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We bought this camper brand new from a dealer in Yakima, love this camper no problems. I think the key is to purchase from a very good dealer and to always store under cover when not being used. I had a minor water leak at the outside shower connection, I noticed water dripping on the ground at a campsite, found the access point & basically tightened the fitting. They had just started to cross thread it but was able to save it & stop the leak.... Read more

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Taking a shower in a 2012 Lance 1575 travel trailer is a nightmare. You adjust the water temperature. But once you begin bathing, the water temperature changes. You get a shot of cooold water and all of a sudden a shot of HOT water. It is so hot enough that you can remove the feathers of a chicken with it. Your skin ends up scalded if you are lucky enough not to catch a cold. I have found myself thinking about the mother of the manufacturer... Read more

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As other review says, i inspected roof on walk thru. Cracks in calking everywhere. Lance paid for total recaulking by dealer. Front bedroom window defective.. on back order.. dealer said this is second time for window replacement. Rear door misaligned.. gap 1/2in in upper corner. Lance had them *** door redrill hinge holes and move door.. still not right. Led lights in main awning only half working. Replaced by lance. Grey water drain only a... Read more

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Could not be happier with Lance service. I drove to Missouri to pick up my camper in April of 2015. I could not find this model any closer to Maryland. This is my second Lance camper the first being A 2004 Lance 1121. I did not notice that the entry door did not seal properly and My stereo radio which is also the DVD player would not pick up the weather band stations. Lance instructed to take camper to the nearest dealer. Lance replaced the... Read more

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Bought my used 2008 Lance 845 in 2010. I had been researching campers for a couple of years and knew exactly what I wanted. I've taken it around 15,000 miles since then, all over US and Canada, and also stay in it a few days every month when I visit my parents (where it lives). Love it love it love it. The customer service from the Lance factory has always been outstanding, more than helpful, even helped me track down parts that were... Read more

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I am not quite sure what happened. We had been driving for 5 days on the road from Colorado to Nevada. We had been camping at 7,000 feet the night before. We arrived in Las Vegas and the temperature was very hot (116 F). The refrigerator seemed to be the cause, but the fire department was not certain. No one was injured. It was parked in a quiet overflow lot for about 3 hours before it exploded. We had unloaded our bags to our hotel room 30... Read more

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Bought a 2014 Lance travel trailer model 1985 in 2014. We have approximately 8ooo miles on the tow-max tires. On a trip to Montana this July we blew out three tires at different times. two on the right side and one on the left rear. All had approximately one foot of tread separation before tire blew. I was informed when I replaced the 2nd and 3rd tire that the tow-max tire is an entry level tire and should not be on this trailer. Do not buy... Read more

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Bought a Lance 2612 Toy Hauler, we requested special wiring for solar and they told us they were building our RV specifically for us, the dealer even went to the extent of showing us a frame of an RV on the assembly line saying it was "ours". Come to find out, our RV sat on the lot for a year prior, it was a 2015 but they sold it as a 2016. We feel we were frauded, leading us to believe it was newly built to our spec's (which we paid extra for).... Read more

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I bought a new 2015 Lance 1575. Quality Control on this trailer was non-existent. Workmanship is incredibly shoddy. Hardware fell off of the cabinets, tabs fell off of the storage door latches, "hooks" which old the storage doors open came loose, half of the dinette unit was not screwed to the slide out deck, plumbing was not connected to the toilet, Window screen/shade "position holes" (to hold the shades open at various levels) where not... Read more

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I have a 2016 Lance travel trailer Mod. 2285. During its second use, the front window (above the bed) shattered from stress. I took my unit to Tom's Camperland in Surprise, Az. 4 weeks ago for replacement of the window. I was told a replacement window did arrive but it was broken. That was at least two weeks ago. Today (6/23) I talked to Dave in their service department and they still have not received the replacement window that supposedly had... Read more

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