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Keller Bros. Inc. - Littleton

Took my car in for a repair, and ended up getting gouged for the parts. I called and called for days asking for a refund because I had a different estimate than what they told me. Finally made a complaint with the BBB, and so got a call back from the business. They told me that after I retracted my complaint with the BBB, they would refund my money, but I wouldn't do that. Then they tried to make issues out of how it's my daughter driving my car - which I don't see that's relevent, and also tried to give me a guilt trip saying that I heard the estimate wrong. I didn't. Still don't have my refund yet. Lying Slithering Lizards work there.
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At least they did not work right...not a bad problem considering only one complaint...I'm sold and will do business with kellers.