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What are you talking about?

You are very lucky it was not me you went after, I would have crushed you like a bug. Your "defective" tires should have been replaced by the manufacture, but they did not feel they were defective. Your opinion is only your opinion and is NOT fact. Just because you said your tires are defective does not mean that the tire manufacture agrees with your assessments. So don't blame the dealership for your so-called allegations which you have no basis to back up your allegations. If every dealership just layed down to every *** claim made by customers they would be out of business. I'm am not sure you have any idea what you are talking about. What is your education and experience regarding tires? I am not here to bash you if you really know what your talking about, just be honest and factual.
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Ted, Once again for the record the tires were not defective they were the wrong type. I paid for radial tires and got bias ply tires.

Please get your info straight.

My issue with the tires has been handled (by myself) problem solved.

Ted if you have anymore concerns please call me.


I will make sure this story hits lots of sites to show who you really are.. Good Luck, you will need it.


That's channel 10 he was on.


You claim that the tires on your rv were defective and even wen to channel 1o going after revolution rv.. when in fact theses tires were NEVER proven to be defective.

Lots of people lost their jobs. This should have been an issue with the trailer manufacture that purchased these tires from the tire manufacture.

You went onto channel 10 news and revolution rv was assumed to be the guilty party when in fact you had NO right to claim anything. Don't buy from this man!


Lets all take one and see who is telling the truth? are you game? I think you are a troll.


Many people are out of work because of false information. Don't buy from him, he is in San Marcos.

The will be posted on many sites. He was on channel 10 news.

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El Cajon, California
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Knight's Automotive, The truth from the owner.

Let the truth be told. my name is Roger Knight and I am the owner of Knight's Automotive in San Marcos California. I have read the negative posts about my shop and there is no doubt that they are FALSE so here is the story,please read. About three month ago I bought a new travel trailer for my father for his 74th birthday. I bought the trailer from Revolution RV here in San Marcos. In short I have a very bad experience with the purchase. Lucky my father is very happy with the trailer and that is the most important to me at this point. During the purchase I did not receive a few items (that were promised and paid for) and when I brought to there attention I was basically told the sale was final. So with no luck with phone calls,e-mails etc. I resorted to post a negative comment about them hoping someone would return my call so we could fix the problem. Heck I would have settled for the lot boy to call me,at least someone would have called. I received not one phone call. Instead of Revolution Rv calling me they decided to drag my name through the mud with false accusations like bad brake job and no refunds given. Myself and my manager have gone back four years of records and we have never worked on any of these cars. Also it's funny how they were both posted on the same day just a days after my post about them. If you read the posts you will find that I have posted my info and phone number and of course no one called. I just blows my mind that a simple phone call would have done the trick but instead Revolution rv took the time to post several false posts about me. Is this what our country is coming to ?? I hope not. In closing I want the record to be clear, I have and always will run my auto repair shop with honesty and integrity and always will. I encourage anyone to call me (even you guys at revolution rv) at anytime. I have nothing to hide. Thank you for reading this,,,Roger Knight, owner of Knight's Automotive 760-752-****
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I don't know what your problem is with Knights Automotive but myself and my wife have been going there for 10+ years with no problems. Knights is always fair and honest and when I see a post like this I have to wonder why.

If you have a bone to pick with Knights call them and they will work thing out with you.

I will continue to go to Kights because I trust them. :)


don't do business here, roger is a liar

he will rip you off.

he does not care about anyone avoid spending money here


Roger is a lie and 70 people did loose thier jobs because of him avoid him and his business at all cost


I've had nothing but good experiences at Knight's Automotive. My mom and I both take our vehicles there regularly.


Once again for the record !! The tires were not defective they were the wrong type.

My tire issue has nothing to do with my business. If you have the time taking the time to worry about my tire issue call me before you take the time to post anymore comments.

If you were to read my posts about the tires you would know that I have already handeld (on my own) the issue with the tires...... Problem solved.


Roger has NEVER proven that he was RIGHT. Period, and he should have gone to the trailer manufacture, he is not an expert in tires as he claims.


This will be copied to many many other sites so people can you what a troll does. Good Luck!


You can NEVER prove that you were right and should gone to the trailer manufacture. You are a TROLL.


70 people lost their jobs because of false claims about tires. Don't buy from him.


Thank you.

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Richardson, Texas

This is not rv roger give me my refund

roger you need to take care of getting me handled on the refund you promised. you are trying to use this site to say you are a good operator (when you are not)will you ever own up to getting the refund you promised me you are not a honest person anyone looking to have a nissan repaired stay away from knights auto in san marcos they lie about work they perform and do not i have been trying for weeks to get a refund and roger will not return my call roger knight you are full of you know what s
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John,,,I'm not sure what your beef is with Knight's but myself and my family have been going to Knight's for many years and I have sent MANY new customers there with no problems. Maybe you should give Knight's a call and work things out. I trust Knight's Automotive with all of my repairs and will continue.


Hey roger you need to quit writing *** about just giving the keys to people

or maybe allison 67 is blowing you you piece of ***

I hope you go out of business


I have been a loyal customer since he opened his automotive business, and overall, Roger, the owner does excellent work and always goes beyond what most places would do. He has known to even wash a customer care before they came to pick it up.

When he knows a customer is in a financial hardship, he has known to just hand the keys to the owner after all the excellent work has been done, not charging the customer at all. The man is a wonderful person. He is really at the shop 12-15 hours a day, and has a family that he takes quality time with, how he does it, Lord knows.

But I know for a fact he is not dishonest in any way. :)


Lets all take one to see who is lying.


Thank you Kalaher!!! We look forward to seeing you and your Tacoma soon !!!

Many thank's Roger Knight,, Owner of Knight's Automotive


I have used Roger's Knights Automotive for the last couple years. I have been completely satisfied with the services they offer.

In fact, I drive from Oceanside, past many other repair shops for they have always provided me with superior services. Thank you.


Almost forgot my favorite part-- :p


Well "s" ( or John,Don,Jose ) still waiting,,,,, Hey Revolution have you read the latest posting about your great store? ( great,ya right) When are you guys going to grow up?

If you have a problem call me (scardy cat,scady cat,sorry I have to lower myself in a few places so you will understand). Everyone who is reading this knows who I am (the good one) and who you guys are (the bad ones,in case you forgot)and how you treat your customers. So everyone out there please read all of the posts for Revolution RV !! and you will better understand whats going on.

Sorry I have to back to work.

You know revolution it's that thing the good ones due when they take care of there customers. Call me.


OK "s" here we go again. No phone calls...

I'm here 12-15 hours a day M-F and you have NEVER CALLED. My # is 760-752-**** so call me. It's June 17th and I will be here ALL DAY.

If you can take the time to (once again) drag my name through the mud lets make the phone call OK "s" ( we all know it's you guys at Revolution RV ) I know I won't get the call because all of your comments are FALSE !!! So be a big person and call me

Roger Knight -- owner of Knight's Automotive

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San Diego, California

Knight's Automotive reply for Shelby and John

I just spent 2 hours going through 12 months of repair orders and found no brake jobs for 427.33. I also never got a phone call from you. If your story is true PLEASE call me so I can make it right. Yes I really did spent the time doing this because all of my customers are very important to me. As for the customer John i'm also still waiting for a phone call. If this claim is false,,,,,,,Just keep trying Revolution RV. You are just proving that I care about all of my customers !! My phone # is 760-752-**** anyone can call me M-F Roger Knight--Owner of Knight's Automotive
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some things never change, Mr. Knight, stop being dishonest and a liar. :cry


Just as I thought,,no phone call. Thanks one more time Revolution RV for showing everyone out just how low you guys will go.

I am so happy I run my shop the right way, by taking care of our customers. :grin

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Knight's Automotive,Roger Knights reply

My name is Roger Knight. I own Knight's Automotive in San Marcos Ca. A few weeks ago I bought a new trailer from Revolution RV here in San Marcos. In short it was a very bad experiance and you can read my original post and reply (please do,under the camping section) The reply that dragged my name through the mud was made on 5/28 the same day that both of the negative comment about myself and my shop. Coincidence ??????? I would love for these two customers call me and if these comments are true as always I will make it right. They will both get a full refund with my apology along with, I will reimburse them for any brake work done at ANY other shop. This the way I have always run my shop and this will never change. I always make sure that when a customer leaves my shop they are happy with any service or repair that we performed. Trust me I don't walk on water and I do make mistakes but when they are brought to my attention I make it right A.S.A.P. !!! So as if these commets are true CALL ME and I will make it right. If these comments are not all I can say Nice try Revolution RV so please read my post on the camping section. My phone # is (760) 752-**** I am avalible at any time Monday through Friday. Thank You for reading this....Roger Knight
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This guy helped bring down a company because he claimed the tires were bad on an RV that he purchased, Mr tire man was wrong. but still contacted channel 10 news. he will be exposed as a troll.


I took my Maxima in to Rogers shop, he tried to sell me a bunch of stuff that he had already done six months before. I won't go back.


WOW! Roger seems to complain about everything and everybody. You should try to stop stressing out and enjoy life.


Hello Dave, WOW you got some big words. So Dave (if that's your real name) why don't you call me??

so we can get to the bottom of this. Once again you guys at Revolution RV are just showing everyone out there that I am up front and honest,thank you. If you disagree PLEASE call me,if not keep your opinion to yourself.

As I have said, before you drag my name through the mud call me. But like John and Jose I'm sure you won't.


Revolution Rv is a great company. Roger Knight is the biggest liar that hit San Marcos.

You can always tell when he's in a lie because his lips are moving. I wish he would move his shop to Oceanside where he lives.

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Lemon Grove, California

Knight's Automotive, Roger Knights reply

My name is Roger Knight. I own Knight's Automotive here in San Marcos california. I just a few weeks ago bought a trailer from Revolution Rv here and San Marcos and had a very bad experiance witch I posted on the camping section. There were a few replys so please read all of the comments including mine. I find it funny that both negetive posts for my shop was on 5/28. The same day that revolution tried to drag my name through the mud. I have been here for 14+ years and plan to be here many more years. We are always busy for a reason !!! I always make sure that every car and customer that gets any work done at my shop is happy when thay leave and we make double sure when we call for a follow up just to make sure. If something like this was true I will be the first to say i'm wrong. I would like to have these two customers call me and if these comments are true I will make it right as I always have for 14+ years. Trust me I am human and I don't walk on water and if I do make a mistake I MAKE IT RIGHT !! So please call me @ 760-752-**** and ask for Roger. Thank you for reading this.... Roger Knight
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roger knight is a piece of ***


Knight's auto is a Rip off they tried to sell me things I did not need

brake fluid flush *** like that at 7500 miles

I will service with my selling dealer where the don't lie


Buy 3 get 1 free is a shame.

Don't buy new tires that are aged and dangerous.

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Knights auto repair

Knights auto repair in san marcos ca is a rippoff they took money for a front brake job on my nissan altima and never replaced the pads or turned the front rotors and charged me 427.33 for the work. three days later i had to take my car to mossy nissan because the front brakes were grinding metal to metal. onli to find out that roger knight lied to be selling and taking money for a brake job that was never performed. When I called him ( from the dealer ) he was unwilling to help and so far has refused to refund me my money (thanks Roger) I would stay far away from this rippoff expert especially if you a e a woman Shelby
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I took my truck into Knight's for a second opinion. The Toyota Dealer told me I needed a new starter and other assessories to the tune of $800.00.

Roger looked at it and said there is one little piece that needs replaced.

$75.00 later I was on my way. I will only take my truck to Knights.....that other guy needs his head examined.


My wife and myself have been going to Knight's for years and have ALWAYS been happy with then. I don't know why this negative post was listed but it can't be true.

I have sent several of my friends and family to Knight's over the years and will continue to do so.!!!! :) :zzz


I am a painter by trade. Rodger Knight hired me repaint his office and parts of the shop area.

By spending a few days there watching and listening, I could tell he took great pride in his work and customer satisfaction.

Since then he has worked on several Family members cars and I refer him whenever I can as a honest quality mechanic... which are hard to find these days.


I have been a LONG time customer and I take 3 of my cars to Knight's and have always been happy. I don't know what your problem is but get over it...Call Roger the owner and work things out. We have trusted Knight's for years and will continue to do so.


Maybe you should take rogers d%ck out of your mouth.

you piece of sh8t Roger is a piece of *** and I will never quit posting


I've been taking my cars to Knights Auto repair for over ten years! I only had a problem once, and it really had to do with defective parts.

However, Roger took care of me by replacing the parts again and getting me a rental car. He did all this at no extra cost to me.


Thank you Amanda !!! For speaking up and telling the truth about Revolution RV.

I drive by there San Marcos store every day and never see anyone on the lot. Gee wonder why?

After all of this NO ONE from there ever called me and make things right. (We are always busy at my shop,wonder why?)

Thank you again, Roger Knight


I have no doubt in mind that the *** head owner of Revolution RV wrote this as he as immature as they come and could care less about others.

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Reason of review
Bad quality
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Knight auto repair

knights auto repair in san marcos is the worst!!!!! stay away from them they are a rippoff took money for a brake job on my nissan maxima and did not replace the pads. will be calling the bbb in the am. i had to take my car to the local nissan mossy (great company) three days later because the brakes were grinding. what did I pay for? Roger Knight the owner what a ##$#%%%^#$# he should not deal with customers let alone be in business. If you need service work on a nissan avoid this place like aids, once he gets it in you you're done John
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I have been going to Knights Automotive for years and had NO PROBOLEMS EVER !! Don't know what your problem is but get over it !!!

Knight's has been servicing my car along with my mom and dad's for years and we love these guys !!!!!!

Got a problem with them?? then call them and work it out.....There service is worth it !!!!!!


Beware of tires that are too old and sold as new, they are stale and should be taken off the shelves.

Buy 3 get 1 free is a shame.


As I keep saying call me or keep your opinion to yourself. And also once again THANK YOU Revolution RV for showing everyone out there how LOW you will go,and how right I am.. Prove me wrong Call me 760-752-**** :p


I agree!!!!! :(

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