I had the same style of treatment that this young lady was receiving. I then noticed that my wheels were shaking at 60 miles an hour it was they had done before and when they decide to reject the balancing on my wheels the district manager past and saw that they had put spacers on my tires only because the center cap will continuously push the center cap on the rims out so they gave me spacers that one give me spacers they still have the problem...
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I went with my son to buy a used car to this dealership. We were looking for a used Ford Fusion. The dealer showed us a Milon. It only had 19,000 miles on it and it was a 2010. While we were outside the salesman said he could probally get us a thousand knocked off. After we went inside he looked up the info on the car and went to his manager and said no he couldn't get the price lowered. He let my son take the car home for the night. We looked...
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Service support I feel it is amusing also

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