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I went to just brakes at the Branndon, Fl location and had to worst experience ever they lied to me and try to make me pay a bill for $1500 kept my car in the shop and made me miss work and I had to contact the regional manager only to still not end up happy they did an unauthorized job and fail to keep the customer happy so instead of giving me the job at half the price or for free at that point for the lies and decrement they needed up putting...
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June 15, 2015 My 2001 Subaru Forester stalled and the check engine light came on at an intersection nearby the "Just Brakes" shop at 7999 Wadsworth Blvd. in Arvada, Colorado, since I had noticed the BBB sign visibly displayed on their entry door (not observing that, in smaller print, it was stated that their BBB accreditation had expired in March, 2015). Managed to re-start the car and took it in the above-mentioned shop. Spoke to "Michael"...
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I liked
  • Proximity to my residence
I didn't like
  • Deception and substandard work