Richard H Bod
map-marker Prescott, Arizona

Unncessarily complicated

If you think you need 15 "custom" indicators to figure out which way the wind is blowing, then go for it. I did.

Blew a LOT of cash.

Now I only need three, and they are free and open source indicators.

If one is willing to do research they can be found.

New traders will think that "more is better". Pros know better.

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Reason of review:

Preferred solution: I take responsibility for my decisions and don't try to pass the blame on to anyone else.


To set the record straight

I wrote the below review of KP. I was amissed not to state that the owner was going to offer me a refund.

I told him no because I knew what I was doing and that I never have welched on a bet! However, I stand by my initial comments in that there were approximately three good months and three worthless ones for me. As he started recruiting new customers I finally realized that there is no system that works for everyone. I went back to my old indicator and looked at it in a different way.

I found that it is not the indicator it is what you do with it. I did get one positive out of the class...looking at the price chart in a different way. It just gives me a different way to look at what is going on.

Just remember...Caveat Emptor!!! Let the buyer beware!!!!

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Used my class time to recruit new customers.

I paid for 6 months of Kwikpop and to be in a special ES trading room. Three months into the course they started recruiting new customers using our class time.

After the recruitment we started all over again on the material that we already covered. It appeared to me that many in the classroom didn't understand how to use the material. During the last two weeks of class, Bill started using trendlines to talk about trades. If you need trendlines then why do you need Kwikpops.

For the record I do not use Kwikpops in my trading. I went back to old indicator that I used in the past.

Also I have two of my classmates ask me for help because they couldn't get KP to work!!! Larry

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Reason of review:
Poor customer service



If you are convinced that Renko charts work then have at it. One of the most successful stock traders simply uses a 200 and 20 SMA on a 2 min chart.

Pros still use time-based charts.

Kwikpop May have an edge but when a few indicators become many indicators, you know something isn’t working. The markets are very efficient, your trading system is not.

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map-marker Anchorage, Alaska



I know nothing about Kwikpop, but I do understand their indicators. Somewhat and they will work, but more for long term trend trading and swing trades, my guess that just quick look at the indicators, it not to good scalping and but that what I would like to know?

J & S services is expensive, but I think they are good operator. J & S service has been quite impressed with what they offer and how they help you evaluate the markets day to day. I were making little more money in the Markets I subscribe to their service.... I think their subscription is about ~5000 USD a year. They do not lead you on that they can predict the markets, but the help you layout a plan if the market does this then you should consider doing this. Or they will let you know that you should maybe consider not trading that market you are looking at for the day.

I take several classes for different indicator and or platform packages, one of them is call BOOKMAP this shows you order flow, but more importantly is shows you limit orders, iceberg orders, large institution limit orders, which are great tools. J & S write software package integrates to book-map and helps you see breaks-outs, points of resistance. But every day they have a team people that help evaluate the market for large institutional traders and hedge funds on daily basis. I found their information very good in evaluating trades. So yes J & S services is a good organization.. but are they worth the price.... ?

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Reason of review:
Pricing issue
Jan W Sse
map-marker Tampa, Florida

KWIKPOP, TS Leasing out of Sarasota, Fl. has terrible Service

I attended a free week of Kwikpop room services prior to leasing their software. Kwikpop is a "trend trading" software set-up.

The owners are two people named Richard and Wayne. Before I describe the problems I encountered continuously with their software let me say first that if you are of the opinion that business owners should take concerns their clients have seriously then you will be picking the wrong software company with which to do business. They are totally unresposnsive to any concerns or problems and will completely ignore you after they have received your money. They aligned themselves with another vendor named JS Services and that option came with their software at an enhanced price.

I and everyone in the room and who is leasing their software have had nothing but problems. Don't even think you can address it with them as they don't answer emails period.

If you want to hear first hand what kind of software and service you could expect, email me at janno1951@***.com. You will want to hear and see this.

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New owner very helpful


wait until I get to Rob and figure out how to put him on the real truth you think because you took down your facebook page i didn't write down the numbers and addresses You are going to pay me my gd money bet


The owners name is Bill Broughman and he is a crook. A lying, stealing pos.

have known him for years.. Beware

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Who exactly are you that you have known me for years and I don't know you? You can email me at 1kwikpop@***.com if you like

Bill Broughman


I know Wayne personally and he has always been helpful and if anything too enthusiastic

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You don't know Bill Broughman or u would not have made that comment I think you are pissed alright, pissed at world. Nothing is ever right with anything with people like u so why don't u crawl back under your rock

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