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No phone servic at Highwood location are they closed

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Ive been calling the Highwood street location for 2 solid days. Theres no phone service or answer at the store. No phone prompts to order for the deli, meat or even the office
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Preferred solution: Someone to answer the phone

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Review in Staff category from Mountain View, California

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I was pulled in your parkinglot at roughly 7 am and before i got out of my car a white work van with JME written on the ladders above came flying in the parking lot and almost took my door off. I sat back down in my car and shut my door because i was shaken up a little bit. The next thing i know a young african American male and a middle aged man with gray Hair and a goatee stumbled out of the van, when they did i could see a cloud of smoke and smell Marijuana like it was growing in the back of the van. I tried asking them there names and was ignored. I went in did my shopping and while putting my bags in the car could still smell marijuana coming from the van. I forgot an item and came. Back to the store around 1030 am and pulled up 3 spaces from the van and guess what happened again. The van came pulling in same 2 got out of the van marijuana smoke and smell coming from the Van again. This time i watched where they went. They went into a store front 2 doors down from the Kuhns next to the bar, i believe i caught there names, Mike was the white man and Rasheed was the African American. If these are the workers you are going to have work in your store, then i will not be shopping at any of your locations again. I was half tempted to calll the Wilkins twp police.
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Hinata Oir
map-marker Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Quality foods?

I have shopped at the location on McKnight road for several months now. Let me tell you that opening a package of moldy sliced cheese is the last time I will shop there. The cheese was in my refrigerator for four days before I opened it which is hardly long enough for it to go bad. I also bought some pita bread which was also covered in mold. Do they not rotate their shelves? I am upset that I spend my hard earned money on food that I had to throw in the garbage. I also bought some chicken drumsticks which were disgusting! They were full of gristle and tendons and pretty much inedible. Then wherever I go to check out there is always some sort of problem with their registers and it's never a smooth check out. I WILL NEVER SHOP HERE AGAIN!
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Bad quality

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I worked there and the manager had me shop the store for outdated items. I found yogurt and dairy packages expired by more than two years.

When I worked in the deli, the girl from produce would come over alot and slice the vegetables on the raw meat slicer. They told me not to stir the mac and cheese so it didn't get too cold. It got so dry that the plastic spoon broke when I went to serve it to a customer. The thermometers had dried food all over them.

Not to mention, the lady showing me how to prep the chickens put the paper cover on the floor of the cooler and used it again to cover the new chickens for the next day. One time there was a power outage for over six hours and the next day I came in. Our manager said to meet with him immediately. He had me clear the ice cream that had melted and said to put it in the freezer in the back until were were able to dispose of it.

I had the next two days off. When I came back in for my next shift, the ice cream aisle was still empty so I asked him what he wanted us to do. He got mad and couldn't believe it hadn't been replaced so he had me put the melted ice cream from the back freezer onto the shelves again. You could tell it was melted and refrozen because of the dents in the lids.

Our location closed due to too many other stores in the area taking away business so I was transferred to another Kuhn's location. This one had the dairy cooler right between the bathrooms and it smelled like a septic tank. Perhaps the worst part was the guy who cleaned the windows would work on a ladder and his pants sagged. You could see his butt from everywhere in the store.

This location had many outdated products too.

map-marker Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Kuhn's Quality Foods - cheap!

I worked for Kuhns for over 4 years at their McKnight Rd location in Pittsburgh. They own approximately 9 stores which are all different and have different formats and levels oof service in each.

They range from dumpy little corner groceries up to nice polished modern stores. I recently left the company and chose to work for Giant Eagle. What a difference. The employees are a much higher calibre at Giant Eagle and I am proud to be one of them.

Kuhns seems to be loaded with a team of dumpy unprofessional people, many who have mental problems which inhibit them from getting along with co-workers and with ultimately providing decent service for clientele. The store manager, Sam Guido, at my former store was bi-polar and had mood swings which made people very uncomfortable. Many retarded or mentally challenged people work for this company as baggers and cleaning people. Many people have witnesses Mr.

Guido being abusive to such people who he had obviously manipulated into such a positionover time. The Dentici family, which owns the store, is greedy and selfish and tries to cheat their employees out of wages which they are entitled to. At one time I was almost cheated out of getting health insurance for my family, literally being told they didn't offer it by the store's owner himself. Later I found out that I was eligible all along and I eventually got it.

They have state prisoners wearing house arrest ankle bracelets doing butcher work in their meat department for little more than minimum wage. The meat manager there was fired from Giant Eagle for illegally regrinding hamburger products. He treats his employees horribly and has around 15 documented complaints against him at Kuhns including sexual harassment. They don't fire him though because he makes money for the store.

This is obviously all they care about. The customers are either old senile retirees who make the trip to shop via bus, or young welfare families, or degenerate recluses who shop in their pajamas and look like they haven't showered in 2 weeks. Several times for reasons unknown human *** were found on the floor, apparently having been lost down someone's trousers. Twice I saw elderly men with dementia trying to clean themselves there in the bathroom after having a serious accident with a #2.

In both cases the person was standing nearly naked in front of the sink and covered with ***. Another time a teenager came into the bathroom and sat in the stall and started crying hysterically. I'm not if all Kuhns locations are this bad, but I wouldn't recommend this one.

I have only set my feet in there once since I left four months ago. The prices on meat are not that bad, but considering everything youve read here (whcih I swear is 100% true) wouldn't it be worth a few cents more to shop in a nicer atmosphere and get better quality and treatment for everyone?

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Lavender Iok

There was this other manager by the name of marc who was just as bad of a manager as sam! Back in novermber 2014 I was working as a bagger and told one of the co workers by the name of nancy that my case manager at the time wanted me to work until the end of the month and then quit because it interfered with my social security disability.

all of the sudden I'm outside taking care of shopping carts in the parking lot, I get called back to the managers office and marc told me to give him my apron and my badge YOU'RE FIRED! I tried to explain the situation to him but he wouldn't let me speak, so I go back and get my coat on and as I was about to head out the door there he was! He literally PUSHED me to the ground and kicked me real hard in the back and told me DON'T EVER COME HERE AGAIN YOU *** RETARD!

so I left and went to my church and they helped me feel better! That evening I actually called my good friend tom ninehauser who's an allegheny county detective and he then contacted ross township police who filed the report.


You’re an idiot. I have never experienced any of those situations shopping in the store on McKnight road obviously you’re the one who could not get along with people.

Giant eagle deserves you. Talk about a rip off store.

People are so stupid for paying three times more than what they should get $.10 off on gas. I’m glad you found a good home.

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Obviously youre just a jealous someone who works at Kuhns and can't get any better...IDIOT. Ask my co-workers if I'm hard to get along with.


"idiot", indeed. Truth hurts, huh....

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LoL! I'm an "idiot" because someone else acts like an a*****e.

That makes about as much sense a toddler putting his hands over his eyes and saying "no one can see me". Well, aren't you just so lucky you didn't have to see it the crap Ive seen. I'll bet you're one of the Kuhns lowlifes who drive all the good workers to greener pastures. Giant Eagle pays me 1.5x what I made at Kuhn's, managers are held to a higher standard of treating people (never had any manager at Giant Eagle talk to me like they did at Kuhn's), and I get half off of some items as an "employee lunch" in addition to the 10% employee discount I get.

Never had anything like that at Kuhn's either. Glad you like your little s**th**e of a workplace. Please stay there. LoL!

Interesting how you're here reading "pissed off consumer" comments about the company you work for too. Go figure.


Worked There One Yesr And Never In My Life Have I Seen Such Manager Treat Peoplr Like ***. I Was Dairy Manager And Was Let Go Shortly After A Srrious Injury And Majorly Violated My CivL Rights.I Have Two Seprrate Legal Cases In The Workd.Pleasr Shop EleswherrSnd Check On All There HealthAnf Osha ViolationsVery Bad Plscr Snd SAm Guido Is AReal SnakEWith Major Mental Ptoblrms Snd S Liar

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