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The entire company!

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Original review Mar 23, 2023




Do NOT use this company or work for this company. It is strictly for profit and NOT FOR CLIENT CARE.

This company chews up its employees and spits them out.


Do not work here. If you leave because of how scummy this place is your supervisors will make false reports in an attempt to remove your QMHP/CSWA/LCSW.


The same will follow like the QMHP's.


Read all reviews of this company, only current employees give it 4 out of 5 or 5 out of 5 reviews because of how desperate they are for new blood to kill, I mean chew and spit out, I mean mentally abusive this company is.

You know the scene from Jurassic park where he says something along the line of "They distract you by giving promotions and benefits so you don't notice how crooked it is here?" Same this for KBBH.

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User's recommendation: Seek help else where.

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Hyde Umj

I agree 100%. I had issue with two former employees there, and had I been the type, I could have SUED AND WON.

An EXTREMELY volatile and dangerous experience.

Most definitely A HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT. Please don’t get involved with KBBH unless you absolutely have to.

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They are amending their veteran crisis report on their psychological profile to reflect exactly what happened here being a criminal activity conspiracy to steal a man's land

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I checked on myself and it said I might be a terrorist I'm very offended by your fake news and bologna that you're spreading all over the world telling everyone on the pastor of a peaceful church here in Klamath Falls I wish you didn't remove all my information
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Preferred solution: I've asked them for $10,000 for the way I was treated when I was injured by the cops and it sort of messed up their psychological evaluation the sheriff that did the dirty work has been removed. They are giving me a new amended report by Friday thank you

User's recommendation: Never call the Veterans Crisis Line they operated

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Class Action Lawsuit Now Forming!!!!

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Klamath Basin Behavioral Health - Class Action Lawsuit Now Forming!!!!
Klamath Basin Behavioral Health - Class Action Lawsuit Now Forming!!!! - Image 2
Klamath Basin Behavioral Health - Class Action Lawsuit Now Forming!!!! - Image 3
If you or your loved one have had any negative interaction with staff at KBBH as a person who suffers from mental illness, please email here: kbbhclassactionlawsuit@***l dot com no “g”. ALL legitimate inquiries are confidential! Please share this post on your social media to help get the word out! Stan Gilbert is the CEO of KBBH, and he really doesn't have anyone watching over him. His bio states he has "a passion for ending the stigma associated with mental illness". I'm here to say he allowed his employee (click on PDF file on arrested woman below) to rob me of four years of my life. Robert Clark is pictured here too. He's not employed with KBBH, but rather the State of OR (which also has an employee manual talking about attacking people with disabilities on off time; yep Robert that "secret" meeting you and your wife gleefully participated in wwwwaaaaaayyyy back in 2015 in was ILLEGAL, and every word you both said was documented. Words that were false as you spoke; you knew full well that covering your 3ft gate so your dog couldn’t see out to bark at the goats was all that was needed to SOLVE THE ENTIRE PROBLEM on that very day). When I first approached Stan Gilbert on this last winter, he ignored me. Even after I explained that a recent event caused the entire mess to be re-opened again when I was really trying to put it all me and move on with my life. This was a club for example I was planning on creating and operating to give people with special needs a social place to go each month: Stan still didn't see it important enough to address my concerns with sincerity. Mr. Gilbert continued to ignore me to the point of forcing me to expose him with the hopes of finally drawing enough attention to the harm he has caused others. I don't think he understands that ignoring someone who is obviously speaking with passion, only increases their passion, at least that's true in my situation. If there are enough people who have also been hurt by Stan Gilbert's blatant negligence and disregard for the welfare of those who suffer from mental illness, then start thinking about joining a class action lawsuit. If you too have been hurt by this agency since they obtained their large contract appx five years ago, PLEASE take note. A class action lawsuit is a strong possibility IF there are enough people with COURAGE to speak UP!!! Keep watching because if we can get enough people, we can then move forward as a group to sue KBBH. A website will be up and running by the end of the year to attract attention to our cause. For now please email here: kbbhclassactionlawsuit@***l dot com (no g) Class Action Lawsuit: KBBH Klamath Basin Behavioral Health Klamath Falls 2210 N Eldorado Ave, Klamath Falls, OR 97601 If you have mental illness and have been treated poorly by ANYONE working at this agency (or know someone who has), PLEASE know YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Don't be alone with your pain even one more minute. Being treated less than dirt by an agency who makes LOTS of $$$$$$$ to HELP you is NOT acceptable. Call and report to your insurance company, to OR Health Authority, to OR Board of Licensed Therapists, to Medicare, or to your DHS case worker (NOT to KBBH as they don't have much supervision with the way they treat the vulnerable people they are paid to care for). We need YOU to get this done, so please speak up!!! There is HOPE..... ------------------ Here are some photos of a very weird day. This was back when Paula was first very angry at me for having my companion animals (dwarf goats), and this day she decided to block my driveway so I couldn't get out. Mind you, she was working for KBBH when she thought it would be a good idea to harass her disabled neighbor. She even wrote this up as something being my fault (I'll post this report with the new website), and handed it in to our HOA comprised mostly of senior citizens (her third attempt at filing a complaint actually stuck and a lawsuit was filed. Yeah Robert and Paula Clark for attempting with ALL your might to remove the animals from my yard that were saving my life when all you had to do was block a three foot gate; also clap clap applause for conning those seniors who were mere volunteers to keep our HOA up and running). Yes, she blocked my driveway (NOT the three ft gate that would have solved the entire problem of her dog barking), then tried to blame me for the mayhem that occurred as a direct result (the Clarks' MO....we are innocent. we never do anything wrong. we are forced to live next door to a mentally ill woman and we feel like prisoners....GREAT ACTING ROBERT AND PAULA CLARK since you really caused the entire mess). I assure you everything I have on this made public as until now I've kept my mouth shut. It's time for ME to give an account of what it's like living next door to these people who seemed to hate me to the point of wanting my life to end. The type of people they are is this: they chose NOT to block their gate at least when it mattered. You see, a year later they decided to go ahead and block their gate (spite?) but by then their dog got used to the goats and stopped barking as intently within a few months of the goats arriving. The case went on anyway for a grueling two full years and 40k later ouch that bill was stuck with the residents of our HOA to cover, yeah clap clap more cheers for R&P Clark). Stan Gilbert protected this woman as she launched a full on attack that lasted four entire years, concluding when I learned "someone" had loosened the oil filter in my car back in April (documented by TWO mechanics). Dun, Dun, Dun..........plot thickens. I will make sure an entire page is dedicated to the harassment I endured from Robert and Paula Clark when the national website is finally live before the year's out........I survived to tell about it, but it’s my goal to create a national platform to help END THE PROFILING OF INDIVIDUALS WHO HAVE BEEN GIVEN A LABEL BY SOCIETY THAT IS HURTFUL, HATEFUL AND VERY PAINFUL. These perpetrators often times work within mental health agencies, which is my point. This MUST stop!!! We are at a time in our society that we need desperately mental health professionals who are on our side; not there ready to pounce on us at any given opportunity (even made up opportunities ($$$ generators) as if that never happens….check out Stan Gilbert’s lawsuit record on that one). Most of us are not violent people, but when you attack a single female by way of mob bullying, having the attacks carry on for years, I promise you, mentally ill or not, you will eventually see push back. And that’s when the people say, “See how bad this is?” NOTHING you did caused it tho, at least that’s what you attempted to have people believe right? Really, mentally ill people aren't that important dontcha know, right Stan? You wouldn't dare try to enforce your own employee handbook for one of us now would you? Why Stan, why didn't you intervene when you had the chance? NO lawsuit ever would have occurred had you had the ethics and character to do the right thing by quietly letting your rouge employee know that her behavior isn't conducive to the over all goals and objects of KBBH. YOU BET MORE IS COMING......... Klamath Basin Behavioral Health discriminates against the very people they claim to help. *****************************SAY SOMETHING******************************************* Paula Clark was more important keeping on staff while she executed a plan of attack with her husband against their disabled neighbor, hurting several others without ANY regard for the pain they caused, and a case that reached OVER 40k in expenses (seemed cheaper for the Clarks just to to cover their 3ft gate). LONG story, and MUCH more to come when the website is live........(oh and I realize the oil filter was NOT loosened at the time of discovery, but rather a few months prior. Good thing I finally installed REAL security cameras).
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  • An agency desperately needed if only true care was given
  • No true care given at least by the director of kbbh
Reason of review:
disregard for well being of clients you are paid VERY well to serve.

Preferred solution: step down

Yuliza Fds


Manasvi Shr

KBBH is worse than merely bad. There are so many bad experiences that I wouldn't know where to start.

Class action lawsuits is a good idea but we need a clear email address to respond. Now if only someone would start a class action lawsuit against Sky Lakes! WTF is wrong here?

Doesn't KF have an unusually high suicide rate? No wonder.

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Unfortunately not many people care about the mentally ill. Stan knew this. Fox guarding hen house.

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