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I went to their staffing agency in nyc so they can help me find a job. I met with one of the recruiters at their office and after a lengthy conversation about my background, he told me that he will keep his eyes open for a position for me and if I had any questions I can email him. It turns out I did have questions , so I emailed him but to this day he hasn't answered any of my emails. Don't waste your time with this staffing agency! Read more

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It is the worst experience. They gave an verbal offer way below to what initially is promised, without even confirming it from the client. After the verbal offer i still had to go through two more interviews with client. They threatned me that if i didn't accept offer for the reduced salary, they have other members willing to take up the offer. Worst experience doesnqt end here. Once i rejected the final offer because I got a better... Read more

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I applied for a job Kforce had listed, but they job was also listed independently on the internet, anyway, that Kforce Mgr in Houston TX, said to me" You are NOT ALLOWED to contact that company, only I WILL CONTACT THEM. I did send a fax to Kforce to let them know, that they are the Employment MAFIA, that is the way she acted, I am disgusted, I don't want anything to do with them, they are mentally very sick. Anyone has the RIGHT TO APPLY... Read more

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  • Oct 06, 2016
  • by anonymous
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They are a bunch of crooks. I worked for them, I was doing a bunch of overtime and they waited until I left for another job to say that I owed them money, knowing full well I had no access to the system that the company I worked for with them and thus no way to dispute what they said as inaccurate. They are borderline criminals.

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I met Andrew at a job search group, and we had a lengthy conversation about my background and how he could help. Then, he said that he was going to email me more details about the positions available later that day. I waited until midnight but didn't receive any email. So, I email him, and he apologizes, and he said that the would like to schedule a phone call to talk more. We set up a mutually convenient time and on the day of the call, I... Read more

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Kforce told me i was hired by connect your care, i did my back ground ck, it took 3 weeks to do. I have never been in trouble or arrested. I get a call on friday from brandon the recruiter stating oh everything is good show up on monday to start work ! Then he calls me back a few hrs latet and says u cant start work we didnt get everything back. Also , the next training class starts a month from now!!! What a bunch of *** and what a run around!... Read more

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I applied for a job as an administrative assistant at a local university that was being staffed through KForce. I generally try to avoid applying to positions via staffing companies because in my experience if you don't tick all the boxes of the position you won't get a call back. A few days after submitting my application I recieved a call from one of their recruiters who informs me that the university in question was already deep into it's... Read more

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I intervied for multiple positions....was promised they were so different from other agencies and they will get you working and so on and so forth...PLEASE!!!! They contacted me and NEVER delivered. The person I interviewed with NEVER bothered to follow back up regarding the alledge posotions available. DO NOT waste your time. They talk a good game but have NOTHING!!! Don't think for a moment because you have degrees and a ton of experience you... Read more

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One of the most unprofessional hiring staff I have ever encountered in my life. I have been working full time since 1970 and was never out of work until a corporate takeover last year, 2015. I have NEVER been out of work before in my life. I accepted and worked for KFORCE for 2+ weeks and was hired for what I believed was a 6 month project doing business. After 2 1/2 weeks, I received a call at 6:30 at night NOT to report to work the next... Read more

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I need my w2 form mailed to 8708 mosswood Dallas Tx 75227 Read more

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