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i have lost that account on the kixeye site due to not recognising the password i used,so i opened another account start of the week with the same avatar and now the game wont load also has the same e-mail as the account i seriously thinking of asking to get my money back that i spent on this game,dont think i will get anything back but i will not go away!!!!!!!im very tenacious and resourceful and will do more to get satisfaction...
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here is 2 photos of whats been done to me over at least 6-7 days,really unfair,i play the game fair but these others used me to gain xp and steal all my other resources as well as not letting me advance i retribution event,these cheat found an easy way of moving up the list to receiving item because of their way of cheating,i would like to be reimbursed as they have almost depleted my resouces so much i cannot fix anything,still to this minute...
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I liked
  • Was a great war game
  • War commander
i've been playing war commander for 4 years without any hassles till the retribution event which i only got to play for a day,my name is john and my sector is 159 and coordinates 114.320,i was doing a mission which i had to have 10 depos at once,i was then accused of stealing them and next thing i know im trapped in my base and attacked time after time with my base surrounded so i could'nt even get out,this prevented me from taking any further...
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I didn't like
  • To many upgrade and cheaters

Kixeye War Comander Video Game Review

Horrible gaming environment. Game lags, crashes, no support. They nerf units when players figure out their schemes.
kixeye, please take a look at my friends account on WarComander. His id is 1003385, we are both experiencing the defeated sign when beginning a defense mission on the event Isolation. It is causing a real annoyance when trying to participate in the event. Due to the fact we struggle to earn the experience points from not being able to defend. Our attack missions however are going just fine. If you could please take a look at the matter, and get...
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Kixeye, when i exit out of the game, my repairs do not keep going, they only go when i sit there in my base please help my id is 1128565 Its a real problem and even other people are experiencing the same problem. I would also appreciate if you looked into the depos. I do believe the same problem is occurring, i dont gain anything when im not online watching my base. These problems are creating lots of difficulties for me, during events my troops...
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