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Gap "Insurance" Fraud

Kia Mall of Georgia is selling a Gap "insurance" to customers that is not insurance. In their sales tactics, they will tell you that to protect you from high mileage and other wear and tear on your vehicle, you need to purchase Gap "insurance" in case you are in an accident. They tell you that because your regular insurance deducts money off of what they are going to pay you for your car, you need the Gap to pay off your vehicle and that Gap will make up the difference. WRONG! The Gap "insurance" they sell you is not actual insurance at all. It is an addendum according to the Insurance Commissioner of Georgia. The addendum states that they will not pay if the insurance company deducts money due to wear and tear, mileage, etc. So what good is it? Exactly! You have wasted your money on a policy and you are out thousands of dollars more towards a car that you no longer have, even if it is the other person's fault! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM KIA MALL OF GEORGIA
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User's recommendation: Run far away from this car dealership!

Edna F Vpp
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No call backs

Boy did I try to contact them. Left voicemail no response. Called back spoke with operator tried to put me thru for service appt. voicemail again. Back to operator put me thru to service manager another voicemail. She said they are short staffed. Been going there for 6 years second time this has happened. 3 strikes and you are out
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Bait and switch pros