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Please dont use my name. I didnt get the job and I really dont care for what reason. If you have anything to say bad about this company just say it, but dont use me to say it. Really anyway I didnt want to work for peanuts so there you have the right answer. People...
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how in the world do they get away with such trash. These people dont care about the consumer. Where do they get there clothes? Cina. cheap ***. isnt worth paying to price. Better off at Marshalls. At least there you can get a gucci shirt for the same price. sneakers...
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Anonymous I have never ordered from this company, but still managed credit card fraud against me. This required me to close my credit card account and reorder new cards. Stay away from ...


unbelievable Credit card fraud just happened with my mom. The thing is she's never ordered anything from Karmaloop but it showed up when she checked with the bank when she had to get a new...

Karmaloop only highers people who are 20 to 30 years of age. They dont higher mexicans and hispanics. On top of that there products are made in sweat shops, but they wont tell you that. Several of my friends order stuff from them and got back tees that were of cheap...
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Love Joy I am with you on the spelling part. People arent spelling words correct. However I still wont go back to shopping at Karmaloop. If you change anything, fire the chineese girl....


Lora OMG I met that chinnese chick and your right she does need a nose bleed. She would not survive in NYC 1 second. Maybe thats why she is here. Plus they sent me some product tha...

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