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R-1 Warning Carl Livingston

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Kingdom Christian Center - R-1 Warning Carl Livingston

KCC Tacoma, Washington

Pastor Carl Livingston


Location: of the Church:

5042 Yakima Avenue

Tacoma, WA 98408 This is an R-1 Warning and it has happened to other former members of the congregation but it was kept quite. Hush Hush.

I have given the pastor enough time to say I am sorry, and or to fix his what he has done wrong and what he is doing wrong to people. My intent here is to not stop you from going to KCC but to make you aware of facts. This is only fair to the KCC Community. He ca not Continue to play with peoples lives for his own selfish needs, wants and desires.

I hope this helps KCC grown because putting this out their will help the board to know and listen to what is really going on behind the scenes. Everything here giving is fact not no assumptions have been made. It's for you to make the choice. But the evidence is clear from the text to the recorded phone calls, on to his actions.

I am not happy nor am I supposed to be after finding this out from a man I trusted. Complaint: Today I want to come forward with a complaint about the Pastor of this church. Carl Livingston.

A Little Back Ground about this individual then a Little Back ground about myself.

First Pastor Carl Livingston is a former Washington State Barred Attorney who is now a professor of political science and a very well known College in Seattle. He also is the head Pastor of KCC located at

5042 Yakima Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98408.

I was brought in the church with a former fiance, she was a former student of his and now attends University of Washington School of Law. When I first started attending KCC. I wanted to find God. I wanted to be closer to him because I felt he be trade me by taking away my baby brother, my father and my ex wife all within 4 months 4 years ago.

Every year since, I've had a hard time dealing with life at this period of time because of the anniversary of the events. When my fiance brought me in, I was wanting the word and God forgiveness. I step right up in the church and stated participating in church activities. My fiance and I grew closer and closer.

I started to love her and I fell in love with her and she loved me, I saw it in her eyes. I took her on trips, I spoiled her when I could. I loved her. I am a former Private Security Contractor of 21 years.

I have worked with some of the top Private security firms in the US working overseas protecting, gather resources of data, even some other things I can not mention. I was a troubled one. I've been in scandals and even was accused of fraud miss appropriating government funds but I was found not guilty and the other party was prosecuted cause I knew nothing about it. At that time I lost it all but I couldn't blame anyone but myself.

But I got back on top after traveling and working and I moved to Alaska where I was actually doing great until I opened my own home remodeling company and boy was that a mistake. One job turned out to be a nightmare. It turn that I got sued for 88k but I was never notified of the suit cause I had moved to Washington where I met my fiance. From that point I had never been convicted of any criminal activity and had not had a driviing violation in 22 years...

My only dilemma was going through the events from the past with my brother father and ex wife. Moving on, I found a home at KCC and again I offered my services for everything. At this present time I was working as a Certified and registered paralegal and a Lay Tribal Council for a couple of tribes here in Washington. In October of 2022, Things started getting slow.

It may have been being choicy about the case I took but I think it primarily was because I went through depression mode again. Money was scarest and was not coming in like was before. At this time I was living with my fiance. I loved her and she loved me and I did what I could, still dealing with my depression.

I blame myself for not getting off my tale and not helping out more. This went through February when on February 4th 2023, My fiance and I sat down and worked out a plan to get back on top of bills quickly. I agreed and started... The plan was working and I had everything all set in place.

I had other things working also but they were long term and would not happen right away. Moving on. When me and my fiance first started dating she would tell me things about the pastor which raised eye brow. For example, it was word around campus that he would keep in touch with graduates of the school and later sleep with them...I asked did she ever sleep with him and she assured me NO!.

They were just friends and he mentored her on a daily basis. That was weird to me cause none of my professors mentored me after I graduated and I was a great student. Then I find out that all the student he so called mentors are all females...So Pastor Carl has been married twice and the last one only lasted a months because she found out something. Moving on once again.

So on February 10the of 2023, my fiance wanted to go to this couples retreat at the pastors house. It was great. I looked into her eyes and she looked into mine and we played touchy feelie, secretly and it just drew me closer to the one I loved. I was asked to go upstairs to fix the pastors computer, and it was kind of wired because it was just a paper jam and anyone can fix a paper jam including my kids.

I didn't know until later that was the Pastor way of getting me away from my fiance cause he had other intentions. This is very shady, snakish and not the behavior of a pastor nor the other things I've talked about but this was sneaky. So after the couples retreat, me and my fiance already had it planned that I was going for a ride to Vancouver Washington with my bike club. We got down their played cards and at 11:32 that night my fiance said I hope you arrived okay, have fun and I love you.

Iwas like now I know this is the one. I love her ever more. We went back to the hotel after the card games at the hotel and I woke up at 6:30am to get outta their cause she wanted me home for church. My fiance calls me and say.

Have you let and I said I'm about to getting my cup of coffee. She says then can we face time and I said sure. She was walking the dog and just started crying for no reason and my heart dropped. I said what happened.

She can we talk. I said sure what up. Can we talk about this and that on your background check. I was like sure...

Now granite my fiance ran me before we even started dating and I told her everything. She said this has come to my attention. I said You already knew about the Law suit in Anchorage Alaska and I've told you all of this. Why is this coming up again now.

She said let's talk more when you get home. I said I am on my way. I get home missing church and right away she says I want you to move out I need space... I was where did this come from I said you have to give me some time to find a place and she said I can give you a couple days.

The next day she says lets do couples counseling and would I call Pastor. I said sure anything to try and mend our sudden falling relationship. So I called Pastor and he already knew I was calling, red flag, how did he know I was already calling. So he agrees to do couples counseling with us and what he did was not couples counseling it was separation mediation.

He had it already planned that he was helping us to break up and me move out instead of helping us to stay together. This is very very shady and not pastor like. This guy is good with his words and very convincing snake in the grass. So he offers to come get me out the house and stay with him for two days.

Then I had to go. Well I found a place to rent and got a couple roommates. One I had known for a long time and the other was the daughter of a friend judge I know. She was also in Law School and knew of my fiance.

So after talking with them and them trying to help me mend. My roommate who was going to school with my fiance says, I've seen her several time recently with this older black guy at Joey's and other places. I knew that Pastor like Joey's and has met her their in the past but not recently. I showed her a picture of the Pastor and she said yep that him.

I started boiling. So I started doing my own investigations. Come to find out that my Pastor who I trusted was texting and calling my fiance on a regular. In fact they talked the night of the couples retreat while I was gone.

He was talking to her to the we morning of the night from 12 midnight. I got the text messages. He even agreed to meet up with her that night. By the way the bed was made the same way it was before I left cause I made it and me and her don't make the bed the same way.

So I know she didn't sleep in the bed. So I do my investigations and I even had a friend of mine do some looking into things. Come to find out. Carl had his adopted child taken away from CPS because of physical abuse.

I got the report.

I also find that I am not the only male that has gone through this with the Pastor and their has been several other instances of inappropriately dealing men's wives and significant others. This along with the facts of the rumors that are set at the college where he teaches. The facts of him texting my fiance on a regular and possibly sleeping with her. All points to a bad pastor.

Not a pastor in the faith. A pastor who is a womanizer. This Pastor went out his way to destroy a perfectly good relationship and based it off, She is my friend. This is the kicker but you are my pastor.

He has tried to make it seem like my fault and point the finger at me to cover up what he did wrong. Now he has advised her do not call me take any phone calls from or text. Now recently she called me up saying I'm sorry and I made a mistake. She told me everything that was already confirmed from documentation that I had already researched.

She asked me not to tell the Pastor because the needed his friendship and was mentoring her on her thesis. She said give her some time... Now I love this woman and hate being away from. But if you are so weak to fall into a devils pit from a pastor who say he loves God but does the acts of satin and me I'm trying to find my way back into God Heart.

What do I do. Do I wait for her and move on or do I let it go and chalk it up as the devil one this round.

Do Not, I repeat Do not Trust this Pastor at all.

I will be posting this all over the Internet very soon but first I am going to give him a chance to correct his wrongs.

I will keep everyone updated... as I have everyone email and messenger...

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User's recommendation: Do not believe or trust Pastor Carl Llivingston or a word he says


This is now becoming very common Clergy Persons. The times have made them desperate to keep their places of worship open so they brainwash individuals in their church in the name of the Lord and a lot of male pastors are secretly sleeping with their congregation in order to fulfill their manly fleshly needs.

It's a shame but and I feel sorry for the guy who wrote this but on the other hand did he see this coming and did he have red flags that the pastor was like this.

His fiancé' has to take some responsibility because she is a grown woman and should have been able to see through the pastor intentions and put a stop to it...But sometimes Stockholmer Syndrome can blind the eyes of the brainwashed individual and this looks like a very good scenario of a woman who has been brainwashed and has this illusion that this pastor is her way to God and she owes him something by sleeping with him. Shame on both of them.


Genesis 2.3 You know I have putting myself into the bible and doing research ! In Genesis depicts.

how the devil who is here on earth. Convinced Eve to bite the apple of the forbidden tree. You see the devil came to eve as angelic but convinced Eve to take a bite of that apple. Why did the devil go to Eve.

The answer is the devil knew that eve was easier to be manipulated to do is will. You see the devil will only go to the weak. He is a specialist of manipulation and a womanizer. His best friends are women only because of of his intent to use them as a vessel to do his evil deeds.

The devil comes in all shapes and forms even in the form of Pastors and Priest. In this case the devil came in the form of a pastor and a friend to someone who he saw he was loosing control over. A person that looked up to him because she didn't know his dirty evil secrets and all she saw was good. She didn't know about his abusive relationships.

He didn't know about him abusing a child. She didn't know anything else but good because she didn't know how to research and dig the way she needed to to find these things out. The devil is really good at talking a good game and hiding the truth. The devil is really good at pointing the finger at someone else while his life is not truly transparent.

This guy is the devil in pastor form only because of education not by the spirit of God. This guy did what is his nature and that is to break up a family because he saw himself loosing control. It's called divide and conquer, he pretended to be friends with both sides but the intention was to divide.... Now we know what we are dealing with.

and if the woman is still wants to follow the Devil then she will pay for it in the end cause God will judge her. God won't do anything to the Devil because he is only doing what his nature calls him to do. This Pastor is a Serpent in the Garden of Eden and he knows it and he will preach and say the right thing to convince the weak that he is not. He has that mind manipulation.

The only thing we can do is expose him on every level and hope and pray that people take head and use their own Godly discretion before they are hurt by this man. I will personally will never stop until he admits he was wrong for doing what he did and mean it. but.... The devil never thinks he is wrong and can't be wrong and makes every excuse not to be wrong.

So I see this is going to be my mission from God and that is to expose him till knowledge of his doings are known to everyone in the community.. Amen


This just hit like a ton of bricks. I saw this when I logged on.

Peace out I'm outta here. I don't need to be a place where there is going on.


Wow I just saw this when I logged on to view his sermon. I am like what the heck is going on in this church.

Pasto you should be ashamed of yourself.

I won't be returning. I don't need this type of drama


So I read this guys book and he talks about how the government uses it's resources to undermine the development of Black People and success of Black People. but he doesn't believe in what he writes, he uses government resources and propaganda to use against his black community to separate families friends and his own congregation to control them.....

This guy is a fraud... A total fraud... He does not in any way believe in what he writes.

He is writing not for the development of the black community but just for profit. Don't believe a word he says....NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!


Fake Pastors... I am not going say anything else.


This sounds like it has been his plan for a minute, I am surprised that this guy didn't see it. This woman is trash for letting this happens and he deserves better.... I'm just like damn...


I just saw this all over Facebook. I looked them up.

The thing about this is that it is so common with Clergy Men especially in the Black Community where they use their power and influence through the bible to mesmerize women and hypnotize women for so many reasons. This is a case where I see it as he has a power struggle and was either wanting your woman or already has been with you woman in the past and when you became a significant entity in her life. He saw he lost control of her. As a woman I don't blame this woman at all.

She wanted to follow her pastor or clergy leader and he guided her the wrong way. She was weak and he took advantage of her. Whether he slept with her or not. This Pastor should be brought up and to answer for his disfunctions, behavior and wrong doing to his followers, the church and God.

As a man, he needs to tone for his transgressions into someone else's relationship and make it right. That's a man would do. I'm sure that he has communicated a different story but the fact that he was in their relationship from the start friend, family or church member was wrong. A pastor is sought to help keep people to together period, not tear apart relationships, family or friends.

That is not an act of a clergyman and is in fact not professional nor a manly man of God. So I have to side with the complainant in this and though his method was a little harsh but loosing the women he love from a bad clergyman's action of control is much worse and I feel his pain...

As a woman Pastor, Psychologist, and Current Relations Counselor I can see this happening and getting worse before it get better. I want to pray for the complainant and I hope and pray he finds answers and satisfaction in getting his word out of warning.

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Wow ! SMH.

Man he is lucky he didn't this to my wife. I would be smiling as the arrested me to put me in jail for life.


Poor Pastor. I just got this link from a friend of ours.

Me and this guy were private security contractors over seas. Of I can say is I definitely feel sorry for doing this to this guy of all guys. This guy knows how to rip your whole life apart and will stop at nothing to complete his goals. Some people no not what they do.

Just wow. Tell Spartan to call me. Ill try to calm him down. but if he has his mind set on completing a mission, bullets, IED's, mustard gas or nothing will stop him.

This guy was trained to not feel pain or discomfort. God help the Pastor who he is referring to cause his public life is over.. This pastor better be happy that he made a vow to never hurt anyone physically ever again. I was there when in the desert when he made that vow.

but publicly he is going to ruin him just like anyone of us that have been through what we have been through overseas and learned the trade craft we have learned...

Pray for this guy. and my sand buddy.

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