map-marker Davis, California

Rip off

these guy are rip off rip off rip off rip offs rip offs rip offs they will take your money and you will never see it again paid for over night shipping and they act like it was theres to keep. never order from them .they wont e mail you back .they wont call you back .they will try to make you pay more to change you logo .they just rip you off I did get a banner after i turn them in to paypal .it took 2 months for that to get here .and will not send me my money back wont e mail back .dont trust them with your money they will get you too
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map-marker Davis, California

They ripped me too

they have ripped me for the over night shipping 35 $ and will not return my e mails ,i did get my banner after 5 weeks paid for overnight shipping and it looks like they just ripped me off,and an still waiting for refund! 10 weeks later tony rip off ripoff rip off ripoff ripoff ripoff ripoff rip off rip off rip off rip off rip off rip off rip off rip off rip off rip off rip off rip off rip off rip off rip off rip off rip off rip off rip off ripoff rip off rip off
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shockerlinepitbulls P
map-marker Traverse City, Michigan

Kennel Image ripped my off for a $129 logo

Kennel image says it builds websites, cards, banners, and designs logos. I chose the logo, package 2 the more expensive of the two offered at a cost $129. It stated that I would need to fill out the questionnaire so they had some ides of what I wanted. I did so and they said they would have 3 logos to base my ideas on to choose from and then unlimited detail work on that logo chosen. First off I got 1 logo to choose from at almost 30 days after I paid. They really bug you to pay as soon as you inquire about their services and then back burner you till you just go away. The one logo I did finally get wasn't anything to do with the questionnaire I had to fill out to get them to even start the design. Then when I tell them that its not close they stop returning emails or even giving me the lame excuses for why it wasn't done anymore. The guy helping was Russell Cacciavillano. Hes proven completely worthless as my design was not even close to what I was looking for. I am a father of 4 little girls and I saved for months to squeeze this logo money out of our budget because I looked and had wanted one for a long time. Then, these guys from "Kennel Image just take my money with zero remorse. Thanks so much guys your really a top notch business
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This company may have done some business in the past, but they are scamming people right now. They still have their paypal account active, but they won't allow you to contact them in anyway.

The 1-800 number they have listed is idk. Some lady named Joanne answers and acts like it's her personal line, and the other line stays off the hook.

I only sent them 129, but I feel for people who have sent them more. Paypal should should also be held responsible, because this company has been reported before and they still allow them to do business using their service-WOW!!!!!!

Jesselyn Lfy

kennelimage is 1 *** big scam.they have ripped me of for 800$.ordert shirts with them and only got excuse after excuse.allready filed complaint to facebook where they are on and to paypal.and guess what facebook and paypal are investigating them.because i'm not the only 1 they screwed over.i know atleast 5 other persons they did the same to and they also filed in complaints offcourse

shockerlinepitbulls P

Time and time again, they just keep stealing money. These guess should be shut down.

Everyone post this link in the boards your in to stop these guys from ripping people off. As for blessed with know what they say...birds of a feather flock together. I'd be Leary of working with the loser friends of this Russ guy too. Choose your friends more wisely and maybe people will do business with you too.

Let's see blessed with bullies send them $1200. Get jacked. Then sit there and take it in the ***. Haha.

Your funny. Hey you need a website anyway...or would that keep you from ripping people off too?


I believe they have ripped me off also!! I called back in January about a web design, business cards, and logo they told me they got a special going on for $1,200 and if I paid all up front they would get right on it and ill have it in no time well that no time havent came yet!!

Now Russ wont even answer no call texts or anything. I know Russ told me they had merged with another company and should not of happened because their software or whatever was not compatiable.also the girl that does the coding was on vacation but dont worry it will be done very soon mine is different it got alot of funky coding or something I will be very happy when its done. The guy has gave me every excuse in the book whenever I got in contact with him from hes been sick to a death of his friend to the merger. i told him I know things happen and thats completely understandable but this is ridiculous and now wont even contact me.

I know they do awesome work but if I knew this they wouldnt of never got my money!! I got nothing!!!!

Jesselyn Lfy
reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-549425

sick to dead,1 died,they moved,on holliday i heard it all from the end after 8MONTHS waiting after my shirts i lost my temper and they just blocked me like its nothing


Kennel image sucks. They are screwing us out of $700 for tshirts and logo design.

They will not return anything as far as emails calls or messages. I will be starting the legal actions tomorrow.

They are crooks. Blessed with bullies please email me since you know them msblueskennel@***.net


Hello!! I have been ripped off by kennel image.

They say that they want you to be 100% happy with their service is a joke. I paid for a kennel logo and business cards almost three months ago when i saw their service being OFFERED on FB. They require you to pay for their service upfront which i did with trust. A month almost went by so i emailed them only to wait another week before they sent out the questionnaire.

Once i completed it. I waited another week or two and someone by the name of Russell Cacciavillano emailed me and said that he would be working on my design and business cards. The logo got finished then i was unhappy with it and wanted to make a change to the flag because i didnt like it and i was charged an additional $25 dollars which i paid on June 29,2012 (still have the receipt) for additional work. Today August 3,2012 i have yet to receive my additional work or my business cards.

I have tried emailing, calling messaging on FB, everything i have accessible to me to contact these bad people for over a month to resolve this issue and have yet to get a response. I am a disabled veteran injured in combat in 2009. I have a lot of stress and medical issues that im dealing with already ,but i put my trust in this kennel image to provide me a service and i was fooled. i got a half done logo which i paid over 100 dollars for.

then paid an additional $25 dollars to resole an issue that they messed up, never received the business cards and im being ignored because i have seen where they have like comments on FB but they havent responded to my emails i have sent to them. PLEASE AMERICA! DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY WITH THESE PEOPLE! THE PROCESS IS VERY SLOW!



Heather Wlq

Oops just read your post 8)

So it looks like everything is fine with you and kennel image now =) I knew they wouldn't just screw anybody intentionally like I said I have worked and known Russ for years and he and his workers have done nothing but delivered time after time (unlike EVERY OTHER bully designer out there) Looks like you guys had a misunderstanding and now have it resolved, that I am glad to see!

Heather Wlq

They have been running the bully design world for years, way back since the MSN boards were up. Maybe you had a bad experience with them, but all I am saying is I know all of my kennel friends and myself have been using them for years and they deliver time after time.

1 of 100?

That makes me laugh, do you really think all of these kennels would be getting work from them if that was the case? I'm sorry but these guys are one of the ONLY legit design companies serving us kennels.

Jesselyn Lfy
reply icon Replying to comment of Heather Wlq

go do some more research blessedwithbullies,they screwed me over and atleast 5 other persons i know.paypal is having an investigation not for nothing towards them with all the complaints they got from kennelimage.and even facebook is doing the same.

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