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Kyle Leon - The program works if you work it like he says!
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I tried the first nine weeks and put on ten pounds of muscle. Although I didn't lose as much body fat as I hoped, I can't blame it on the program. I didn't follow the exercises exactly. I was more interested in eating correctly and the software helped me tremendously. The two pictures are a before I started the program from 3/4/13 to 4/25/13 which is not even the whole 9 weeks. I gained almost in inch in my arms in 9 weeks. By the way, I was 56... Read more

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MY complaint is to the complainers!!! This company is great and despite what all you liars are saying about it being a scam, there are atleast 3 people who have written the exact same thing saying how great their experience has been. What More do you need!!! Obviously the fact that you didn't receive your product or had poor customer service is do to the fact that you were not dedicated to the process. I have added 8lbs of lean muscle mass using... Read more

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Can't access the site to even begin the program by logging in. That is where the process is supposed to begin, by logging in to start off so supposedly your progress will be personalized. What a bunch of ***. The customer service is so terrible that they simply closed the ticket instead of trying to solve it. I am definitely complaining to the better business bureau. Her service name is Kelly and the company she works for Zendesk is AWFUL. ... Read more

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This product is bull and i want my refund now im well within my 60 day guarantee Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Mar 20, 2015
  • by anonymous
  • #610810

i want to reduce my breast and waist side fat

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How do i email him to get a refund whats the email address?? This is not at all what i thought it was. Read more

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This is a scam! I made my purchase, to not only not receive the product to download but also absolutely no response after several trials at contacting this company. I suggest all who have an issue with this company call better business bureau and have them shut down for good!There is an internet department that will evaluate all claims made against an internet business. This man is disgusting and the so called physician is a disgrace to the... Read more

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I purchased Kyle's program and paid $119. I was unable to access the website. I called several times to speak to someone in customer service and EVERY time I got a voicemail that said no one was available. When I tried to contact them via the customer service email, my email kept bouncing back to me. I can't even find a "log in" for the website. I called the credit card company to dispute my charge! They have horrible customer service (you... Read more

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I just need to loose wait I'm to fat Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Feb 05, 2015
  • by anonymous
  • #591233

This is the perfect beginners guide to begin putting on muscle mass. I gained eight pounds of skeletal muscle mass while dropping five pounds of fat. It's perfect if you're not a little *** looking in to quit upon review of the truth and time you have to put in to get the results you desire.

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