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Install turbo drive

When I went to pick my Land Rover I asked if I could see the part that had been replaced that being the turbocbooater. They refused to show it to me . $4600 dollars and they cannot show you the defective part. I do not recommend this dealership
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Land Rover of Jacksonville is establishing a very bad reputation for service scams. Watch out.

Buell Lxv
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Fields Land Rover Jacksonville- SCAM

Fields Land rover of Jacksonville Florida is a giant scam. When you bring a $120K Range Rover in for service, they don't give a rental car. You have to go rent one from Enterprise rental car. I had a Saturn rental car for a week as my $120K vehicle is being serviced at an ungodly rate. First service was supposed to be Free at Fields in Jacksonville and they ended up trying to charge $3,700. My vehicle only has 10,000 miles on it. This place has no manager so when you call you get voicemails only. There is no other dealer in the area to work on your vehicle. So your stuck, and they know it. Every nice feature/ benefit that the sales person told me is UNTRUE. Im a business owner myself, so I understand not everything goes as planned. But this is a pure scam this Fields Land Rover dealer is running. JD Mcclure is the service manager/ lead scammer. Mary Osei is assistant scammer. You can get no one on the phone--- Only voicemails that never get returned The moment I mentioned my lawyer they backed off the 3,700$ and said "OO yea your correct, the first service is on us" Then made a joke that they will just double up on the 2nd service. IF YOU BUY A JAGUAR, LAND ROVER, RANGE ROVER IN JACKSONVILLE--- THIS SERVICE IS THE ONLY OPTION YOU HAVE. BMW here I come
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This is such *** First of all, no Scheduled Maintenance is $3700.00. This Peron is exaggerating beyond belief.

There is an issue if you have to keep telling people you have a $120k vehicle. Probably cannot afford to drive the car. Mary Ossi is a fine young woman who was the receptionist for the dealership. I love these keyboard warriors.

Now I hope you drive a car you can afford. Be careful who you attack. moron.

J.D. McClure


I had the exact same experience 1 week ago-- Jd mcclure and Fields land rover jacksonville are the biggest scammers in north east florida

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