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Jon Polk of Landworks Earthmoving of Paducah Kentucky user name landworks

Jon - I am so shocked that you have no regard your financial responsibility; for my families well being; my business or that your values are so miss placed. Let me tell you a little about my family. My father has stage 4 lung cancer. My mother was just placed in a nursing home due to Congestive Heart Failure and Stroke. My daughter is only 12 years old. $4200.00 is a lot of money to me; since I am financially responsible for all the above people. I have asked nicely if you need a payment plan; I have called; emailed and yet you just ignore me; amazing. I ask if this was your lively hood would you be able to make if someone did this to you? My guess is you would not be able to. Call me Jon - work out a payment plan - I need this money.
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