Kay Snyder, Lousy St. Cloud Lawyer Results!

I hired Ms. Snyder to handle 2 situations for me. she did nothing but take my money and had no results to show for it. she swore to me that he was an excellent litigator and thus could take on a divorce as it would be easy with all of his experience. she was wrong. she claimed he filed all the motions and requests I asked her to do, but I later discovered from the courts that she NEVER filed a single thing I requested of her. She was completely UN-knowledgeable to court room procedures, the time-frames in which things had to be served, filed, etc.., what motions were needed, what oppositions were required, and she would become angry and livid when any questioned what she was doing. She would yell and scream obscenities at me when I questioned her abilities. She managed to get into a screaming match in court which resulted in the Commissioner kicking us out of court. During a failed deposition (due to her negligence), she got into a screaming with match with opposing counsel and it was then that I knew I had to fire her, however I had paid her $40,000.00 and I had yet to get any of the promised work seen to completion. She will not provide accounting despite numerous requests, she will not keep you appraised of communication between the other side and herself, and she will be highly unprofessional and rude if you ask her to explain what she is doing, and in my case, she made lewd and inappropriate comments to me which made me highly uncomfortable. Her overall professional ethics are highly questionable and her actual work produced will be minimal, and when you ask her about it, she will try to tell you it is either your fault, you do not understand the law, or threaten to drop your case if you question her because she is the "Lawyer". In my opinion, you would be better suited to hire a different attorney with a better background and track record. Her failures and missteps have now cost me everything, caused me to do 5 days in jail as a civil inmate, and I have 3 different law firms preparing to sue Ms. Snyder for Legal Malpractice pro Bono because her violations and offenses are so tremendously great! DO NOT hire this "bulldog" attorney!!
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once you sign that agreement with her, its over. there won't be a penny left from your retainer fee.


I was thinking of hiring her but based on your review and the word on the street (kay's loses alot in court and costs more than other attnys in the area) that wont happen. thanks for the heads up.

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Paris, Ile-De-France

Crooked Kay Snyder hurt my friend, St.cloud

I know of a client of Ms. Kay Snyder who has been represented by her for the past few years who is continuing to get taken advantage of. She produces pounds of paper to opposing party and will make lengthy calls in order to rack up the attorney fees. There were at least a dozen times in a particular case where it could've been resolved but Ms. Snyder just kept taking it back to court. One of her clients even had a traumatic brain injury and she took complete advantage of the situation even though her clients' former spouse was willing to be amicable in working out a custody that would enable him to take time to heal and get proper medical rehabilitation. I could say a million harsh things about Ms. Snyder but I think Karma will catch up to her. It's just too bad for all of the clients who are in the poor house due to her unnecessary actions while she completes a million dollar renovation on her Sauk Rapids home. :sigh
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sounds like your friend is not alone. why didn't she post the review instead though?


Million dollar renovation? U mean the one @ 1410 Schooners End?

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Dallas, Texas

Kay Snyder is against Families...

Around a week ago Ms. Snyder encouraged me to get divorced. I am a devout Catholic and felt that there should be better options on the table other than going right to divorce. But no, she encouraged me, after I retained her, to simply file papers instead of go to counseling or being temporarily separated. I hired her for advice and to get answers about possibly being separated, and how to work things out financially for my kids, not to get Divorced! After going over my case with her and explaining that it would be best for me and my children to stay with the father, she got visibly upset with me and wanted to file court papers to "solve" things. I said no and started to cry. She then asked me what my problem was. I asked her why is she against working for other options other than just divorce. After forking out several grand in a retaining fee, I only got three hundred back. Biggest waste of money in my life. The good news is that my husband and I are now back together, the kids are happy and so am I. I would not recommend Ms. Snyder for any legal advice whatsoever.
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my lawyer is handling her at the moment. so far, so good. it looks like not many have read these reviews though.


98 percent of catholic women use birth control and there not supposed to... why then cant she go to a lawyer to get advice.

i bet those 98 percent didn't get advice from their priests. c'mon people Catholics are not fundamentalists for crying out loud!


Why would a divorce lawyer want families to stay together? DUH :x


could you expand your review and answer if you talked to a priest or not before the other options you state? I think it would even better explain what this lawyer is really about :)


Perhaps that was her first choice. Glad she did not let that woman ruin her life.


ha ha, the "Satan" and "so sad" ones must be Kay doing her majic. But seriously, how do you know this woman did not go to a priest first?

snyder has a well known reputation of encouraging divorce and hurting families, catholic or not. Kay is the one percent!! We are the 99!!

With that (*^%*(^&! lawyer, it all comes down to money and greed.


If you went to a lawyer rather than your priest obviously you're not as "devout a Christian" as you claim. Nice try with the bogus story.


Why would you go to a lawyer rather than one of your priests? As a self-proclaimed "devout Catholic" that should've been your first choice.

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New Reviewer

Kay Snyder Attorney Review

After my divorce, my goal was to get child support from the father. I hired Kay Snyder. Kay seemed to want to fester up conflict between the father and me instead of focusing on my goal of getting child support. All I wanted was child support, not lots of other hearings about things that don't matter, etc. I finally fired her and had the county take over the case. It is not only cheaper, but it is free! They were very helpful and I now am getting child support I am entitled to through wage garnishment. I wish I new then what I know now. I would not recommend Kay Snyder unless you want to spend big bucks and get small results. Casey, St.Cloud, MN.
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why would a family lawyer lie to you about what is in your child best interest?? is there no conscious


good grief, perhaps she is in menopause? cut her some slack.


you did the right thing. SHe costs more than other lawyers in area and underperforms at any price.

she's very hard to work with.

check the court file and see foryourself. most of her motions are DENIED!


Now... now...

now... that's not how it works...

You don't fire Kay, Kay fires you. :p :p :p

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Washington, District Of Columbia

Kay Snyder Lawyer Rip Off!!

$7,500.... That is what I paid Kay Snyder, a lawyer in Big Lake who scams single moms out of their hard earned money. Over 7 grand and I got nothing! WTF?!?? I asked her on the phone for an itemized billing to see where my money went and she said that she could not provide me with it at this time? I asked a second time, after I got another bill, and she then said that her assistant would get back to me regarding my request. I waited for two months, never received a response. Months later, when I asked a third time to get a billing statement from this 6 foot 2 woman with 6 inch heals on top of that to see where my money went, she asked me to "cease and desist" contacting her office. I probably got charged for that too! Long story short I spent over 7 grand and got nothing from this freak of a woman lawyer!
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she has higher testosterone than most men and angry as *** at women who are straight.


Is she not straight? I’m an ally but it’s interesting.


Look at her record and research for yourself... She loses more cases than most others do in court. Court files on her clients show her failures.


kay is a bottom feeder of society


John, with all due respect, you comment does not make any sense.

There is nothing in the above complaint that you are responding to that talks about the county representing any party in child support. Did you take time to read the review? It is important to read reviews carefully before responding to them. This should not be taken lightly.

Anyway I hope that lady gets her money back but it is hard to get refunds in family law.


Gee John, you are as dumb as Kay.

No where in the review does it say the county represents any party.

U must be K in disguise. She always looked like she was in drag anyway!


The county doesn't represent people to get child support and they make that clear. I used Kay and not only got what I requested but more.

Efficient, aggressive and to the point. I referred friends to her.

I got an itemized bill every month. These complaints are bogus!


The county doesn't represent people to get child support and they make that clear. I used Kay and not only got what I requested but more.

Efficient, aggressive and to the point. I referred friends to her.


What can I say? She has a reputation of causing financial problems with her clients. :sigh :sigh :(

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