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It has a strange metal bitter taste. I will be returning this Kuerig k55. I have used other products and have never experience this. I hope company is investigating. I would hope it is not a risk or toxic to consumer. This product should be recalled . We use bottled water not tap water. There should be no reason for this product to perform so miserably. I hope Kuerig cares enough about their customers to research the flaw , protect and correct...
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I didn't like
  • Defective product - bitter taste
Our family buys Keurig filters, we use filtered water, and their descaling solution. We have spent thousands of dollars over the years on k-cups alone and the brewer itself 3 times. I contacted customer service and they told me to stick a paper clip in the holes where the k- cup is brewed. They showed zero interest to my concerns and sounded as if they were reading off a prepared script. We would like a new brewer or this is it for Keurig for...
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I'm sad to say but my Keurig coffee maker is infested with roaches also. My wife had been complaining about roaches coming from the machine but I didn't think much of it until I was getting ready to make me a cup of coffee. I opened it up to insert coffee and there they were. Don't know what to do about this problem other than getting rid of the coffee maker. 99 dollars gone to the Roaches. ***! !!!!.
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Keurig K55 Coffee Maker Review

Had 3 k15 loved them bought the classic k55 with extra tank and hate it wont recommend this i wish i haf stayed with the basic one

This is my 4th Keurig brewer. The 1st was single use and just too small, passed to my neighbor. My 2nd was loved so much my daughter stole if from me and still uses it after 5 years. My 3rd purchased direct from Keurig was a lemon. Even with gentle baby care and regular cleaning, the water was pulled into the pot but then stopped, no water/coffee was able to expel. Called Keurig but since the pot was "only 1 week past warranty" Keurig...
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I liked
  • Convenience of single brew
  • I like the coffee but not the product or service
I have the keurig k55 and after 1year and 1 month my keurig has let me down and of course highly disappointed. I received it aa a Christmas gift from my son and had waited so long to get my son got me one for Christmas of makes a horriable noise and im standing there waiting ona cup of coofee amd guess what it takes about 2 or 3 minutes of nothing but noise amd when it finally do brew its not even a fourth cup..ive clean it...
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Anonymous I have the same exact problem....and when I called they told me to clean the inside of that little pin with a paper clip! Yeah, that doesn't work either, maybe for one cup but...