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This place should not be in business. I've been going to the dentist for years for cleanings, other services. With my insurance change, I had to pick another dentist. So I decided to go to this dental practice located in Bridgeville, PA. This was the worst experience of my life. 10 minutes max for the cleaning. Very disorganized, they refuse typical cleaning services like flouride, panaromic x-rays, no flossing, no sanitary paper for the chair,... Read more

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I had an appointment in October and November 2016. One of the office girls with long dark hair was very, very unprofessional to the other employees and patients. She was fighting with 2 other older ladies and cussed at another employee all in front of or within ear shot of a few patients including a child. I don't know who was at fault and don't personally care but that yelling match should have been behind closed doors. I am considering not... Read more

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Very unproffessonial the ladies that answers their phone is rude she had the Donora police sent to my home because she would or could not answer my questions about y i couldnt pick up my completed parcials that was paid for already but that wasnt enough for her personal vendetta she sent a letter telling me i wasnt allowed on the property and i cant have my partials there gona reimburst the insurance company funny im suing these *** HABEEBS CANT... Read more

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went in and had all my teeth removed and got approval from insurance and went back 5 weeks later to get my dentures and dr.alagirisany refused to make my dentures because I did not have my bone shaved in the back where my wisdom tooth is told her to make the denture to stop there she tells me you do not tell me what to do I tell you go find another dentist it is a shame they did not teach her customer service in dental school a lot of good... Read more

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I got 3 teeth filled on a Friday by 10 pm Friday night one of my fillings fell out I called the answering service who said they would only page the dentist if I was in excruciating pain...told him to page him because I was call back..sat called again to have him paged again NO CALL BACK...Monday first thing I called to get in and they can't get me in till Tuesday at 1:30!!! Are you kidding me!!!! They don't care about their patients... Read more

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My mom went to Katsur in Bridgville and had the worst experience ever. If you were thinking about getting dentures DO NOT GO THERE. My mom didn't get her teeth for 5 months. They only give you temporary tops and no bottoms. So for 5 months she could barely eat because she didn't have bottom teeth. When her teeth finally came in they were WAY TOO big for mouth. The dentist said well you signed off on it so this is what you get. Are you freaking... Read more

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HORRIBLE HORRIBLE starting with the woman that answers phone. She is rude and would scare anyone away from this place. I never did set up an appointment because she was so ignorant. There is not a reason in the world that anyone would ever make an appointment at this facility after being treated like she treats people. She told me that I should have called at the beginning of the week for an appointment when in reality I did call and left a... Read more

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I've been calling them for a week now no answer no vocemail the fat black lady @ the desk is rude had an attitude the lady that takes x-rays of yo teeth was not friendly got smart and not one time she said hi or said who she was need's more happy people that's happy with they job

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I have been going to Monroeville Katsur to Dr. Adams, I have been very pleased with all his work Read more

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I absolutely love the Edgewood office! Shannon and Jackie at the front desk were so friendly and informative. And fun to talk to. Britney did a lot of my feelings and did a great job! Before I didn't want to smile and now I have a great smile. She is awesome, takes her time and make sure it's perfect. Dr. Juana horn is very friendly and efficient. I never want to switch Dentists. It's nice going to a place where they won't criticize you because... Read more

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