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Bad set of rims

drop off a set of rims to get powder coated satin black and they came back gloss black, we exchange words and told me to go *** myself. this man has a real bad attitude, after doing research i found out that he's a member of the outlaw motorcycle gang. i think this *** is all mouth and he looks like down syndrome on steroids. pro coat or american do better jobs then gene lasker. dont know how people can work for him , he must treat his worker like garbage. one of his worker looks like he's on crack or something and the other like he just came out of prison with all that tattoos. never again
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I believe you probably work for cox media in some way, and they hate Bubba. So here goes them trying to mess with companies which they say they don't.

And you can tell the second one is fake for sure second *** ask for modification no one does. So Gene was like if that's what you want I do it. Well it not his fault you asked for something that doesn't work. Maybe you where gonna find someone to do them in reverse and be mad at anyone that did it .

Anyone in biker world or has seen Gene's work.It's good.

Now I will agree he might have called you names and what not but he didn't hit you did he. Let me guess u n3ver have even meet Gene


Good to see you don't own a business because you obviously judge people on appearance to the fullest. Tattoos are not a prison mark *** and it doesn't make people bad. What makes people bad is judgemental people like yourself.


Outlaws motorcycle CLUB. It's not a gang.

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hoadman W
map-marker Tampa, Florida

Lasker powder coating/ Tampa Fl worst ever

This maniac who operates this powder coat business powdered the back side of my rims, which in turn warped 3 sets of rotors and pads. Spent $1200 to troubleshoot and correct problem. Said he normally doesn't powder coat the back but did this time WTF! Confronted him with all the evidence from tire and machine shops they all concurred it was the powder coating. He refused to listen, heated words were said then his yard goon attacked while my wife watched in shock. He did not intervene, lucky after several punches by his yard goon, and I mean this guy is a carnival freak a employee from a neighbor business pulled him off me. The guy was HUGE and the most insane eyes ever. I'm 64 he musta been 30ish. DO NOT use this company, you have been warned. These freaks have been inhaling paint fumes, way to long. Just look at other network reviews, to see what I'm saying.
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I don't see how coating back of rims would have anything to do with brakes.


seriously.... "I'm 64 he musta been 30ish." I doubt that this complaint is legit, what 64 year old get rims powder coated and uses words like musta? If you are 64 and you are getting rims customized there is more then something wrong with your brakes....

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Haha! Didn't get to see a yard goon but he's now got a female assassin!

Beautiful girl, but a bit evil!

She was smiling such a pretty smile when I was there, at the same time she was telling a customer to do bad things to himself. I always get good results from them though.


2nd case of this happening that I've heard of - only the "goon" was not involved with the other one, only brakes being completely destroyed because they failed to protect them even after being asked politely to make sure the custom painted brake assemblies were not harmed but to perhaps cover them while painting. This was after being informed that they would NOT take the wheels off first as it wasn't necessary, which unfortunately did not strike my friend as odd since he's never had this done before, but he saw the problem before even leaving the lot - blatant powder all over the discs and housing, sides of the pads...

the whole thing had visible spatters all over it - end result?

>$3000 in new custom brake kits. Avoid this company, they do not follow even the most basic ASE Mechanic standards.

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Um ... You are a liar!

You can't even .. No way imaginable get powder splatters! You can't put a whole car in the oven .. Your mother must be embarrassed to call you her child.

The wheel has to be removed from the car and the tire from the wheel ... Blatant lies!

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I powdercoated for a while. Rims have to b off car and tires off the rims.

Powdercoat is baked on.... In an oven...

400+ degrees ***... Know wat ur tlking about before u open ur *** holster

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That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard! All the parts needing coated are removed from the vehicle, cleaned, hung up and shot with the powder.

Then placed in a hot (400 degrees ) oven to "melt" on. When cool, the parts are ready for re-installation.

It isn't rocket science but what you are describing is asenine! Nobody would do that!!!


what this *** didn't tell you is mother *** the owner will never get you a refund and when you are asked to leave don't call the yard goon a *** and then take a swing at him! you may *** him off

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