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Lakeridge Autocare finds problems that do not exist. DISHONEST

This place is the worst auto repair shop that I've ever visited. They will try and sell you unnecessary service and parts by either lying or blatant incompetence. Take your pick. I EVEN GAVE THEM TWO CHANCES, and they screwed both up. CASE (1) Several months back I took my Jaguar in. The battery light kept coming on and off. I thought it may have been the alternator, but I it didn't make sense because the light had been coming on for about a week and the car had not died. Plus, blasting the radio, with all the lights on, and operating the windows had no ill effect. Therefore, I checked a couple forums, and they said it was likely the wires that go to the battery. So I made an appointment for the EUROPEAN CAR SPECIALIST (joke) to run diagnostics. I specifically told the clerk at the counter what I listed above and to MAKE SURE THEY TEST THE WIRING coming off the battery. They call back and say it is the alternator and that it'll cost $800 PLUS to replace the it. He said the alternator was charging properly some times but not constantly. (Never heard of an alternator doing that.) It gets better. The clerk said the technician stated that the reason the light was coming on and off was likely due to a short in the light (joke) because he was certain it was the alternator. Being wary, I posted what they stated in a Jaguar forum. The forum members called BS, as I thought they would. I followed their suggestion and replaced the battery cable to the fuse box. THE CABLE THAT THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO TEST COST $8 FROM AUTO ZONE AND IT WAS THE PROBLEM. THE LIGHT HAS NEVER COME BACK ON AND THE CAR HAS HAD NO ISSUES. It has been months. Definitely not the $800 PLUS job they tried to rake me over with. CASE (2) - I need to change the oil in my Jaguar. I thought I'd try to forgive and forget what they tried to pull the first time around and let them change my oil. I buy my own oil filter and 7 quarts of oil and take it to them. My car uses just over 6 quarts. I tell the clerk at the desk that I want whats left of my oil returned to me. He says fine, and they take the car back. I sit on the couch in the lounge thinking, "How are they going to try and screw me this time?" First, the clerk comes out and says that the tech noticed I'm passed due for my inspection and emissions. I laugh a little and say, "The sticker says 5/12. I have a number of months left." He then comes back and says, "You're leaking oil. (I haven't noticed any spots under my car, and I check frequently). Since it's the weekend, I'll have to call Jaguar for you at the first of the week to get some prices for you." I tell him, "I'll think about it." I'M SAYING TO MYSELF, "HOW AM I TO TRUST A GUY TRYING TO SELL ME PARTS THAT CAN'T EVEN READ AN INSPECTION STICKER?" IT GETS WORSE. The clerk finally tells me that the car is ready, and I go to pay. I make a joke about the inspection sticker and walk out to my car. I go straight to the trunk where my oil was for them to use. The left over oil is not there. I walk back in and tell the clerk. He checks with the tech. He comes out with the can saying the tech had forgot to put it back. SO FOR A SIMPLE OIL CHANGE LAKERIDGE AUTO TRIED TO LIE AND SELL ME AN UNNECESSARY INSPECTION AND EMISSIONS STICKER, SOME PARTS, AND TRY TO TAKE MY *** OIL EVEN AFTER I SPECIFICALLY ASKED FOR IT BACK! All this AFTER I HAD TRY TO FORGIVE THEM FOR CHARGING ME ABOUT $800 TOO MUCH FOR AN UNNECESSARY ALTERNATOR REPLACEMENT SUGGESTED BY THE "EUROPEAN CAR SPECIALIST." This place is a JOKE! Save your money and take your vehicle somewhere like CATON's where they do honest work for an honest price!
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