Business practice was running wrong

If I were to be planning my vacation today I would want someone to come forward with information that might help me so please beware I wouldn't want anyone else to have to go through the same issues I have been through very very time consuming and have to watch every step that was made to make sure it was being done honestly.But to put this story straight you don't need the headache and you could do the same thing yourself........................................................Plus I found out that when you hire a travel agent you lose all rights that you have to go through them for everything good or BAD
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Five years later...still waiting.

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Kimberly's Travel cancelled my trip. Still no refund.

On June 18, 2013 I made a $357 down payment on a group trip to Ireland through Kimberly’s Travels. On September 16, 2013 I paid the balance of $1,316. On 10/22/13 I bought a plane ticket to Chicago for $236.80 directly from the airline, to catch the flight to Ireland. The tour was scheduled to depart on Nov 11 with Celtic Tours. At this point I had paid her $1,673. I began requesting copies of the trip documentation in October, but was told by Kimberly that there was no documentation available. I asked if it was possible to see the seat assignments for the flight, and she told me that it was a group assignment, and no numbers were available. She also told me that I should not attempt to access the group information in Aer Lingus as it would cause issues for the group seating arrangements. On November 5, she did send me copies of itineraries, but nothing with any actual confirmation on it. On November 10, the day before I was supposed to leave, Kimberly called me and told me that my trip had been cancelled. She said that her significant other had taken money out of her Square account, and that she wasn’t able to pay off the trip. On 11/11/13 I contacted Celtic Tours. They told me that my trip had been cancelled on November 8th due to non-payment by Kimberly Pack. They said that she was 30 days overdue with the payment, and that the balance due for this tour was $16,928. They went on to say that Kimberly made a $5,000 payment and cancelled my trip, in an effort to allow the rest of the group to go. Per Celtic Tours, it was Kimberly who told them to cancel me. Kimberly told me that she had a bond through CLIA, and that I would get a full refund. She also offered me a free trip to Mexico, using her reward points from Apple Vacations to make up for the inconvenience and keep me as a good customer (I had purchased 4 trips from her in the past, and brought her 4 new clients who also booked trips through her). On 11/27/13 Kimberly advised me that she had received a check for the Buffalo to Chicago flight, but that there was a $10 fee for processing it. I did receive a check from her in early December for $226.80. On December 18th she told me that she had received the remainder of my refund, but that it was in her name, and that she would send me a check. After asking about it several times, I received a check on 12/27/2013 for $1,668. The check was dated 12/20/13, and written on her father’s account. I deposited it into my bank, who presented it to her bank twice, where it was declined for insufficient funds, resulting in $20 in fees. The bad check was returned to me on Jan 7, and I immediately notified Kimberly. On Jan 8th, she told me that she was on her way to a Western Union office to wire me the money. On Jan 10 she told me that she was on her way to wire me the money. Later that day, she told me that the bank would not let her have the money, the account was locked up due to another person’s cancellation of a check they had written to her. On Jan 13th she told me that she was going to borrow the money to pay me. On Jan 14th she told me that she would pay me by Feb 4. On Jan 21st she advised me that she had hired an attorney, who would be in contact with me. That was my last communication with her. I have not received the remainder of my refund. At this point, my total loss is $1,703. 00.
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Kimberly Pack is a known thief in Circleville, Ohio. Fortunately for her, the Police Department in Circleville is like a squandered gang of clowns. She is a prolific liar, never taking responsibility for the illegal activities she does, using her way along her miserable life.





CELL / 740-207-****

FAX / 740474****


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New Reviewer

Kimberly Pack stole $14,000

Five of us booked with Kimberly for dreams tulum for a wedding we were going to.We all paid in full. $1300 a piece. Kim said she couldn't print e-docs because computers were down at Apple. We got to airport November 8 and United said they never received final payment from Kim so we had no flight. Kim said it was a glitch with apples computers. United offered to fly us into cancun for 614 a piece which we paid. Kim assured us she would reimburse us and to save all receipts. After landing in Mexico, we were told by Kim there was a problem with hotel reservation too. We waited in airport an additional five hours. At 1030 pm, she said we could go to akumal beach resort which is rated three red apples! we would have to pay for the resort ourselves and save receipts. we also had to pay for shuttles to dreams tulum three days and pay to get into dreams tulum for wedding. We paid for everything ourselves, $7500. We got home and she said she submitted claims for us to Brad at CLIA. She said we would get all money reimbursed. She gave us number to her accountant. I called that number and left numerous voicemails. Finally her dad answered the phone. She said she made a mistake. She said our checks were in the mail, etc….. Apple vacations has been investigating. They advised us today that for three people in our party, apple received no money at all. Kim stole all that money. For two people in the party that paid 1300 a piece, Kim was called october 9 by apple when they didn't receive final payment. kim advised them to cancel that reservation and issue her back vouchers. kim did received two vouchers for 492 but never refunded those back to us. we are out the initial 6500 we all paid her and an additional 7500 during that five day stay. we called CLIA to inquire about our claim, they advised Kim did not pay her 2014 dues and is no longer a member.CLIA advised they received calls last week that she stole someones disney cruise money and someones mexico trip money….we have filed a complaint with ohio attorney general…...
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CELL / 740-207-****

FAX / 740474****



Omg!!! That is horrendous!

Email me when u can and ill give u my phone number....

i have alot of info on this. Staceyarp29@***.com


Just emailed you, Stacey!


Thanks for your numb. I left u a vm.... thx


Dealing with the same thing. Booked honeymoon and she cancelled our trip and did something with the money.

$4700. We leave tomorrow.

We will get her when we get back. :(


Have a fun honeymoon....please emailme when u can...

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Circleville, Ohio

Kimberly Pack Travel in Circleville Ohio Awful Business Practices

Kimberly Travels booked a vacation for me in August of 2012. Two days before that trip, Kimberly Pack, the owner of the business called to ask me if I would change my travel dates. In exchange for changing my travel dates, I would receive a complimentary trip the following year. I received from Kimberly, a voucher showing the complimentary trip in the mail and booked the complimentary trip for September 2013. During the month of September, Kimberly advised that there was a series of bad weather/hurricanes in the area. She advised me to pay an insurance fee and reschedule the trip for October. I paid the fee and she rescheduled. The day before the rescheduled trip, I had not received e tickets or confirmation from Ms. Pack. I contacted her and she stated she would locate the information and send to us right away. I had not heard from her up until 8pm that evening. I contacted her again, and she stated that she was at fault and that she failed to complete the confirmation. She was sorry. She advised us that she would turn in the information to her insurance company and reimburse me for the cost of the trip. She faxed me the insurance form and stated that she forwarded it, and I would receive compensation within 2 weeks. I still have not received a check from the insurance company. Kimberly stated I would receive a check over 10 times, saying she sent in the mail, would have an associate drop it off and several other methods, however it was never received by me. I contacted her insurance/bonding agency and they stated that the never received a form from Kimberly Pack travel and they no longer were associated with her company. Kimberly Pack Travel has deceived me as a customer, deceived her insurance/bonding company and refuses to give me compensation for her failure to book a trip that was promised and has offered no other solution
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It’s with interest that I’ve been reading your posts here. I’ve copied some of your quotes, for ease of response.

“I've applied for several jobs with no luck because you crazy people will not stop the phone calls to potential employers.”

You very carefully chose your victims…the majority being from out of state. How could any of us know where you are applying for jobs? Do you think we are calling every employer in Ohio?

“The only thing I did wrong was NOT tell you guys what was happening”

Excuse me…not making payments with money entrusted to you was wrong. Lying about being bonded/ insured was wrong.

Saying “the checks in the mail” when you hadn’t mailed a *** thing was wrong. Cancelling people’s trips and not telling them was wrong. Using one person’s credit card to pay for another person’s trip was wrong. Writing bad checks on your father’s account was wrong...

Need I go on?

“I'm not going to be thrown in jail for not being able to make my payments based on when you want them.” None of this is based on “when we want them.” You were ordered by THE COURT to start making payments within 3 months of your guilty plea. The five years you stated is how long you are on probation. You are going to be thrown in jail for your deliberate disregard for the law. “And another thing........I did plead guilty to the one count for my minister, he was in court with me.

All the others counts were dropped.” The state offered you a plea bargain to prevent the costs of going to trial AND to give you opportunity to get a job and pay us back. You accepted it to keep your butt out of jail. If you did nothing wrong, as you keep insisting, why were you ordered to pay us back? Did you think that because he was your minister he wouldn’t hold you accountable for your crimes?

Funny…if he “understood what happened” why did he even press charges? One doesn't press charges against a person who they believe is innocent. Is that why you chose to screw him, along with the people who would have the hardest time pressing charges against you because they were out of state? “Reply all you want to this it's just making you all crazy” It’s not making us crazy.

It’s given you the opportunity to show the world just how much of a criminal you are. No one believes your lies anymore but you. The continual tale of “it’s all Square’s fault” is so outlandish as to be comical. You committed these crimes over a several month period.

A closed account doesn’t hold up payments that were made 6 months before the account was closed. You said that Square had locked up $2,000. How does that convert to the $30,000 that you stole from us? You neglected to make payments to the tour companies, you cancelled people’s trips and you used people’s credit cards to pay for other people’s trips.

How can you blame Square for all of that?? You told us all the same lies: lying about being bonded, about how your fiancée took the money out of your account without telling you, about refund checks being in the mail, about fling with insurance companies that don’t exist, about Apple computers being down, about not able to print any boarding passes nor itineraries because it was a “group trip” as well as many other lies. How about all of the OTHER places you stole from? We know from your bankruptcy proceedings that you didn’t pay your phone bill, doctor, vet, etc, etc.

Those people lost even more than the $30k you stole from the 12 clients who pressed charges against you. While we are all unhappy that you have stolen so much money from us, we do have the satisfaction of knowing that you won’t be able to do it to anyone else. We have a duty to other innocent consumers to warn them about you. You destroyed your own reputation with your crimes.

Time to own up to your actions.


You are worried about what others are doing at their jobs, how funny. You say you are unable to get a job, even funnier.

Get a JOB. You are such a loser and bad mom and I can post whatever I want on here. I definitely think it is bad parenting to lose your child at a resort in Mexico at midnight. I know its never happened to me.

I know my child is exhausted on vacation by 9, so we all go to bed. You say the only thing wrong you did was not tell the victims, how hilarious. You misused others credit cards to pay for other peoples travel.

You let many many people go to airport thinking they had a vacation that they paid thousands for, to hear that there is no flight and no hotel. You need to rot in jail or start paying.


Kimberly Pack was ordered to pay $30,000 in restitution. To this day, none of the victims have received a penny.

Kimberly did plead guilty. (not just to one count like she is advising, I have court paperwork if anyone would like to see it) Kimberly Pack advised on youtube that she was using Square payment processing because she wanted her commission check at the time the client booked. She didn't want to wait for the client to travel. That was her mistake number one.

Kimberly also went on a supposed seven day hunger strike to expose Square, which was quite humorous. Poor Kimberly, the little victim.... Then Kimberly writes on facebook December 31 at 4:00 pm, "Car shopping tomorrow, not a clue what I want. After the jag, its going to be a tough choice." Maybe, Kimberly should be looking for a job and not car shopping.

Im sure they need baggers at her local grocery store. Kimberly makes reference on youtube to starting a wedding planning business! Are you kidding me, she is going to be taking money from more victims. She cannot be in charge of anyones credit card.

She used peoples credit cards over the last couple years to pay for others trips. She is absolutely insane. Can she for once take the blame, apologize and move on. Just pay the restitution and move on with your life.

Im sure your daughter and father need you. Or maybe your daughter would be better off if you were in jail? You seem under the influence of something at times. You have brought your young daughter on trips to Mexico and let her sleep on lounge chairs late into the evenings and didn't even know where she was at times because you were so intoxicated and under the influence of pills.

You playing the victim is hilarious. The only victims are the ones that you owe all this money to. Even the workers at the courthouse said that you tried to cry your way through court and played the victim the whole time.

No one thinks you are going to pay a penny so why not just check yourself into jail already.


Since I'm unable to be employed it's difficult to pay restitution. As for looking to purchase a car ha ha, with what?

You all don't need to worry I'm being watched very carefully.

I contact my po every morning, I go to all meeting with him. I've applied for several jobs with no luck because you crazy people will not stop the phone calls to potential employers. Do you honestly think that is helping your case?

I've taken responsibility add the business owner, the court had all my records and can see where things went wrong.

The only thing I did wrong was NOT tell you guys what was happening, and I should 100%. In all my years in the business I truly believed it was going to work out.

Why after 22 years would I purposely room everything over ever worked for.

I'm doing everything I can to get through this mess. I'm not going to be thrown in jail for not being able to make my payments based on when you want them.I five years to get everything done


And another thing........I did plead guilty to

To the one count for my minister, he was in court with me. All the others counts were dropped.

Reply all you want to this it's just making you all crazy


To anyone new to this post please understand that Kimberly is a convicted CRIMINAL...and not just the minister (wow you stole from a man of God?!)...she copped a plea for scamming about 12 people! She is to pay restitution to us all!

And I know its difficult for someone with a criminal record to get a job....but its possible! And maybe if she wasn't trying to start a wedding planning business (can't make this stuff up)...she would be more successful in finding gainful employment....

Kimberly Pack stole our money...plain and simple!

A thief...with no heart and evidently no remorse....

I am sure that if she is keeping up with her po etc that is because it is mandated by the courts....

KIMBERLY PACK GET A JOB! STOP TRYING TO BE A VICTIM.....JUST PAY YOUR VICTIMS BACK AND WE CAN ALL PUT THIS BEHIND US.....until then stop thinking you can post nonsense on fb (yep no matter how many times you block are read by many you owe) with no repercussions.....our case against you has already been resolved by the you are the one that needs help because we are making sure the States Attorney is well versed in every move you make....


Maybe you all should get a life. As for the court documents I HAVE THEM IN HAND.

Everyone on the this forum was under a Felony 4, that was dropped if I took the plea for the Felony 3 which was my minister Doug Shriner, he went because he understood what happened.

As for the car.....I have every right to look, I will need to get to that grocery store bagging job they are holding for me.

I am not under the influence of anything and to say so is pretty much slander. DO NOT BRING my daughter into this fight DO YOU UNDERSTAND. What a horrible thing to say, you all are just miserable people.

I see your post, times posted - should you be doing that while working?

This will be the last time I will ever open this page again because what YOU THINK YOU KNOW YOU DON'T. I'm so glad I take up so much of your day.

BTW if you do have the court records you will also find my statement, saying YOU ARE THE VICTIMS.

It was my bad business choice that did everything.


Good stay off this site! Find a job....and don't worry about mines....I have a right to be PISSED at any post you write acting like a victim.....I have a life sweetie...and when u stole my money you became part of just read this and go have a pity party somewhere else!


Maybe the convict can clean toilets and do supervised house cleaning? Hard to feel sorry for a convicted liar and thief who ruined countless peoples vacations and honeymoons, like ours.

She was charged with a dozen felonies and plead guilty and just whines like she is a victim. Actions have consequences and hope her daughter learns by this and does not grow up to be just like Mommy.

And Packs Mom was in on the crimes too and should have been prosecuted IMO. Poor Kim.


Has anyone received restitution yet?? Is kimberly even working to pay the victims??

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New Baltimore, Michigan

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Vacation Rentals: Refund, Cancellation and Safety Tips

Nov 6, 2020

How to find proper vacation rentals? Can you cancel and refund? How not to be scammed with a vacation rental? Mary Branum, a vacation rental expert, shares tips on how to refund a vacation rental and what to do if you have issues with renting.

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