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Worst attorney imaginable

Hired him for a divorce/dissolution. Asked for $2500 since I'm doing all the damn work. Did nothing to protect me period. Acted as an non caring middle man at best. Late getting back to me but saw this little guy at the gym in the afternoons almost every day. Fancies himself a lady's man in Springboro which is laughable. Missed multiple issues in my decree. My ex's attorney actually sent over final paperwork the day before the court hearing and then changed it overnight without this moron catching it. After all was said and done he sent me another bill in addition to his one time fee (which was NOT just a retainer). I told him to stick it - well had to tell his assistant to because he wasn't man enough to ever call me personally. That bill disappeared. I have dealt with two other attorneys (one in Springboro and one in Lebanon). The local one said, "I like Kevin but can't believe what awful work he does. It's going to be complete headache to start from scratch with all this." Five years later I'm still in court. I'm in eviction court due to my job and he helps landlords in some of these cases. The dude is always late coming to court. Always calls the client and tells them some BS story. Maybe stay out of Bdubs every night and you can get your little butt out of bed...
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I totally agree with this story. Kevin worked for my EX for our post decree case in 2018.

In one of the hearing, he even left for 90 minutes to attend his another hearing! Even though that hearing was in the same court. But our hearing was scheduled at least 5 weeks ago. This showed how much he cares about his client.

LOL. Kevin is a money grabber. He gave some advice to my ex, which is not for his client's best interest, but for added on hours he put on his client.

I'm so glad he is not my attorney. And in the end, my EX lost the case and need to pay me extra legal fees.

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Springboro, Ohio
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Bad quality

Professional Shister

He represented my husband at one point as a bankruptcy lawyer because his ex wife didn't pay the mortgage, he never finished the case or saved the house from foreclosure. He is now representing my husbands ex wife in a custody issue. Which clearly should be a conflict of interest however he did such a terrible job representing my husband the first time we were thrilled when we found out he was going to represent her despite the conflict of interest we figured if he did such a *** job the first time we didn't have anything to worry about with him representing her. Only a money hungry shister would do something like that.
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Poor customer service

Do dot hire

Kevin Hughes agreed to a fee for my divorce knowing my ex had ran off with all the assets I had saved and earned from my business and children over a 25 year period, leaving me with nothing, a special needs son to care for, stole my car, wasn't paying the utilities or mortgage (although I was giving him money to do so and he was showing everything paid in the check register) AND he broke my shoulder as a nice parting gift. Kevin did not bring any of the documents 2court, did not call any Witnesses ,did not use any of the bank documentation or subpoena any of the documentation showing what my ex-husband had done, did not call the doctors into the court or use their statements which made me look like the bad person and missed court dates ,overcharged me by $8,000 and was best friends with my ex-husband's attorney which was a great conflict of interest. He even went as far as saying I should sell my equipment which I used to earn a living to pay him. Because of his complete lack of professionalism I was made to go without any of the income that my ex could have been paying me to help pay his portion of his bills at the house that were in his name while awaiting judgement. If it were not for my detective work I would not have received any spousal support. He was an absolutely horrible attorney and showed absolutely no concern for my well-being or my son's well-being and constantly argued with me and charged me for things that he told me he would not. He is greedy and a liar and should be disbarred. He lied to the judge on a phone call when he missed a court hearing telling her that I was difficult to get in touch with when I had been constantly trying to reach him and they would not answer my calls but when I called from a friend's phone they suddenly answered the phone instantly. When sitting in the courtroom he would be on his computer ignoring the proceedings and allowing my ex's attorney to berate and Grill me and have me in tears to the point where the judge was threatening me with contempt of court and he would not say a word , no objections whatsoever even though he knew what she was saying was a lie and that my ex was lying on the stand. He never brought up the fact that my ex had committed perjury or stolen tens of thousands of dollars from myself and my children and he also never brought up the fact that I was abused. Do not hire this man.
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