Jan G Eeh
map-marker Dundalk, Maryland

Discontinued product

Few products achieved such flavorful levels AND purity of ingredients. Kashi puffs provided a non-processed morning cereal option that was unique to the market. Ingredients so simple that those who wish to imbibe or avoid could easily do so. Does removing a product of such quality meet your high standards and mission driven business values? I think not. I will no longer buy Kashi shredded wheat as a personal protest.
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  • Non processed good flavor convenient
  • No longer available

Preferred solution: Continue making Kashi puffs

map-marker Concord, California

Sushi Review

Kashi Sushi in Huntington is slipping to the way side as the owners focus their attention on new development. They keep people on hold for take out orders for over 10 minutes. They will put minimal fish in your sushi and stuff it with other less expensive fillers. They will overcharge their regulars if they dont pay attention to theit bills. Beware!
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Reason of review:
Not as described/ advertised