I bought a Kobalt took kit with drill and saws and two lithium batteries. It is only2 years old and the battery took out. I called their number and listened to all the BS about how great their tools are and how they stand behind them. After waiting for 15 minutes a rude woman got on the phone and said the don't make the stuff and couldn't help me. I bought a Rigid drill kit from Home Depot and it is 10 years old and they just replaced a battery...
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I recently replaced the blade on my 10 inch Wet Saw and decided to give the Kobalt a try. NEVER AGAIN. This blade was worn out to the point of BENDING after just a mere 130 linear feet worth of cuts. I have bought CHEAP 15 dollar blades that lasted that long. This blade was 50 bucks and in less than one floor job is so weak it bends and cuts WAY off of the mark. Kobalt needs to either STOP making any type of tools or make things WORTH USING! I...
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I didn't like
  • Price too high for such poor quality
  • Extremely poor quality of kobalt products

No doubt about it Kobalt makes a nice looking product when it's on display at Lowes, however the reality is another story completely. Short and to the point, I recently purchased workbench at my local Lowes's and when I got home I started by taking everything out of the box to put together. On average packaging was tight and compact, and most of the parts appeared to be in good condition and the instructions were doable. However, once the...
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I liked
  • Better quality control needed

Kobalt Workbench Review

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I just got the kobalt work bench and am very happy with the constitution of it. It could use a few upgraded things like more support on the bottom shelf but other than that it is a really nice unit it only took about a hour to put together

Air compressor Review

Only used Kobalt air compressor 10 times paid $800 Lowes neither Kobalt will fix the leak by the pressure gauges.
I bought 7 Kobalt cabinets for my garage from Lowes. Within a couple of months their were marks all over the cabinet doors. There are no solvents stored in my garage. I have no children. No one accesses my garage. My garage is of show room quality, and the only thing I have done to these cabinets is wipe off the top of them with a mild soapy water made from dishwashing detergent (nothing astringent like Windex or 409). Yet, the next day I...
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Anonymous The same thing happen to the cabinets in are garage you explanied it perfectly really make my garage look bad they were a lot of money

I bought a kobalt 60 gal. Air compressor. It broke so i called the number on the compressor and they said it is still under warranty. The guy they chose to perform the work fixed it in 22 mins. when he submitted the report he was told it was not under warranty. I will never purchase kobalt was my first kobalt purchase. I will never shop lowes again for selling and supporting people like that. And my kids will never buy kobalt...
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clump the exact thing happen to us it really makes my garage look bad


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