Alex A Abm
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Very Bad Experience

You make an appointment for oil change and because your dashboard says coolant level low. They charged me more than $400 and a few days later, my coolant level is still low. They didnt even check my coolant level. Now Im on my way to Vegas in the middle of the desert and my coolant level low light comes up. Very dangerous service center. Go somewhere else. I would give this zero star if theres an option.
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Preferred solution: Full refund

Rebecca Z Dcd
map-marker Pasadena, California

Serious Land Rover Safety Issue/ TERRIBLE customer service rating

Serious Land Rover Safety Issue/ TERRIBLE customer service rating This post is for the public SAFETY & AWARENESS. For those who drive any type of Land Rover or are planning to lease or buy one, PLEASE BE AWARE that there is a very serious technical problem with the Land Rover engines that have put many lives at risk, INCLUDING MINE. If at any moment, while driving, your Land Rover starts shaking & making noises, IMMEDIATELY pull over without wasting even one moment. Here is what happened to me (& according to my Lemon Attorney, I have not been the first & most definitely not the last person who will experience this serious dangerous incident): About 2 months ago, while driving in the freeway at 70 miles per hour (in the fastest lane), my BRAND NEW Land Rover Discovery 2017 started shaking violently & making very terrible noises (This happened WITHOUT ANY previous technical problems or even warnings). Of course, I got very confused & scared. Only SECONDS later the car started dropping speed at a very fast rate & my attempt to prevent the violent speed reduction was completely useless. I realized that I had only several seconds before the car comes to complete stop in the middle of the freeway (& only several seconds to change ALL the 5 lanes & at least get to the shoulder with a car that was now going slower every second). I think it was just a miracle that I managed to get to the first right lane & miraculously find myself at the beginning of an exit ramp before the car completely stops & DIES FOREVER!!! Of course, I had my emergency lights on. Very HEAVY smoke was coming out of the car at this time. It was 9 PM, very dark, & I was very scared to be hit by another car since I was still in the freeway. 911 advised me to get out of the car immediately at any cost (even though I was in the freeway & could be hit by another car) because there was a chance of my car catching fire. Again, I was very lucky that I wasn’t hit by a car while trying to escape the car. NO ONE can really comprehend the amount of fear & stress I experienced at that time. I stayed as far as possible in the shoulder while waiting for the police & fire trucks to arrive. Before help arrives, however, my car was hit by another car who was coming TOO FAST to realize my FLASHING emergency lights. HERE we get to ANOTHER very dumb technical issue with Land Rover: My DEAD car & myself were stuck in that scary location in the middle of the night for 4 HOURS just because Land Rover is so stupid not to include an alternative way to easily tow the car, in the case the car DOESNOT turn on. Because of this stupid feature, NO ONE, not even AAA could tow the car. I was stuck in the cold & dark, in the middle of the freeway for 4 hours before the police could find a tow truck who had the special equipment to tow THE STUPID Land Rover (The FUNNY thing is that I had to pay $300 for them to tow the *** car). By the time they towed the car to the nearest dealership (which was obviously closed) it was 1:30 AM (I had to stay in the closest Hotel that I could find there since I had to go to work the next day). Here is my COMPLAINT regarding the very HORRIFIC customer service of Land Rover: For God’s sake, Land Rover is a LUXURY car who charges their customers no less than $900 for even their most basic vehicle. Land Rover customer service is the ABSOLUTE WORST possible that can exist among all cars. Even the most basic & cheapest cars offer a MORE DECENT customer service than Land Rover. After going through the MOST HORRIFIC NIGHT OF MY LIFE, the next day the service department of Land Rover, EVEN REFUSED TO GIVE ME A LOANER!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS. The engine of car dies due to malfunction & put your customer’s life in danger & YOU DO NOT EVEN CARE TO GIVE THEM A LOANER????!!! (& after charging them sooo much too??) The wretched person in the service department center VERY RUDELY pointed me outside the door & told me “THERE IS AN ENTERPRISE in the same street, you can WALK there and rent a car to go to work!!!!” REALLYYYY??!!! Is that how you treat your customers (who also happened to went through so much??!!!) Land Rover customer service SUCKS!!! I am absolutely SPEECHLESS at the way they treated me that day & CONTINUED to treat me the same afterward. The service department of #LandRoverPasadena do not even return my phone calls. 2 months have passed already & I still do not have the car. I am still paying for a rental & THEY ARE STILL CHARGING ME MONTHLY FOR THE STUPID CAR THAT IS DEAD, & they cannot even figure out what happened to it!! THEY DO NOT EVEN HAVE A DIAGNOSIS YET EITHER!!!!! Obviously, I have a lemon Attorney since there is no way I will drive that WRETCHED car. In fact, this is the very last time I will drive a Land Rover. & I recommend everyone to stay away from Land Rover. THEY REALLY TREAT THEIR CUSTOMERS BADLY. I have complained to Land Rover customer relations & they also could not care less & do not GIVE A DAMN. They have not even reimbursed me for all the financial damages that I suffered let alone for the emotional trauma & stress I went through because of THEIR INSUFFICIENCY in producing a safe car. #LandRoverIsTheWorstCarEver #LandRoverCustomerServiceIsHorrific #LandRoverCustomerServiceSucks
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  • Terrible customer service
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Poor customer service
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Too Bad Land Rover has such a terrible maintenance and management History. Nice looking vehicles but clearly not worth the eventual headaches and associated cost of owning one.Similar to other hi profile cars I have owned but hi profile is all there is you have to pay for everything else