of other financial options as our money and value grew. To this day we are satisfied clients of Plummer financial. Our experience with his staff has been with honest, genuine & beneficial. Jay Hollingshed
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Good quality
Jakhari Lry
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Background Check

After we were referred to him by our Pastor,we looked at his FINRA report on brokercheck on heir website, and ran the other way!! We saw where he settled a compliant from one of his customer for $95,000! There are other issues as well. You need to look for yourself to determine if you are comfortable doing business with him. My Pastor apologized because he had not checked him out himself. He was very disappointed. He has since moved his business to another firm. We also talked to some of his current clients. Many of them were very unhappy with his services! I recommend you do the same before doing business with him.
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#1004227 alot he settles alot because he knows he is wrong and very dirty. People better be careful claiming they are a minster and dog people out and take people money. It's a shame before God but all will be exposed when wrong is done.

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Laurence Plummer from Memphis TN screws his customers

This so call preacher sells whole life insurance as an investment because it pays him more than term life insurance! How do you think he paid for his Bentley? We thought we had a retirement plan, but all we had was insurance! We paid in over $27,000 and could only cash it in for under $10,000! Do not do business with this crook. We are gonna sue this sob!!! If you know of others who are not happy with him, have them post their complaints here! He operates out of Memphis TN., we do not live there, but look out where ever you live!
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We invested in an IRA over 17 years ago. As of today the return was only 10k dollars.

Our initial investment was almost 100k. This wasn't a fixed account.

I could have managed my own funds and done a better job!!! SAD


All you people trashing Lawrence Plummer are jokers! This guy is a great man!

The best part about it is that you *** are mad that he sold you whole life instead of cheap *** term insurance that won't be in force when you die.

Seems as though there is a lot of jealousy because he is a successful man. Take a look in the mirror before you judge this man because I have been in his company many times and he cares about his clients.


in the end we all will pay.


Why would anyone attend your church. He is a salesman.

Salesmen are aboit profit and not about making you the consumer any real money. He talks about his members as if they are peasants and your members are gossipers. People like Cheryl(demon), Vanessa(church ***), plummer(manipulator), his cousin(child molester in the church, but no one has reported it), and others are why people run from church. You talk about folks business on the pulpit.

You talk too much about your member's business. I heard from an elder who is my friend about the certain elder who is getting millions and you wanting 15% of it. I hope that elder go to the news to expose you and your greedy heart. What you say and do in your church is being repeated.

Yes, your members know that a certain p :p aralegal is keeping you abreast about the certain elder's case. That is confidental information and you all should be reported to the state board of licensing.




So sad he don't know that the elder you are talking about have some very smart children and they are not fools.he will not give Plummer a red cent.we know Plummer are looking to get a part of This poor man money but he is in for a ruud awaken.that man son is A lawyer.


People. If you need life insurance (which you do!), Plummer is your man.

If you need a simple retirement plan investing in mutual funds (which you do!) (IRAs or Annuities), Plummer is your man. If you want an underwriter to take your company public, Plummer is not your man. Go to Goldman Sachs. Plummer can help most people in some way, but he is a salesman.

Selling insurance and investments is how he makes his money. Nothing wrong with that.


un educated *** consumers in memphis allways wants somthing for nothing,term life insurance would be worth 0000 to you at any point. your agent took care of you is not retirement in any factor.

im sure you knew that huh.

you cant cash in your car insurance can you. lets be foreal out here adults


These accusations are are true! Please have anyone that want to use any Financial Advisor Google them first! Also have them go to and use there search engine to find a Planner.



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