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DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! My husband and I, along with our 6 month old (remember him for why this situation is so bad), bought a house along with this Landmark home warranty. After buying the house the air conditioning went out in the house. I called Landmark Home Warranty (since this is what we paid them for) and had them send someone out to fix the issue. After getting the results from the HVAC company Landmark said it was going to be denied....
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I didn't like
  • Any part of their company
  • Customer service
  • Always looking for a way out of paying a claim
Landmark home warranty is the worst warranty you can buy.I have been calling since February 2016 trying to get an AC unit repaired. It is now August 12 2016 still no AC. I will be paying for the repairs myself because at this point I am hot and frustrated. 3 different contractors have been out to my house now Landmarks wants to send a 4th. The 3rd contractor stated the 2nd contractor did a botched repair. This company also sent landmark info...
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Anonymous Hi,
I would really like to help you with this frustrating experience. I apologize for not meeting your expectations. Thank you for giving Landmark this opportunity to addre...