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Lafrees Academy Of Higher Learning - Daycare Review from Raleigh, North Carolina

Lafrees academy of higher learning sucks as a business and if the director doesn't brush her teeth i dont trust the cleanliness of the center . I have seen her teen daughters in the classroom with children they dont have credentials to teach her turnover is horrible there i saw a heavily pregnant teacher last year when that had a lot of sickly children I pray she is doing fine..and last year she lied and said that she had a summer program for the kids snd she just took the parents money . ...smh
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Poor customer service

Wow I have 3 daughters of whom have never taught in any of my classrooms. They all have an interest in the medical field.

In regards to a pregnant woman, i have never employed a heavily pregnant woman. My summer camp program went in 3 to 4 trips per week. My teacher turnover is due to me wanting bothing but the best for the children enrolled. My center is always clean.

Im sure those sack of lies come from a place of jealousy and hate.

No weapon formed against me shall prosper. Be blessed


I don't know what you are talking about because she does have a clean mouth and her teen daughter's are fine plus she does have good prices. I bet what you said is not true , if it is then you probably took it the wrong way.

I also think that you mean Lafrees academy in Greensboro, NC and If you want to say stuff like this keep it to your self. If the owner does not know about this you should tell her.

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