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I ordered two boxes of Kymaro Body Shaper (each to contain two body shapers) for $30 each box. When I received my order it only contained to single packages of the body shaper instead of two double packages. I paid $60 for this order. An individual body shaper costs only $13.99. I have tried to call the telephone number to get this rectified but have been unsuccessful. I love the body shaper but don't like being ripped off like this. Can... Read more

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I absolutely LOVED my kymaro body shape tops! I ordered just the tops, and passed on the bottom shapers. They fit and smoothed out my belly area and smoothed my back rolls. I have NO complaints. I am trying to figure out how to get more because I literally wore them till they fell apart! They have holes and tears =( I recommend them to help your figure look great in tight fitting tops or dresses. Great solution for a quick fix. They don't make... Read more

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I ordered Kymaro Cami on AUgest 13 2013 . Ten days later nothing called Kymaro someone by the name Donna she said packet first then your order will be after packet nothing called again on Augest 22 2013 talked to a Monica(IDB72) said no order for Lund your not in our files. I say YES I AM you charged my card $96.00 Monica (IDB72) she say no card interred our system. Ok I texted Kymaro on September 12 they told me I am in system and my order... Read more

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Received my package and everything was to small so I called for instructions on sending it back for a one up size. I was treated nastily. Then when I did it the correct size my jeans could not be buttoned because all the fat on my body had to go someplace and it ended up in my waste area. The bra bulge in the back is a joke as well. I don't know why I fall for these adds, I guess desperate people buy desperate things. I eat right and... Read more

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This product is not as advertised. It actually made me a larger size. Once I had it on, my waste was bigger. The fat has to go someplec. I called and was told to send it back, however, someone from there called me and spoke to rapidly and garbled I was unable to hear what they were saying. I did hear the part where they received my package return and then I did hear, 'HOWEVER". A number was left but I could not understand it so was... Read more

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I orderd Kymaro shaper on line as I seen it on TV the original price of $ 29.99 for 2 sounded good on the website it tells you the items you get FREE 2 camis and 2 bottomsI did not read the fine print telling each of the FREE items comes with a $ 9.99 shipping fee so my total was 89.99 ! product is too expensiveis it Free if you pay 49.95 for shipping ? I can go to my local Lane Bryant store and by SPANXs and they are MORE comphy and no hidden... Read more

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I called (unfortunately) about the jeans....was told to order the next size up.....bad advice ...jeans didn't have a hope of fitting....sent it back...ordered my size...still didn't come close to fitting....talked with someone about this....was told they would refund the jeans and $9.20 toward the extra shipping expense. Finally got the jeans refund...but nothing to help with me paying to send the 1st jean back. DEFINITELY MORE TROUBLE... Read more

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#1-I spend 30min trying to tell the person on the phone I wanted nothing free,but she said she was sending mr 2 of every thing,the tryed to GIVE me a free trip,yea right.When my garment arrived it was way to big ,the straps hung all the way down my sides.Whwn I send it back( I paid the postage) the refunder $29. after I payed $76. said it was shipping and handing,even thou on tv they state any problem and there is NO charge.Will know better... Read more

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This isn't the first shaper I've bought online that didn't fit. I wondered how they could get my size right with only bust measurements, but like a *** I got caught up in the promises in the infomercial and bought it anyway...well...guess's wayyyy too tight in the middle and so loose on my hips that it just slides up. I must say I kept looking and found a co. that makes them to fit YOUR body (must be a small company).... Read more

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While ordering the KYMARO body support garmet I feel I was misled on the phone, kept on the phone while the sales girl insisted she must go thru everything or she will be in trouble & could lose her job. Pushed to try extra items at a discounted rate, for thirty day trial. misinformed that NONE of it is returnable, even if it wasn't opened. I returned all the items after trying one on, and realizeing it didn't do what they said it... Read more

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