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Summary: Extremely long wait, pressured sales tactics, predatory. Two days ago I checked all my fluids (brake, power steering, etc.), made sure everything was where it needed to be, and realized I needed an oil change. Went to the Just Brakes on Lemmon in Dallas, TX and they came back to say I needed brake and power steering fluid filled up. They also charged me for "flushing out my oil" and tried several times to sell me additional services I...
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I didn't like
  • Being lied to
Im taking my time to carefully describe this terrible experience to warn any other consumer to stay away from this places, please take your time and read this before taking your car to them. First I took my toyota tundra 2008 with 90k miles that had worked perfectly and just needed pad replacements to their midway location for a $99 break change which is a complete hoax, once they check the vehicle they throw at you $1,000's of dollars of...
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just sick I only wish I would have read all of these reviews sooner. My $99 break job turned into $400. Then I was given a list of things to repair before my truck was damaged by not ha...

In all my life I have never felt more taken advantage of than I was today with Just Brakes! They tell me brakes and pads for all 4 wheels will cost me $179.00. I leave my car and they call back saying that I needed calipers, a brake fluid flush, and new parts. Of course, I could not argue. When I returned the total was $504!!! The old bait ans switch. NEVER, I MEAN NEVER!!! Will I go back or recommned their service to anyone! EVER! The...
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CDWRLW The calipers thing must be a nationwide rip off scam they have going on they pulled here in Florida too. After stupidly agreeing to it, a friend of ours who is a mechanic told...


rappelman Had the exact same scenario here in Lubbock,YX except I didn\'t go for all the extra stuff they recommended.

I took one of my vehicles in to get the brakes repaired. The original estimate was $158.00. I authorized the work and left the vehicle with them. A short time later I was advised the car needed additional parts and the cost of the repairs would now be $432.00 plus tax. I hated to, but I authorized the additional charges. A couple hours later I received another call advising more problems were found and now the total for repairs would be...
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AAA Go to SEARS :) 8) 8)

I took my car to Just Brakes on N.W.HWY for brake repair (pads) and they told me $179 for front and rear,they took all the part off associated with the brakes, the calipers,even checked fluids that I didn't ask them to do about 3 hrs later they come with this long *** list of things wrong with my car over $1,000.i could not beleive it. I took my car Dodge they did a oil change,and brake job and they told me nothing else was wrong with my...
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STAY AWAY! I wish I would have read these reviews first. Even paying attention they got me for close to $200. They mentioned the special at $179 but as soon as they had taken my car apart they suddenly did not have my parts which meant an up charge. STAY AWAY! It was very convenient that they did not check stock before I arrived. This all took place at the Just Brakes in Bedford Texas off of Harwood & 121 on April 4, 2012. If I can save...
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They will see you coming a mile away. If you are desperate enough to go to this location, my advice would be to make sure you have less than 25,000 miles on your vehicle. If this is not the case, stay away! Should they find out it's been anywhere near longer than 15,000 or so since you've had a brake job your going to become a victim. Don't fall for it. They think they can intimidate you into wasting hundreds of dollars on parts and labor which...
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I tried these guys once... they wanted to change everything.... and of course wouldn't warranty the breaks since I purchased a re-built master cylinder...for a 1993 Jeep. Used for a while, then wheels began to lock up... they did an awful job, endangered me and passengers and other drivers. Completely re-did there work, at half the price. DO NOT USE! All Just Breaks did was try to fix things which were not broke in addition to my breaks....
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Went to a Just Brakes in Houston, on HWY 6. They took my brakes apart, had me come into the garage and quoted me $800. I said I wanted a second opinion. They told me they didn't know if they could put it back together because they broke some part taking it apart. I didn't say anything, I just went and sat down. 45 minutes later the manager comes in and tries to tell me I need to walk down the road to a auto parts store and buy a part...
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Hate the 99.88 most cases.. Here is a way around that. Just Brakes gets you all worked up thinking the worst is yet to come. Now you can turn the table against them. All just brakes prices are negotiable they are not set in stone and remember its not always your calipers sticking folks. They charge you 129.00 or 140.00 and even 174.00 for a part that costs around 12.00 dollars when they show you your wheel cylinders at 169.50 or 52.25*2 (total...
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