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I have 2016 kia sportage with 22,000 miles! The air cond. System died and kia is trying to charge me to even look at the suv. And come to find out kia has known about this problem since 2013! Yet they continue to sell these cars with with faulty a.c. systems. I have even read that the 2017 has the same problem. I called corp. about what is happening and made them aware that i know about faulty a.c syetem and that my suv is still under warranty....
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Certified Pre-Owned 2016 Kia Sportage. This vehicle is said to have met all inspections. Now I purchased the vehicle in March and this is October I have had to take car back 4 times for the same reasons. Now I did purchase additional warranty but I am still now not able to get a resolution from Kia nothing but bad, bad, bad, customer service and bad repair service knowledge. I have been told that the engine put inside the car is to small for...
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