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Terrible company

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They promised caregivers when my husband came home from a nursing facility. In 3 months, they came once..unannounced. He requires maximum assistance and as a result of having no help, he ended up back in the hospital and back in a nursing facility. They lied to us and then turned us over to collections. All they want is your money Do not use this company.
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User's recommendation: Look elsewhere for help for your loved one.

map-marker Olympia, Washington

Horrible company.

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I was promised caregivers Mon thru Fri 9 to 5. 3 months after they were to start, one girl showed up, UNANNOUNCED, no i.d. for 1 day. No one ever came back. My husband requires maximum assistance. I waited several extra months before bringing him home from a nursing facility until the caregivers were scheduled to start. Then they wanted paid. My husband ended up back in the hospital. They reported me to collection over $150. They are liars and cheats who do not care about their clients. Go elsewhere!
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User's recommendation: Do not use kwa for your loved one

George D Eau
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Feel so confused

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The illnesses I suffer from warrant help in more than simple chores! My husband is very ill also and never helps with a thing and from one caregiver to the I'm told different things, like they can go to the store once a week, yet mistakes are made shopping all the time, plus then Im told now the only errands that can be run have to be medical! When homebound, in bed most of the time, I need someone to help in places I cant do! Light housework helps but is minute compared to the time these people sit and do nothing at all, when there is so much I need done!!! Where do I turn??? The staff dont inform when they are out for their own appt, or going to be late, when Im told they were informed and it took 6 mos after the one I had was murdered to be replaced but it seems no one is content working there for various reasons, so if I werent so sick Id switch agencies definitely to one willing to help me as an individual not a number!!!
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  • Good caregiver kind people
  • Staff messed up confusing what my caregiver is allowed to do

Preferred solution: A real idea of what the caregiver can do so they aren’t sitting around after the couple things that take a couple hours to do, can I send them home?

User's recommendation: Think about going elsewhere

Marcio Qzl
map-marker Shelton, Washington

Korean Women's Association (KWA): Toxic Draconian Agency has attempted to destroy me and ruin my career through ostensible discriminatory practices and punitive wrongful termination of my employment.

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Updated by user Oct 01, 2019

Addendum 3: I firmly believe that Korean Women's Association (KWA) does indeed most-definitely duly deserve to lose the lawsuit brought by former Director Steven "Troy" Christensen for Gay Discrimination & Wrongful Termination perpetrated by the antiquated inherently biased organization (KWA).

Updated by user Sep 30, 2019

Addendum To The Addendum: It becomes moreover interesting to note that the image of the KWA agency just may be moving much closer to that of malevolence & cowardice, than it is to benevolence and praiseworthiness.The agency still as yet refuses to respond to this review in order to address the issues involved and/or tell their side of this train wreck of a serious matter. Apparently they have chosen to ignore it -- per their expected nature -- and just hope it will all go away before they may be exposed as the villainous agency that they have become.

I believe they are hiding under their desks which are clustered within the protective shell provided by their circled-wagons. The agency's textbook cowardly "heads-in-the-sand" approach is likely in-play at this juncture ...... and so likely will remain as such -- according to chapter-and-verse of the KWA agency's beloved official S.O.P.

playbook ...... i.e., their bible.

Updated by user Sep 30, 2019

Addendum:The ostensibly foremost characteristic signature attributes shared and condoned among the members of the management hierarchy within the KWA agency are the distinctive propensities for wanton deceit, duplucity, prevarication, misdirection, avoidance, and incommunicado evasion. Aforementioned flaws --among other noteworthy related descriptors -- have become part & parcel to the evolution of mainstream KWA culture and tradition. "LIE, LIE, LIE" should be the agency motto (and behind-the-scenes, it probably could be just that!!!!) So entirely deplorable and disgraceful, to be certain.

Updated by user Sep 24, 2019

********************************************As of this written instalment, there has been no evidence of interest by the KWA agency, nor any form of communication response whatsoever. Moreover, no concern and response is anticipated. ********************************************

Original review Aug 07, 2019
As a former caregiver-employee of Korean Women’s Association (KWA), I believe that I had become the innocent subject of multi-focal discrimination, mistreatment, abuse, harassment, and an unrestrained onslaught of vitriolic wrath issued-forth by several managers and principal officials at various levels up the chain-of-command. Eventually I was fired under suspicious circumstances related to the aforementioned abject tyrannical agency attributes ....... and alas, along with cutting-me-loose -- as agency-adverse "damaged-goods" -- following an incident wherein I sustained serious debilitating injuries suffered as the result of a vehicular collision in which I was involved, as a victim, while on-duty ...... necessitating issuance of an accident/incident report and subsequent automatic mandatory opening of a Labor and Industries (L&I) claim ..... along with my submission of a formal request for agency acceptance of, and participation in, adopting lawful protections and accommodations afforded me as a right under provisions of The Americans With Disabilities Act ...... among other factors as well. I suspect and firmly believe that both age and disability discrimination were perpetrated upon me by KWA agency managers and officials in-league. A conspired campaign characterized by a mega-dose of patent nastiness has indeed ensued, methinks. Being an elderly disability-retired veteran and senior citizen in good standing, I realize that my future employment as a certified home care aide ("caregiver") has now become a long-shot at best, as the damaging result of the likely professional career ruination masterminded and subsequently crafted by certain key members in official capacities within the problematic and troublesome embattled KWA organization. RECENT HISTORY OF AN INCREASINGLY EMBATTLED (DIS)ORGANIZATION Established some 47 years ago -- 1972 -- the once-revered Korean Women’s Association has become lesser-esteemed and tarnished with reputation damage being duly sustained over time, and thus does indeed nowadays struggle to deliver proper effective home care services. Recent statistics indicate that KWA is responsible for serving in excess of 2,200 in-home care clients. Common consensus of public opinion suggests that the level of service quality has steadily deteriorated, and both client and caregiver-employee mutual mistreatment and dehumanization has steadily risen in recent years. It would appear at present that the Human Resources Director, Regional Manager for in-home care, and a Case Supervisor -- whom has recently left the agency -- have been chief among the perpetrators of abject negligence, maladministration, harassment, abuse, and discrimination. Such repugnant misbehavior is believed to represent the mutant agency's status-quo demeanor exhibited via their part-and-parcel perpetrated mean-spirited draconian heavy-handed abusive and cruel termination of my employment, and of course, the resulting seriously devastating career damage. In terms of aftermath issues, I am still being treated for a variety of lingering physical conditions, disabilities, and crippling compound-stress-induced ailments, including depression and a host of related exacerbated anxiety disorders. MORE ABOUT PERSONAL EXPERIENCES WITH KWA AGENCY Within the vile matrix of one particular & memorable personally ill-fated episode, I was summoned -- by the regional manager for in-home care services (RM) -- to attend a deemed urgent meeting, but not told what the meeting was about, so I asked the RM about the nature of the "eerily-secretive" planned meeting, if disciplinary action was to be expected, and if I should bring a union representative. The RM responded by assuring me that no disciplinary action was planned and thus no union involvement would be necessary because the issues to be discussed were simply matters of important information dissemination. I remain very frustrated and upset with myself for allowing myself to be seduced into letting-down-my-guard, because as it turned-out -- and against my instincts and better judgment -- I believed the RM for just long enough to become deceitfully-blindsided; duped and fooled ..... by being intentionally lulled into a sense of false-security, under false-pretenses -- according to the RM's "true-colors" agenda plan -- after which I was set-up, lied to, and groomed to be cast onto the primstone-path to be thrown-under-the-bus, written-up and reported (i.e., "turned-in") to Washington State DSHS authorities for false client abuse charges under a mandatory reporting excuse trumped-up by the wily regional manager for in-home care services, in order to suit both her and the agency's nefarious purposes, at my expense and peril, just for the very shallow mindless thoughtless arbitrary and capricious careless cavalier sake of keeping-up-facade-appearances, covering-their-butts, retaliating against me ....... and to have things go their precious way, to their advantage, and altogether entirely in their favor, as per normally-usual process and procedure ....... to date, I still have only vague nebulous clues re: the things for which I was accused, and moreover I have yet to be informed of any exact factual details concerning reasons for the termination action perpetrated against me, due in large part to stubborn agency practice of circling-the-wagons, covering-up, and remaining primarily evasive and incommunicado. On May 10, 2019 l learned through-the-grapevine that my employment had been suddenly terminated effective May 3, 2019 with no reason given. I have long contended that certain elements within the agency combined in such fashion as to have conspired with the intention of forcing me out. The agency created and maintained a hostile work environment, perhaps hoping that I would resign my position and would thus quit ...... just go away ...... but I never did quit because I felt that I may have been able to work-out various differences between the agency and myself and that tensions could gradually subside ...... leaving everyone once again to return to working within our benevolent philanthropic mission to serve the common good. All-in-all, the agency has been rather unduly aggressive in actively sowing toxic seeds of disruptive discord and discontent ..... for whatever lame reason or reasons, in my experience. BORN UNDER A BAD SIGN Taking all things into account, circumstances tend to suggest that the KWA agency did indeed actively conspire to single-me-out for being set-up to become perceived and portrayed agency-wide as a deplorable pariah ..... after which they fired me, out of their blind, cruel, mean-spirited, incompetent consummate arrogance. AGENCY ABUSE OF UNSUNG (unappreciated, mistreated, martyred) HEROES Alas, many among the KWA staff, officials, and other principals, have sadly devolved to the tragic point of having developed an appetite for carelessly lying to clients and caregiver-employees -- and perhaps even amongst themselves -- along with their conspicuous adoption and exhibition of several related forms of severe "bad actor" misconduct. What an awful way in which to attempt running a supposedly noble honorable and respectable non-profit altruistic, benevolent, philanthropic organization. Moreover, just because the agency has been under extremely escalating intense deserved pressures and stresses of its own creation and propagation, that in no way justifies KWA managers and officials being allowed to continue getting-away with acting-out via taking-out their mounting abject turmoil and likewise frustrations on innocent clients and employees by functioning in an aberrant hostility-fueled inhumane fashion. Such despicably-insidious misbehavior simply cannot be left to go unchallenged and un-protested. I maintain the belief, and therein contend, that for-the-most-part the KWA agency has developed a culture and tradition within, characterized by a predisposition promoting and supporting a pronounced propensity for lying -- along with various other related forms of prevarication, bias, deception, deceit, and willful gaslighting techniques engagement ...... and moreover has adopted said tendencies and behaviors as representing the lion's share of their standard operating process, procedure, and overall practice. SUMMARY CONCLUSION I have come to wholeheartedly believe in heart, mind, and soul that the KWA organization is far too stubborn and set in it's antiquated draconian ways to change from within, therefore a large-scale sweeping housecleaning, dismantling, revamping, correcting, and restructuring campaign needs be undertaken in order to excise the presently well-metastasized cancer ..... and then begin anew ...... changing course in order to soon get back on-track and follow the duly-corrective road to hopefully eventual long-overdue regrouping, recovery, salvation, noble redemption, and integrity restoration. SIDEBAR POSTSCRIPT At present, myself and several others -- both currently involved and formerly associated with the ostensibly, thus likely malignant KWA agency -- have come to wholeheartedly believe that said agency has evolved into that of a likely collective mentally & emotionally unstable formidable toxic force that contradicts its mission and guiding principles to the tragic extent of primarily serving to have become an inefficient ineffective inattentive trainwreck-disaster of a societal ripoff for mistreated consumers (and prospective clients & families), undermined and abused caregiver-employees, and by extension, the general public at large. FOOTNOTE I encourage all interested readers to please make online search references to The Tacoma News Tribune article covering the "Steven 'Troy' Christensen v. Korean Women's Association" lawsuit, and other related topic source materials for more details regarding KWA tyranny, culture, toxic traditions, group-think, passive-aggressive hostile workplace environment, client and caregiver-employee disregard, disrespect & mistreatment ...... and overall agency misconduct. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- T H I N K Keywords & phrases likely epitomizing KWA: arrogance * betrayal * collusion * delusion * elusion * embittered * evasion * ignorance * illusion * impropriety * insecurity * insensitivity * insincerity * insidious * instability * petty tyrants & petty tyrannies * unfairness * sorely-lacking, negligent, precarious, and overall poor provision of client services * one-sided and/or lopsided administrative/adjudication/disposition outcomes; i.e., all odds stacked-in-their-favor ...... all things rigged to their advantage.
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  • Seiu benefits package
  • Far too many flaws to expand and expound upon
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Work Experience or Job Application

Preferred solution: Convert termination into resignation

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