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I thought it was just due to poor weather stripping but there's nothing I can do to fix it. I did notice that the plastic molding around the window is kind of shoddy and loose. I see a lot of cold air seeping in through there and I think that's what's happening. I'm glad I read this, or who knows how long I would have been trying to fix something that I thought I did wrong installing it. I will somehow see if I can't return it to Lowes. Larson doors...
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Anonymous What's happening here is that the seal to your entry door is poor.
When your entry door has a poor seal, the warm air from inside your house leaks through to the storm door...


LarsonDoorsCares Hi there - I'm sorry to hear about your experience and do apologize for the delayed response. I completely understand your concerns. We like to document situations like this t...

We have 2 Secure Elegance Storm Doors 1 front and 1 back They were installed late 2006 early 2007. I really like them. I'm security aware and feel pretty confident having these storm doors. We have had a few issues with the latch usually only 1 of the 3 sticking in either an open or closed position, making closing the door impossible. What I do is use a product called "Graphite Lube" and Lock-Ease (graphite lock Fluid). I originally purchased...
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I liked
  • Doors sturdy feel and security aspects
  • Look of the doors