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Gave me back to my family

I would like to rate Doctor Kim with a 10. In 2004 I woke and could not move. It took me several minutes to roll over to get out of bed. I could not sit nor stand. My husband took me to urgent care in St. Paul and they said "Here take a muscle relaxer, you have just pulled a muscle." I cried so hard I know my back and this was no pulled muscle. I saw my doctor and my blood pressure was 190 over xx. My primary doctor ordered a MRI. I was told the next day to see a Neurosurgeon. I was referred to Dr. Kim. I remember sitting in the examining room scared that she too would tell me there was nothing wrong. My husband and I heard her in the hallway gasp "oh my". She came in and showed us the MRI. She said it was the worst herniated disk she had ever seen. It was C3,4 disk had crushed my spinal cord. She rolled her chair over to me, put her hand on my leg and said"If you sneeze, cough the wrong way, or hit a bump too hard you will be a quadriplegic. My husband started to cry with fear. I got an emergency operation. I went home the next morning. She indeed had given me back to my family. It was a miracle. In 2008, I again blew a disk. Same pain so I knew what it was. I knew because of the skill and compassion Dr. Kim had that I would go to her again. I had an MRI done saw Dr. Kim again and she performed surgery again....this time it was C4,5. She fused the disks. I have plate and a few screws but I was back on my feet in a week, playing with my grand kids like nothing had ever happened. Another miracle. Oct 11, of this year, I again had a herniated disk. C7/T1. She again operated on me. I am sitting in my home writing this because of the skillful hands of Dr. Kim. Now I ask you, Is this a doctor you would be afraid to see? Not me or my family. We were treated wonderfully not only by Dr. Kim but by her staff. They were courteous and compassionate beyond compare. This is a Dr. that not once, not twice, but three times saved me from a fate that could have been far worse. She gave me back to my family and there is no greater gift than that. Dr Kim is our MIRACLE worker.....Thank you Dr. Kim Gaylene Bissonette and family :)
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Saint Paul, Minnesota
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Dr. Miriam Kim of Golden Valley MN

I had a bad experience with Kim Neurosurgery, 5500 Wayzata Blvd, Golden Valley, MN. I went to Dr. Miriam Kim because I needed surgery to fix a herniated lumbar disk. She seemed nice enough when I was trying to decide which surgeon to use. At that time she seemed to be genuinely concerned for my wellfare. Later, however, when things weren't going so well, her manor changed. She was no longer the compassionate care giver she appeared to be when I was deciding which surgeon to use. Suddenly, she seemed to want to have nothing to do with me; like I had the plague or something. I actually had to threaten malpractice to get her to see me again, despite the fact that I was doing much worse. I suffered a significant deterioration and became disabled from extreme back pain in the same area my surgery was done. And now my spine is all hunched over like an old lady and she told me there is nothing she can do. The worst part is I asked her for a simple referral so I could go to Mayo and be evaluated there. She refused to give me this simple referral even though all it takes is a one phone call, and she doesn't even have to make it. All she has to do is direct her secretary to make the call. I don't think it's fair that anyone shoudl have that much power to condem me to a life in bed. Maybe she's just trying to hide a botched operation? It's looks bad on the statistics after all. I wouldn't recommend anyone use Dr. Kim, or Kim Neurosurgery, for anything. She is heartless, cruel, and drunk on power.
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It has been about 2 years now since my back surgery. I live with chronic pain from which there is no relief.

I am addicted to narcotics and living on SSI. I was finally able to get Mayo to look at my case, but they refused to see me saying that I had essentially no options left to try. My PCP says that I have no chance to improve any further and that all that is left is to try to slow down the deterioration. Clearly, none of this is the fault of Dr.

Kim. At least she tried to do something. I didn't hire her for her personality, I just wish she had a little more empathy when I needed some. To her I suppose my narcotic addiction was inevitable and she didn't want any part of it.

I got the same attitude from MAPS. I just wish these providers would be honest for a change. My PCP, Dr. Jason Halvorson, of the Monticello Clinic, is terrific.

I probably wouldn't be alive today if not for him.

At least there's hope for the addicted. For the dead, not so much...


I cannot thank Postman and Very upset enough for this information. I truly mean that.

I did not read these comments until after I had my consult with Dr. Kim so I went into it with a unbiased.

I was referred to Dr. Kim as well from my primary care physician. I am in absolute terrible pain. I went to my appt and filled out the normal paperwork that you fill out as a new patient with this exception; I was required to provide my credit card number, expiration date and code on the back BEFORE she would see me. I asked why. I was told you have 30 days to pay your bill and if you do not, they charge your credit card. That was the first thing that turned me off.

The consult I had was exactly as the other comments described. Her demeanor was very cold. I had a bad feeling about the consult and how she appeared so uncaring.

I had set up a surgery date and left it just didn't feel right. When I got home I googled her name and these complaints came up. I immediately called and cancelled my surgery. I contacted my primary care physician and asked for a referral to a different neurosurgeon. I had a consult with the new surgeon. He was very compassionate, caring and conserned about my situation. That is what I need as a patient going into such a serious surgical procedure as spinal cord surgery.

I have a new surgery date and I can't wait to get this done and hopefully have some relief of the pain. Again, thank you Postman and Very upset for steering me where I feel I belonged.


I had a simular situation with Miriam Kim. I needed surgery due to severe spinal stenosis.

I was referred to her by NMMC E,R department. I received good care while hospitalize, once I was discharged her kindness was discharged also. After the decompression she proformed I've been experencing horrible next pain. She refused me PT or for me to have another visit.

After consulting with numerous Neuro Dr. and showing them the final report with a cd of the before and after results, they shook their head is disgrace. One Dr. stated it wasn't a rush to do the surgery as she made it out to be and the other specialist stated it should've been fused at that time.

The surgery she did in 08 left me in horrific pain, lost of social life and suicidal. I recently under went a fussion c5-c7 with more work to be done due to the way she previously treated it.

I have a long road ahead of me in mysery yet she get to go thru life laughing at us while enjoying her life. I'm consulting with a malpractice Lawyer.



In the past 3 1/2 months since I wrote this review I have improved somewhat and my attitude regarding Dr. Kim has changed. I am now fairly certain that my problems after surgery are probably not a reflection of Dr. Kim's skill as a surgeon. However, I still object strongly to the way my continued problems where regarded by her. I still cannot consult the Mayo Clinic without Dr. Kim's referral until 1 year has past. She dropped me as a patient just when I needed a doctor the most. That was not very nice.

I am no longer confined to bed nor considering suicide as an option. I am able to care for myself and occasionally leave the house for short errands. I do have constant pain and persistant disability, but with aggressive physical therapy, medications, TENS unit, massage, acupuncture, and an inversion table, I bought, I am progressing slowly. I do hope to return to work next year sometime. However, my personal life is destroyed and I am financially ruined because of this horrible back pain.

I have all new doctors now and they are treating me right. I am probably addicted to pain killers now but that is treatable whereas death is usually not.


Let me be the first to say thank you for writing this. It has been very helpful in my search.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota

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