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I reviewed this web site before I bought my water treatment system for our home in Ocala, FL. I was pissed just looking at the reviews for ALL the water treatment companies. If we din't have so many iron issues with our water I would have just left it alone, but we NEEDED it. I called out three companies including Kinetico. All were semi local and all did water treatment. Here's how it went. Company A (electric) came out and tested the water...
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Kinetico makes great claims and has good sales people but does not back up their claims in any way. No water is tested to see if it's performing by the company. They put the equipment in and hasta la vista baby. They will never be seen again. If you have a complaint, they will come out but again, you will never know if you have gotten what you paid for unless you pay for independent water testing. I had my equipment moved as they said they would...
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Anonymous Sounds like a dealer issue. Why not contact your dealer and or corporate? Our system was "double checked" by our sales rep and at the end of first year. Water was tested. They...