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Kings Realty and Property Management

Kings Realty and Property Management
Kings Realty and Property Management
Kings Realty and Property Management
I hired this company, Kings Realty Property Management in Brandon, Florida to manage /rent out my house which was only a year old and in mint condition. I had to move out of state for my job. They sent me a completely bogus bill for over $3000 for repairs. Changed all the light bulbs, fixed things that were not broken. They did not contact me at all about when I might receive a rent payment. They are terrible crooks. I paid over $400 to clean all the carpets and even the grout right before I left. They hired someone else to do it again and charged me. They hired someone to trim my trees, but I already have a gardener doing that! So I paid for it twice?? The list goes on. When I got the receipt for repairs, they had repaired items that I didn't even have. They charged me $150 to "fix" a sliding screen door, when I never even had one to begin with!!! Our contract states that the property manager is supposed to get my permission for any repair over $250. The bill they sent for the bogus repairs was over $3000!!!Do not use Kings Realty Property Management! They Are the worst kind of crooks!!!! What others are saying...Kings Realty is a Fraud! A couple weeks ago we received in the mail from our now-former rental company (Kings Realty) the expected "charges" for repairs that had to be done to the old place. We expected some significant charges as the carpets were screwed up in most of the rooms (kids!), so getting a bill from them wasn't that much of a shocker. The AMOUNT of the bill, however, was quite a shocker. $18,000. No, you did NOT mis-read that??$18,000. IT ONLY COST $12,000 TO RENT THE PLACE FOR A YEAR!!! And here we had this itemized "bill" with everything under the sun you could imagine being charged to us to the tune of $18k. OMG! They charged us $5 A PIECE to replace WALL SOCKETS. They charged us hundreds of dollars to fix or replace things that had been broken when we moved into that house and that we KNOW they have documented! They charged us for ADVERTISING costs to re-rent the place! Thousands of dollars for things that the lease doesn't even allow for!! So, upon the advice of a friend, we responded in writing, itemizing all the charges and disputing the ones that were frankly bogus and/or ridiculous, whittling down what we actually and legitimately owed them down to approx. $6,000. So a couple days later the rental company (Kings) tries to call us to discuss the matter. I emailed them that I refused to discuss anything with them unless it was in writing, so we began emailing back and forth. Basically, they told us that the owners of the property MAY accept our offer of the $6,000 IF we can pay them by certified funds within 15 days. But if we couldn't, then they said they'd turn over the FULL AMOUNT of $18,000 to collections. I responded that I wouldn't discuss payment methods or timing with them UNTIL we'd all agreed on what we LEGALLY and LEGITIMATELY owed them, not what they could COLLECT from us. That was the last I heard from them until this morn, when I got a letter in the mail claiming that they'd tried to contact us via phone and EMAIL for several days without a response. Of course Posted on Citysearch on 8/13/2009Poor Business Practices We rented a house where the previous tenants owned dogs and the carpeting was dirty and also had a terrible urine odor. They finally changed the carpeting for one of the rooms after many complaints. After we moved from their rental property, they never returned our deposit and claimed we had left the place with damages and in poor condition. We never got our money back! They keep lying to us that they would send us pictures, receipts for the repairs and they never did. We never got our deposit back of 1,800.00.Overall Posted on Citysearch on 9/2/2008Do Not Recommend by Sovanny R. at InsiderPagesWe rented a house from this realtor and had nothing but problems before we moved in. In our conversations, they were very DISRESPECTFUL and treated me like a child. The house we moved into was FILTHY. Nothing had been cleaned. Upon moving, they were supposed to paint the walls inside the house. They did not. Instead, they took out the intercom system (which was included in our agreement) and covered the (3) holes half-assed. Also, included in our agreement was a washer and dryer. Haven't seen it yet And every time we have called them about these issues, they act like they don't know what's going on. It's always someone else's fault. I would not rent from them again, and I would definitely not buy a house from them!Better Business Bureau Report There is an unresolved claim for billing errors and unauthorized charges on file for Kings Realty and Property Management. They also have had the following complaints filed against them:Contract IssuesBilling and collection issuesBilling or Collection Issues Hillsborough County Court Records show numerous lawsuits against Leib Vosnak and Kings Realty Go check yourself : ] BBB Unresolved Complaint1 -Company failed to resolve the complaint issues through BBB voluntary and self-regulatory process.
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I agree with several comments posted, though I believe some to be grossly embelished. Leib Vosmak was the only problem at Kings Realty.

The company has been 150% customer service oriented since they terminated him in 5/2011. He now works at Home Encounter in Tampa and is probably playing the same games there. I have personally worked with the owners of Kings Realty directly and trust them 100% in managing my several rental properties.

For those of you who read bad reviews online, look further and see how long ago they were and with who exactly, and you will see that the Vitaliy "Leib" Vosmak was fired long ago. Give this good and probably best priced management company a chance:)


I sympathize with you completely. I had bad dealings with that *** Leeb Vosmak on more than one occassion as I use Kings as my property management company.

Luckily though, I was advised of his termination sometime in May. Believe it or not, that *** who spoke very rudely to me on several occcasions, actually tried to solicit me as a friend via Facebook and Linkadin shorty after his termination.(Is he kidding me??) As if I was going to be a reference for him in the future???

I have since been very happy with the person who replaced him at Kings, along with the other staff. Very good move on that company's part!!

As for the *** Vosmak, I recently recieved another email from him stating that he is now working for a Tampa based property management called "Home Encounters". His email is actually trying to solicit my business with them.

Not a chance in *** would I ever deal with that *** again. Obviously, this new company did not do any reference checks on him prior to hiring him..


All anyone need do is go to the BBB and see for

yourself. Complaints about them that are remarkably similar to my

own. Do a search in Hillsborough county

court records and you will see they are the defendant in MANY lawsuits 2 of

which are still currently active. Search the internet about them and you will find many other consumer complaints about this company. What should that tell any consumer

thinking of doing business with them? Why all the lawsuits? Why all

the complaints? They rip people off, then threaten them with lengthy lawsuits and

to destroy their credit!

As for his claim that my dogs attacked him, the insurance investigators

contacted me wondering why this guy put in a claim a month and a half after he

was supposedly attacked! No police report, no animal control report, no

witness, no scratches, no *** marks or even a tiny bruise. Why?

BECAUSE it never happened. He only made it up after I started making a

fuss about them charging me $3500 for a few minor repairs.

The pictures you are

seeing that they posted are the things that I agreed to pay them about $1000 to

repair. Then they made up a bogus list of things that they repaired that cost

$3500. Like painting the ceiling, almost all the rooms in the house, and

many many other things that simply weren't even done! The chewed up trim

in the photo was simply painted over. The

tenant had to move in and do all the painting themselves. That was one of

the main expenses that they were paind to take care of and they didn’t even do

it. Kings Realty took all my money, the

tenants deposit - withheld any funds from me, putting my mortgage in

jeopardy! I FIRED THEM - I REVOKED their power of attorney days before

they ever supposedly fired me. That was just them being childish and

retaliatory. Like the bogus "Dog Attack" lawsuit. He even threatened

to sue me for posting on this very website.

Whatever yard work they are talking about was agreed that I would take care

of. I already have a vendor taking care of all the lawn cutting, trees,

shrubs, weeding, blowing and on and on. The day before I left I had them plant

three beautiful palm trees with flower beds in the front. They were still

working on the yard when Kings Realty intruded and started paying some company

that has no license or insurance all this money for tree trimming and holes and

god knows what else. It even has a clause in the tenants lease that I was

taking care of all of this. They had no authority to do any tree trimming

or yard work at all. If they had contacted me ONCE about what other

repairs they were supposedly doing I could have cleared this up for them.

Mr Vosmack (Manager and voice of Kings Realty) has already threatened another

lawsuit that I was causing him mental stress, that he would bill me through his

attorney. I have made sure a copy of that along with his other email

regarding my dogs attacking him was sent to the investigating officer for the

insurance company.

Excerpt from email where Leib threatens another bogus lawsuit



.....The mental abuse that I am suffering because of your actions might require

medical attention, which if required be noticed to you via my


Leib Vosmak

Kings Realty and Property Management

Sent from my iPad 3G


Here's the email from my tenant telling me that nothing was done when they

moved in, that they had to do it themselves. And I will be refunding the

tenants for their costs and labor to fix what KINGS REALTY charged me $3500 to


Excerpt from Tenants email to me:

"... I am willing to take pictures of every room and wall in your home to

show you what is done and not done as they said they were. Yes there was trash

in the garage when we moved in. We painted the front room and the whole kicthin

and the master bedroom along with the master bathroom. None of the ceiling

where painted,nor the 3 back rooms and bathroom.The house was not cleaned at

all before the walk around. There was something as simple what looks to have

been a vomit spot in front of the sliding glass window from a animal that was

still on the floor .We have emails of proof that the cleaning was not done

before move in. The lady did come and cleaned the bathrooms and behind the

stove and under fridge and sliding glass door only. The one door frame that had

teeth marks from your dogs, where only painted over. not fixed.. I must say

that we where very disappointed when we came to do the walk around only 2 hours

before we where going to move in. BUT we loved the house so much, that we just

decided to take in a pond our selves to make things right because of the house

and you allowing 2 larger dogs..."


Those are pictures of my house the day I turned it over to Kings Realty. You must admit the carpets and paint look brand new.

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