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I actually had negative experiences similar to those described in other "Pissed Consumer" reviews posted here in regard to KINGS HIGHWAY VISION CENTER. This store is located at 1302 Kings Highway, in Brooklyn, New York 11229. I had gone there due to an emergency, though minor, repair to my rimless eyeglasses, which would've simply involved replacing a nylon string to hold my lense in place. The guys downstairs, who are their technical... Read more

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The proceeding unfavorable comments are in pertinence to "Kings Highway Vision Center", and both my and my family members negative experiences at this optical vendor. I am not mentioning details on experiences of those customers outside of my own nuclear family. My dad had been the first customer, or victim, in our family. Many years ago, my mom had accompanied him there to encourage that he wear more presentable frames appropriate for his... Read more

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went there to order prescription glasses, asked for light frame and light weight lenses. gave them insurance info, then they took 250.00 deposit. glasses are awful, very heavy, they told me that this can not be done after I have to pick up ready glasses. they refuse to give me back deposit, refuse to give me frame back and also they billed my insurance when they told me that insurance is not covering. scums! they will get caught soon and o boy,... Read more

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Rep from vision insurance called asked to hold for me frame I liked.Had recent eye exam and pair of reading glasses that were good for me, just frame was broken, don't have any special problems with eyes. Suppose to do eye exam trough vision coverage but they refused, took medical insurance card and performed 20 unnecessary tests , told want to bill insurance, if refuse to take all tests will not give me frame, were extremely nasty. Finally... Read more

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I went today to the store to repaired my glasses, which one of the legs broke down. The lady in the store told me the couldn't be repaired, so she told me to buy a frame for the lenses because they were not damaged. She said it was 125 dollars for the frames and for inserting the old lenses. A russian friend told me that the steal people. I searched in amazon for the same frames and the price is 30 dollars! So they charged me 3x the price for... Read more

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The only reason I went to this business is bc my parents supposedly thought it was a decent establishment. Boy was I wrong!!! I went there ONLY for a prescription seeing as I wanted to get specific frames from a specific company called Warby Parker that only charges $95 for frames incl. lenses. I also specifically needed my PD or Pupillary Distance. On my first visit, the woman cajoled me about not wanting to get glasses there and didn't want to... Read more

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I wish i read previouse reviews before O went to this place and made a purchase. I bought fashion eye glasses and what did i face? 1) doctor is not professional, she diagnosed me with astigmatism and was pushing for more expensive lenses!!! my actual eye doctor said her diagnose was wrong and they were trying to sell more expensive lense. nice, right?2) they never gave me case, but before purchase sakes person assured that i'll get it!3) didn't... Read more

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Truly horrible service. They are very nice at first and treat you well and then you realize you've been completely ripped off. Any further contact you try to make involves you really feeling like they are giving you the run-around. They ask for your name when you call, so that they can lie and claim the manager (Maya) or other staff members like Juliya are not there. They make lots of excuses and are extremely rude. I've had the manager... Read more

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Their staff is very rude, liars, cheaters and can't speak English properly. I wanted to purchase contacts from them they quoted me $45 per box said they did not have it in stock. I requested my prescription and magically they had it in stock. So I again requested my prescription so I can purchase from an online reseller at half the price they finally wrote the prescription. When I went to place the order the online retailer said they wrote the... Read more

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i ordered a apir of glasses from these epeople,my hotel local 6 covers 200 for frames,they showed me a frame and told me i needed to pay 120 more for it,that was a break she told me.i got them on time but i researched online and they retail for 100 and i could have got for 72 online.this is a disgrace.capri vp109 frames.a no name frame they charged me designer price. shame on these russian *** artissts the guy who helped me fit them was useless... Read more

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