Elberta Yfw

LA Design Studio

LA Design Studios really put the screws to me and my company. I hired their basic value package and they didn't even meet the services that they listed as a part of the package. In fact, my comapny's online revenue went down while they worked for me and it really set me back a good ways. Their customer service was terrible, they often were impatient and rude with me and would IGNORE my questions. This type of service is absolutely absurd and should not even exist in today's marketplace-when there are so many other businesses I could have used. I wanted to do a simple Pay-Per-Click campaign and they set up a AdWords account with Google but then neglected to update it to optimize for the keywords I needed. It's like I just paid them to register me for an account and then nothing else. I can't believe they have any positive reviews but maybe they spend more time managing their online reputation than they do with their clients. I was really dissapointed with the whole affair and am pissed about all the money and time my business lost when dealing with them. If anyone is even remotely thinking about using this company, please heed my advice and stay far away from them. Their service is terrible and you will regret using them because they will not get you the extra revenue you want. Instead, they will just drain your coffers and try to perpetually justify their actions.
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