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Misstaken identity

My son 19 years old Applied for credit card where we found out he was declined due to several delinquent accounts.Found out this information is pulling my husbands account under my sons name, birthdate ssn? you are reporting negative delinquent account to the wrong person please contact me for further assistance 480-840-**** Diana Martinez. I need this to be taken care of ASAP HE WILL BE JOINING THE MILLITARY and will need to make sure this is handled before he deploys . then I will not be able to assist him in making this wright for all party's involved,please call me any time home or cell nm
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Poor customer service
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JR Brothers Financial - Payment Information Review from Miami, Florida

Due to what ever laws they quote I was flabbergasted. All I wanted to do as a father of a mentally ill adult son was to give them information that would have eliminated all questions regarding any payment. My son declared by the state as indigent and SMI has no means of income but I was unable to simply give this info to a very rude and arrogant individual. Whether they are "allowed to speak with me" or not all they are doing is hurting their client.
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totally b
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JR Brothers Financial - Robin

When I called JR Brothers I was extremely shocked at the lack of professionalism. Robin was rude and short with me, She was cussing at me and when I told her I was going to call her supervisor, she laughed and gave me his name. She wouldn't even discuss payment options THEN hung up on me. When I called back she had the nerve to say I hung up on her. They will NEVER see my money!! I will be calling her manager to let him know about this as well as the BBB. I don't think they will care considering the have 37 complaints against them already.
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This company is a Joke.They make threats that they do not follow threw with. They say they will contact your employer.

Ask them if they are going to sue or garnish you. Bet they dont can tell you they never have gone to court they dont even have a in house Attorney. Record your calls bet you any Attorney will be more then happy to help you sue them.

They are hot heads low paying workers who have to hit a quota or get fired. I know I worked for these clows and quit right away because the way the treat people.

Charlie.S S
map-marker Gilbert, Arizona

Un ethical..Not good! Not good at all......

I was recently contacted by J.R. Financial in reference to a debt owed for a local medical office. By recently I mean Today August 29th 2008. On my cell phone. I was told about the debt, the amount of the debt, where it originated, why the debt was placed with J.R. Financial Collections.Who the debtor is. I was also told about the conversation that was recorded and that had taken place the afternoon before.The employees name that had spoken with me was Robin and she stated that she has been in the collections field for twenty years. That's impressive! The problem here was that the debt wasn't mine. It is supposidly my girlfriends! Not wife! Girlfiend! No I did not co-sign for this loan or debt. In fact it was incurred before we even started dating. I was never asked her social security number, for powerof attorney or to verify my identity in any way! This is against the law and the fair credit act. I would not advise using this company for your business. I would advise J.R. Brothers Financial to put Robin with 20 yrs. collection experience in check! As well I would advise J.R. Brothers Financial to not threaten, harass or do anything illegal or un ethical to the daughter of the man who is an is a well known and respected owner of a Law Firm as well as a very good attorney. With allot more than 20 yrs. experience. Not a good move on J.R. Financials part. My name is Charlie and this report was written by me personally. I will verify my identity and back up my statement to anyone. Thank you for reading my true statement and telling of my personal experience. Charlie
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Hi Charlie I was contacted by JR Brothers first by voice mail. It was concerning because my voice mail does not disclose my name first or last name. In this voice mail they disclosed that they were attempting to try and collect a debt. I called today @ 5:19pm and spoke to a Mrs. Trieveno who did not properly verify that they were speak king to the correct party before attempting to bully me into paying a debt that I wasn't even aware I owed. the debt is also under $200.00 after asking her to please resend a bill to my home (which seemed to be a an inconvenience to her )I asked for in the future not to disclosed that I owe a debt on a voice mail that to my knowledge is a 3rd party discloser. Immediately she began to get irrated with me as I adv her that this was against the law. She asked my to fax her that law I advised gladly as she began to continue to talk sorry scream over me as I kept a calm tone she stated "If you pay your bills you wouldn't get the calls". This to me was very upsetting considering the fact that I have made ample efforts to bring my credit score to something I can say as a 24 year old 1st time home buyer about to buy my first rental property proud of. Now I have only been in every form of collection including medical for 6 years but I am very familiar with these lays so after refreshing myself on something I already new I found. Section 805(b) provides that a “debt collector may not communicate, in connection with the collection of any debt, with any person other than a consumer, his attorney, a consumer reporting agency if otherwise permitted by law, the creditor, the attorney of the creditor, or the attorney of the debt collector.”1

Section 807 prohibits a debt collector from using “any false, deceptive, or misleading representation or means in connection with the collection of a debt” and lists examples of conduct that violates the section, including “the failure to disclose in subsequent communications that the communication is from a debt collector.”2

Section 806(6) prohibits a debt collector from engaging in “any conduct the natural consequence of which is to harass, oppress, or abuse any person in connection with the collection of a debt,” including “the placement of telephone calls without meaningful disclosure of the caller’s identity.”3

Many services, fearful of running afoul of § 805(b), do not leave messages with the “mini-Miranda” required by § 807(11) and leave minimal information on answering machines in an effort to comply with § 806(6). Presumably such services maintain that messages containing the caller’s name and call-back number do not constitute “communications,” defined in § 803(2) as “the conveying of information regarding a debt directly or indirectly to any person through any medium.”4

I then called back to speak to a supervisor her name was Robyn explained to her the call before and she then began to scream at me asking me if I were a collector, I adv yes she then told me that my company needs to update me on the laws.. I then began to read the laws to her as quoted bellow and she then screamed "DON'T TELL ME HOW TO DO MY JOB" all I was trying to do was educate and advise that people don't like to be offended and bullied into paying bills. I must say I didn’t step out of line by telling her after that congratulations you have earned your company a formal complaint to your corporate office and ABC Medical along with the BBR and a letter to the FTC. Which I intend on doing. I have already called and left a message for Rick Jacobs President of Abc Medical asking if they are indeed affiliated with JAR Brothers Financial. I have no need to be vindictive of or hatefully to either company. I am just making sure that the collectors (bullies) I spoke to today are at least spoken to and reminded this is no way to treat a consumer. Especially not one that is by no means refusing to pay a bill


Hi Charlie I just had J.R. Brothers Financial Institution call my job asking to speak to a supervisor.

They are preparing to start harassing me at work.

I guess they feel if they call enough I will be fired and REALLY pay them huh?!?. can you get these unethical, unprofessional, unhappy, people to stop calling my job!!!

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pattimc M
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False Claim

I had paid a doctor bill through another collection agency, then received a bill from J.R. Brothers (who also call themselves Johnson Brothers). The balance was incorrect, the second person I talked to was threatening, AND when I called the doctor's office, they said the bill was paid in full and they had NEVER heard of this collection agency. Something is VERY wrong here. And, now, I have this company on my credit report and have to dispute it to get it removed. If receiving demand of payment from them, I would be very careful before making any payment.
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This company is a Joke. They tell people that they will contact the employer, tell them to do so.

They do not sue. tell them to do what they got to do, I know because I worked for these clowns and left due to the way people were treated.

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