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We paid for a 2007 Keystone 5th Wheel cash so they have their money. First, we took it on a short trip to learn about how everything was ok. As they told us they would go through it all and make sure everything worked as was ok. The skylight window in the bathroom broken great when it has been raining for days. That was actually in writing that the roof would be sealed. We went to pick up RV for the first time it took another week before we...
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I have a Keystone Copper Canyon less than 10 years old.The company says delamination was due to leaks.I had it taken apart, no leaks inside and the insulation is all dry. The skin is bubbling off of the cheap cardboard which has no water stains on it.Keystone would not respond. When I finally spoke to someone, Keystone wouldn't admit to bad workmanship and isn't willing to help.I'm considering a class action suit.
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Anonymous Same issues as everyone else! Front, sides and now rear delamination. What a crappy company and product!


jody We too have a 2007 Keystone Copper Canyon with the same delamination. Has been an issue for years. We keep our unit sealed and maintained. Our shop says the glue has separat...