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Wish - They ruined my car. To an am unaffordable point of repair

Siren Song Safety - It doesn't work and it is coming apart

Siren Song Safety - Very unreliable, not a good product.

Siren Song Safety - Siren Song Keychain Batteries

Siren Song Safety - Siren song is a waist and I found out by accident, thank God.

Siren Song Safety - Money being taken out of my account

Judith Dian

I ordered eight Siren Songs and gave them to my daughter, daughter-in-laws, sons and myself and my husband. I have checked back with my girls and none of them are using the Si...

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Siren Song Safety - TOTAL SCAM

Rapid Fulfillment - Siren Song Total Fraud Product


Siren Song is a dud as are the BELL TAMA, the switch bait Deal.Save sends in place of the Siren Song. The promised light, clip and carting strap are not included, only a cheap...

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